VA Talks

VA Talks is a professional virtual assistant provider in India with 24/7 support. The company was formed in 2015 by two veteran virtual assistants who decided to start their own firm.

Despite the inherent “new-ness” of the VA Talks company, the founding partners bring nearly a decade of business process outsourcing experience to the table and are growing a team to serve other entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world.

About VA Talks

va talks reviewThe goal of VA Talks is to help other companies get their most important tasks done. The team is working from the secure office in Kolkata, India.

Like other virtual assistant companies, they want to earn your trust so you have confidence in the experience and quality of VAs they provide. The target market for these services are for busy individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses or large corporations interested in freeing up some time or getting access to skilled help for their day-to-day needs.


VA Talks virtual assistants can perform nearly any type of task you might think of online. Whether you require bookkeeping services, administrative tasks, web development, design or search engine optimization, skilled VAs are available to help you.

In addition, clients tap the VA Talks team to help design mobile apps, run marketing efforts, create presentations and proposals, and to do research.

When I spoke with one of the founders, CEO Sanjay (Sam) Gupta — no, not that Sanjay Gupta — he explained that they recruit team members with a variety of skills, but that, “Some of our most in demand VAs are proficient in WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and many other web development platforms. Our Web team is our main focus but we do have virtual assistants capable of helping nearly any type of company or individual.”

VA Talks Founder Interview

Plans and Pricing

VA Talks pricing starts as low as $130 for 10 hours per month ($13/hour). The larger plan you buy, the lower the effective hourly rate, all the way down to less than $7 an hour for a full-time dedicated VA ($1100/month).

But don’t bite off more hours than you need just for the sake of saving money; unused hours don’t rollover month-to-month.

If you need our services for under 10 hours a month, they have a Pay As You Use plan for on-demand support at just $15/hour.

All plans except the pay-as-you-go plan come with a 2-hour free trial to test out the service.

VAA Exclusive: Use referral code VAAFULL10VAT for 10% off your first month of full-time assistance.

VA Talks Alternatives

When I asked Sam what sets his team apart, he explained, “It’s fairly easy to find a workforce of VAs that are willing to work. But VA Talks goes the extra mile to find staff that will deliver quality work.

He went on to share that all of the VAs on the team “are our friends who are hand-selected for our clients to service their needs. We work to provide not only the best quality labor in our industry but also customer experiences that will have you consistently coming back for more.”

As far as alternative choices, as you know, you have many virtual assistant companies in India to choose from. Among the top-rated at the time of this writing are 24/7 Virtual Assistant and My Tasker.

Have you worked with VATalks? If so, please be sure to share a review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

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SmartPA is a virtual assistant company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have been in business since 2009 and expanded rapidly with locations popping up in the UK, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, USA, South Africa, and Spain.

They offer virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, with the bulk of their clients being in the UK and the US.

About SmartPA

The company is headed up by co-founder and Managing Director Sarra Bejaoui. Sarra started the business as a service to help high net-worth individuals short on time.

She worked as a “Smart PA,” as they call their virtual assistants, herself when the company was new. SmartPA now has more than 160 Smart PAs.

Most of their Smart PAs are based in the UK, and although they are also hiring in the US now, their UK staff cover US business hours if needed.

Their target customers are anyone from entrepreneurs, start-ups, to small and large businesses. Anyone in need of staffing hours can benefit from the part-time or full-time virtual assistants on their books.

When you sign up with SmartPA, you will be assigned an assistant with skills best matched to your requirements.

They also utilize the skills of several assistants if it makes more sense for certain tasks. A member of their team will be overseeing the process and making these decisions when it’s the best option.


SmartPA’s virtual assistants can handle a wide variety of remote tasks. They group their services into the following categories to give you an idea:

  • Travel
  • Admin support
  • Diary management
  • Document production
  • PA services
  • Research
  • Bookkeeping

As you can see they can help with tasks like bookkeeping, personal assistance services to a director or entrepreneur, or just take all those repetitive tasks off your hands to free up more of your time.

SmartPA says their team are from, “A variety of professional backgrounds, meaning we can provide you and your business with the remote assistance you require, no matter which sector you are in or what you need done.”

