Voice support and telephone agents can be difficult to hire for because they are literally putting your brand’s reputation on the line. Whether you’re looking for customer service representatives, virtual receptionists, or even outbound sales support, there are a number of companies built to help solve those needs. Check the phone support services below for the one that may be the best fit.

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Quality of Work4.


GabbyVille is a virtual receptionist service provider based in Knoxville, TN. The company was founded in 2013 when a business owner realized his software product sales were suffering because clients were always getting voice mail instead of a live person when they called […]

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Quality of Work44444


Conversational is a US-based organization offering a range of virtual receptionist services. They are headed by CEO Tanya Lamont and have two offices, one in north America and one in Canada. All their workers are based in these two locations. Conversational […]

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Quality of Work2.832.832.832.832.83


Outbounders.com is a virtual marketplace for telemarketing professionals. The company was founded in 2010 as an offshoot of Global Sky Inc., a call center operation in the Philippines. Behind the scenes are CEO James Rick Stinson and CTO Rob Rawson (same guy […]

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Quality of Work44444

Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists, sometimes referred to as Call Ruby, is a Portland, Oregon based virtual answering service for small businesses. The company was founded in 2003 by Jill Nelson, who remains on as CEO. All the virtual receptionists work out of the […]

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Quality of Work55555

Vicky Virtual Receptionists

Vicky Virtual Receptionists is a virtual telephone answering service for small businesses. They have a team of receptionists available to handle your calls, help you schedule appointments, and help you to make sure you don’t miss any calls, which can […]

Overall Rating11111
Quality of Work22222

Reps Direct

Reps Direct is virtual employee company specializing in providing virtual employees to handle contact center needs like call answering, appointment setting and confirmation, and order processing. The company is headquartered in the US, while most of the virtual receptionists work […]

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Quality of Work11111


AnswerAmerica is a virtual receptionist company with 50 locations across the US. The company has been around since 1984 and is headed up by Gary Pudles. I’d say that definitely makes them a pioneer in this space, despite their outdated […]

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Quality of Work11111

Davinci Virtual Receptionists

Davinci Virtual is an award-winning virtual office and receptionist service company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They currently have around 100 well qualified American employees who work to virtually serve more than 15,000 clients representing businesses large and small […]

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Answering Legal

Answering Legal is a virtual receptionist service provider specializing in handling calls for law firms, attorneys, and solo law practitioners across the US. The company is based in Nesconset, New York. They have been in business since 2013, and already […]