Plans and Pricing

SmartPA does not currently offer any fixed pricing plans. You need to contact them directly and explain what you’re looking for in an assistant and the types of tasks you need support with. They will then give you a custom quote.

They do say however that you can get started for as little as $350 per month with a dedicated SmartPA and access to all their tools and support to help develop your working relationship with your assistant.

SmartPA Alternatives

If you’re looking for UK virtual assistant companies two of largest and highest rated companies are Time ETC and Worldwide 101.

Both offer UK-based staff, flexible working hours to accommodate you wherever you’re based in the world, and pricing plans to budget your monthly spend.

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FreeeUp is a virtual assistant service that offers virtual assistant services to customers all over the globe and specializes in the eCommerce industry. They are a relatively new company to join the virtual assistant space, starting operations in October 2015.

The company is based in Florida, US, with their virtual assistants based all over the globe. They offer a wide range of prices and skill sets, so there is a good chance most people will find a virtual assistant to meet their budget and outsourcing requirements.

About FreeeUp

freeeup-reviewThe company is run by Chief Executive Officer, Nathan Hirsch, and co-founder, Connor Gillivan, who fills the role of Chief Marketing Officer. They both have an extensive background in eCommerce business having sold over $25 million on Amazon and started the company to primarily help other eCommerce business owners looking to outsource tasks.

The company utilizes virtual assistants that are experienced and highly-skilled in the eCommerce industry and puts each applicant through a rigorous interview process to assess their skills, attitude, and communication before allowing only the top 1% of applicants to enter the marketplace.

The company connects with each client one-on-one to learn about their business and discuss their requirements. This gives you the opportunity to talk through exactly what you are looking for from a virtual assistant, and they will do the rest introducing you with the most suitable assistant for the given project.

On the backend, the company protects its clients against turnover. In the rare case that a VA has to stop working with you, FreeeUp replaces them immediately and covers and replacement costs.

FreeeUp Intro Video


FreeeUp has a four-step process when connecting with new clients:

  1. They connect with you to learn about your business and how they can best help.
  2. You are introduced to the virtual assistant the company has matched you with.
  3. You have an opportunity to work with your assistant and train them on your processes.
  4. A representative checks in after a few days to see how the relationship is working out between you and your VA.

Virtual assistants offering their services on the FreeeUp Marketplace specialize in helping business owners in the eCommerce industry. If you run an eCommerce business or are looking to start one up, their assistants are experienced in the industry and can provide the support you’re looking for.

Here are the 4 main areas they support:

  1. Business Operations
  2. Ecommerce
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Web Development

They offer support with product sourcing, order fulfillment, customer service, product listing, advanced Amazon management, eBay store growth, content creation, Shopify, and much more. This seems like a perfect fit if you’re involved in the Amazon FBA boom.

Due to customer demand, FreeeUp has also recently expanded to offer services outside of eCommerce as well: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, sale funnels, social media management, web development, web design, blogging, and much more.

FreeeUp Founder Interview

I had the chance to sit down with Nathan to get the inside scoop on what FreeeUp is all about and how it works.

Plans and Pricing

You can expect to pay between $5-$50 per hour depending on the level of skills and experience you require in your virtual assistant.

They also offer a consulting service which ranges between $30-$50 per hour.

VAA Exclusive: Mention VAA for 10% off workers!

Click to view full size:

How it Works

Nathan sent me this infographic (made by a Freeeup worker) to help explain the company and its processes.

FreeeUp Alternatives

FreeeUp specializes in ecommerce, which separates them from other general virtual assistant companies. On the lower end of the price scale, companies like eLuminous Technologies and VA Staffer profess to have ecommerce expertise, and can be very effective if you already have some standard operating procedures to plug a VA into.

On the home front, you might consider Longer Days for quality US-based help with ecommerce experience, or even posting a specialist role on Upwork

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CloudFactory is a distributed workforce company that utilizes large numbers of virtual assistants in developing countries to complete large amounts of work quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable price.

The company was founded in 2009. Their headquarters are located in Durham, UK, and their workforce spans more than 30 countries, with Nepal and Kenya providing the bulk of their staff.

About CloudFactory

The company was founded by Mark Sears and Tom Puskarich. Mark Sears has a background as a software developer and experience raising venture capital for startups.

What separates CloudFactory from a lot of the other virtual assistant companies is the volume and speed of the work they can complete.

Instead of having the more traditional approach of assigning a virtual assistant to a client, CloudFactory has a huge pool of staff and mobilize them in volume to work on large data-intensive tasks.

They also use artificial intelligence and human intelligence to assure accuracy. CloudFactory uses automation tools and algorithms to handle some of their workload and finishes with a human review of the work to ensure accuracy.


CloudFactory said, “We specialize in helping companies offload data-oriented work.” They have a large workforce available to tackle all kinds of data crunching and large volume tasks and are able to get a lot of work done quickly.

They also say themselves that tasks requiring a particular skill like graphic design or accounting are not a good fit for their workforce. So if you’re after a specific skill their service is not for you.

Their subscription model is called a “WorkStream.” Each WorkStream includes a Cloud Team lead by a Team Leader to handle the tasks you’re outsourcing.

They say that all of their staff have been vetted, trained in-house, and are professionally managed. So, you can leave the management side of things to CloudFactory and focus on your own business and selecting tasks to outsource.

CloudFactory use a custom-built WorkStream browser so you have a direct channel to the team working on your tasks. This makes it easy to communicate with them or check on their progress.

Plans and Pricing

CloudFactory’s pricing is calculated based on the number of hours you want per month. They then give you an hourly and monthly rate breakdown and give you an idea of how many members will be in your “Cloud Team.”

For example, 800 hours a month costs a total of $5,220. This works out at $6.33 per hour, and you will have between 8-17 members in your team working on your tasks.

If you want 2000 hours or more a month, the hourly rate is as low as $5.49/hr.

It’s worth noting that you save 10% by paying for a yearly subscription up front.

They also offer a Flex Pass, which is set amount of hours to be used over a three month period.

An example of the pricing on a Flex Pass is $21,600 for 2,400 hours. That works out to $9 an hour, and you’d have a team of up to 50 staff working on your tasks.

The Flex Pass option is better suited to one-off projects or tasks expected to be wrapped up within the three-month period. 

CloudFactory Alternatives

Matching the effective hourly rates from CloudFactory isn’t hard to do at other virtual assistant companies, but what’s tough to duplicate is their scale. If you’re looking to ramp up an overseas team quickly, you might consider a company like TaskUs

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Virtual Assistants Today

Virtual Assistants Today ( is a US-based virtual assistant company based in San Francisco. Their virtual assistants are based in Mexico and are bilingual speaking both English and Spanish.

The company has been operating for 2 years and specializing in supplying virtual and sales assistants to businesses of all sizes.

About Virtual Assistants Today

The company is a subsidiary of Jonajo Consulting, and is run by the founder and CEO Kristian Widaja, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who graduated from Stanford University with a Masters in Computer Science

Virtual Assistants Today facilitate interviews between clients and VAs, allowing you as the client to interview and select the assistant that you feel best suits your needs.

(Alternatively, you can communicate your requirements and business needs to one of their project managers and let them find the best suited assistant for you.)

Virtual Assistants Today have some good processes to help keep you and your assistant in contact and build a strong working relationship.

For example, when you sign up for a plan you’re assigned a project manager as a point of contact to help keep the communication flowing smoothly between you and your assistant or handle any queries you may have.


They group their assistants into two categories; virtual assistants and sales assistants.

Their virtual assistants’ core skillsets include:

  • Managing your email and calendar
  • Handling phone calls
  • Creating and managing reports
  • Performing online research
  • Writing and proofreading
  • Website maintenance

Their sales assistants are on-hand to help boost your sales with core skillsets that include:

  • Providing customer service
  • Generating and following up leads
  • Identifying potential customers
  • Handling sales calls

They have some online tools to help you track the work your assistant is carrying out for you. You’ll also be assigned a local US phone number so all you need to do is pick up the phone for a direct line of communication with your VA.

Plans and Pricing

Virtual Assistants Today has three different pricing options for their virtual assistants:

  1. Basic – $34.99 per month. This plan includes 5 hours of assistant’s time per month ($7/hour).
  2. Professional – $89.99 per month. This plan includes 12 hours of assistant’s time per month, 100 US phone calls, a toll-free US phone number, inbound and outbound US phone calls ($7.50/hour).
  3. Complete – $199.99 per month. This plan includes 25 hours of assistant’s time per month, with unlimited US phone calls and all the services included in the Professional plan ($8/hour).

They also offer the option to create a customized plan. Just contact a member of their team and discuss your requirements.

They have 4 pricing plans for their sales assistants as follows:

  1. Start-Up – $649 per month. This plan includes 80 hours of assistant’s time per month.
  2. Growth – $1,199 per month. This plan includes cover for business hours throughout the month.
  3. After-hours – $4,500 per month. This plan extends coverage over nights and weekends as well as business hours.
  4. Full – $5,500 per month. This plan ensures you have coverage from assistants 24/7.

Virtual Assistants Today Alternatives

With hourly rates of around $7-8 per hour Virtual Assistants Today offer more competitive pricing than some of the larger, more established companies based in the US. This is due to their Assistants being based in Mexico rather than the US.

For a popular and well-established Central American alternative, check out, and if it’s the sales support that has caught your eye, you might consider Prialto.

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Everfront Virtual Assistant

Everfront Virtual Assistant is a professional virtual assistant provider based in West Bengal, India.

The company started operations in 2016, and their assistants offer a wide range of services, specializing in personal, business, and real estate. As a relative newcomer in the space, information and customer reviews on the company are somewhat limited.

But here’s what we know so far.

About Everfront Virtual Assistant

The company was founded by three partners, Amit Rajak, Pardeep Singh, and Santosh Gupta.

Their target customers are individuals or businesses of any size. They cite their target countries are the US, UK, and Australia, although you can work with them wherever you’re based in the world.

When you sign up with Everfront you will be introduced to your project manager who will act as a point of communication and assign you the best-suited assistant.

You then communicate the tasks you need completed and work with your assistant.


Everfront Virtual Assistant supply virtual assistants to companies of all sizes and cover a wide range of tasks and services.

Their assistants can help with anything you would expect of a virtual assistant. So any tasks that can be completed remotely.

They group their core services into three categories:

  1. Personal Assistance – This includes support with all the general tasks you’d expect from a virtual personal assistant, such as managing your calendar, administrative tasks, business support.
  2. Business Assistance – This is geared more towards a busy professional looking for assistance with business tasks.
  3. Real Estate Assistance – This service is for those looking for assistance with their property portfolio, or any advice and administration services pertaining to real estate.

Plans and Pricing

Everfront Virtual Assistant currently have 8 different plans, with hourly plans from 10-120 hours a month, as well as dedicated full-time assistants or flexible pay-as-you-go plans.

Their hourly plans offer the following:

  • 10 hours a month – $110 per month, ($11/hour)
  • 20 hours a month – $200 per month, ($10/hour)
  • 40 hours a month – $360 per month, ($9/hour)
  • 60 hours a month – $480 per month, ($8/hour)
  • 80 hours a month – $560 per month, ($7/hour)
  • 120 hours a month – $720 per month, ($6/hour)
  • Dedicated full-time assistant – $900 per month ($5.63/hour)
  • Pay-as-you-use – $12 per hour

All of their plans include a project manager, a dedicated virtual assistant, no hidden fees outside of the monthly rate, and no contracts so you can cancel at any time.

They also add a footnote that they are willing to discuss custom plans and give individual quotes. If you have specific requirements in mind, it might make sense to contact a member of their team to see if they can work something out.

Everfront Virtual Assistant Alternatives

Two highly rated virtual assistant providers in India worth checking out are My Tasker and VA Talks.

Both have very similar hourly prices so it’s worth comparing their plans and services to see which aligns best with your requirements.

Your Turn

Have you worked with Everfront Virtual Assistant? If so, please be sure to leave a brief review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

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Launched in 2016, Flocksy is a website maintenance and graphic design company specializing in supplying support and graphic design work to small businesses.

Their headquarters are located in New London, CT, and their project managers and designers are located all over the globe.

About Flocksy

The company was founded by 3 brothers, Sam Ryan who brings a strong technical background and web development skills, George Ryan who is a seasoned entrepreneur and an experienced designer, and Charles Ryan who is a business graduate in marketing and management.

They have assembled a team of project managers and graphic designers who work remotely.

Flocksy provides website support and graphic design work, with their target customers being primarily startups and small companies who cannot afford or justify employing a full-time designer.


When you sign up with Flocksy you’re assigned a dedicated project manager. They will be your point of contact when communicating your tasks.

They then hand the work over to the best-suited member of their team and you’ll receive the finished job within the timeframe specified in your plan.

Commonly requested tasks include:

  • Banner designs
  • Website logos
  • Branding projects
  • Business card designs
  • Edits to existing graphics
  • or just about any kind of graphic design task you can think of.

They also say they, “Help you out with practically any small blog/website updates of changes you may need.”

This could turn out to be useful for tasks such as uploading and sizing the graphics you’ve ordered, updating or adding plugins and themes, and other tweaks without needing to pay a separate company.

Plans and Pricing

Flocksy currently have three pricing plans ranging from $199 – $399 a month. These are tiered and come with the following features:

The Bootstrapping It Plan – $199 per/mth

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 1 active project at a time
  • 3-day turnaround
  • 2 business days for revisions
  • Cannot resell graphics
  • 1 urgent project per month

The Busy Entrepreneur Plan – $299 per/mth

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 2 active project at a time
  • 2-day turnaround
  • 1 business days for revisions
  • Cannot resell graphics
  • 2 urgent projects per month

The Agency Plan – $399 per/mth

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 2 active project at a time
  • 2-day turnaround
  • 1 business days for revisions
  • Can resell graphics
  • 2 urgent projects per month

All plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee and there are no contracts so you can cancel at any time.

Flocksy Alternatives

Design Pickle is another US-based graphic design company utilizing overseas designers to offer an affordable monthly plan for unlimited designs. Their cost is similar to Flocksy’s Agency plan so it’s worth comparing the two, but doesn’t include any website maintenance or support.

Automation Agency out of Australia might be worth a look as well.

For the website maintenance and support for little tweaks or small jobs, I like Zen WP or Access WP.

If you don’t think you will get value from a monthly plan I recommend checking out Fiverr for affordable one-off tasks, or Upwork to build a working relationship with a freelancer.

Your Turn

Have you worked with Flocksy for either graphic design work or website maintenance? If so, please be sure to leave a brief review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

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Outvas (formerly TaskEngage, formerly Remplo)

Outvas enables small business owners and entrepreneurs to outsource tasks to their team of virtual assistants. The company has a large team of hand-picked virtual assistants (primarily based in Sri Lanka) with a range of skills to meet their clients’ needs.

About Outvas

Outvas has been providing virtual assistant services since 2006, operating under the name Remplo until 2017, and then briefly under the name TaskEngage. I’m not sure why they keep changing.

Being in the virtual assistant space for that long and still going strong is testament to a good reputation and a lot of satisfied clients. The company is headed up by Roshana Mallawaarachchi, and their target customers are small businesses and entrepreneurs.

They claim to have worked with over 1,000 clients, and saved them time by having their skilled virtual assistants handle their tasks at a cost effective and competitive rate. 

Roshana pointed out that they have, “minimized issues associated in working with staff in autonomous and distant locations by keeping the contractors accountable and productive no matter where they are working from in the world.” That’s a mouthful, right?

He added that their hiring process utilizes a 10-step process designed by Richard Branson’s former executive assistant.

OutVAs’ assistants are located in Sri Lanka, with sales offices in Australia and the UK.


The company provides clients with VAs ready to tackle any day-to-day tasks a business owner would look to outsource. They do however group their virtual assistants’ skill sets into six categories as follows:

  • Admin and Organizing
  • Writing
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Medical Transcription

If your needs fall under any of the categories above, or you just have routine tasks you want to outsource, provide Outvas with as much detail as possible. The more detail you provide upfront, the better the communication and understanding is going forward.

Outvas assistants work from their home offices instead of from a dedicated call center-type cubicle farm, which results in lower overhead and additional cost savings.

Plans and Pricing

Outvas does not currently share their pricing, and CEO Roshana Mallawaarachchi told me, “We do not have a fixed pricing plans. It is always a custom quotation according to the skills needed and the client’s requirement.”

For the sake of reference though, Remplo was among the most affordable VA companies I’d seen, and he added that rates start as low as $4 an hour.

Outvas Alternatives

Among Outvas’ top competitors are companies like My Tasker and TaskBullet, but you’ll pay a slightly higher hourly rate at either of those.

OutVAs has been in business for a long time and they do have a lot of experience in the virtual assistant space which goes a long way. I always recommend doing some due diligence and making contact with companies to see how they fit with your needs.

Your Turn

If you have worked with Outvas (or Remplo or TaskEngage), please leave a review below and share your experience to help others with their hiring decision.

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Shiftgig is the leading mobile platform that connects businesses with reliable, high-quality workers on demand. People use Shiftgig to discover short-term work opportunities when, where and for the businesses they prefer. 

Shiftgig was founded in 2012. Their headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois, and they have additional offices throughout the US.

About Shiftgig

The company is run by eight key executives: Wade Burgess, Chief Executive Officer, Eddie Lou, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Rick Bowman, Chief Technology Officer, Jill Erickson, Chief Revenue Officer, Michael Yoch, Executive Vice President of Product, Jay Lenstrom, Senior Vice President of Experiential, Andrea Wagner, Vice President of Sales, and Jack Murphy, Vice President of Finance. 

Shiftgig has raised $59 million in four rounds of investments and grown to more than 230 employees since starting operations in 2012.

The company directive is to provide a streamlined way for businesses to connect with hourly workers through their mobile marketplace. Saving businesses time and money recruiting staff and giving them the flexibility to fill as many hours labor as they need.

At Shiftgig, they call their workers “Specialists.” There is an interview followed by a several-step screening process before Specialists are added to their database and made available to clients.

Shiftgig provides Specialists for some of the country’s largest brands across a range of industries. They have been listed among Business Insider’s, “25 Coolest New Businesses In Chicago.”

Their target customers are businesses of any size in need of additional labor hours, needing to expand their workforce, or looking for a cost-effective way to complete work demands exceeding their current capacity.

How Shiftgig Works


From the client perspective, you start by talking to a member of Shiftgig’s team to assess your needs and set up an account.

Once you are set up with an account you have access to their app and can watch in real time as pre-qualified specialists pick up the shifts you have made available.

You can communicate, track event progress, make changes to your available shifts, and more, all from the mobile app.

If you want to work as a Specialist for Shiftgig they say they are always accepting applications, however they try to balance the number of shifts they have available with the number of applications they accept.

You will go through a pre-qualifying process and interview to assess your skills. If you’re selected for the next step there is a screening and group orientation session.

If you pass this stage you can download the app and browse the available shifts that match your skills and experience. Simply apply for shifts and when you’ve completed the work you can log your hours through the app and get paid at the end of each week.

Plans and Pricing

There are no setup fees, monthly subscriptions, or any hidden charges. You only pay for the hours of labor your specialists complete for you.

Shiftgig does not have any set or tiered pricing. For a quote, you will need to contact them directly as the price will vary based on the skillset of the specialist you hire.

Shiftgig Alternatives

Although Shiftgig is squarely taking aim at traditional staffing agencies, if you have one-off tasks or would prefer to find your own dedicated freelancer you may be able to find someone on Upwork. The downside is that you have to sort through applications and vet the freelancer yourself.

Otherwise there are various virtual assistant companies in the US that will help you find an assistant matching your requirements, TimeETC and Worldwide101 are two of the highest rated companies.

Your Turn

Have you worked with Shiftgig? If so, please leave a review below to help others with their decision.

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Other Virtual Assistant Companies

While I’m striving to build the most comprehensive virtual assistant company directory and review platform out there, there will always be certain companies I haven’t had a chance to fully research yet.

Still, visitors are searching for information on these companies so I don’t want their search to come up with the disappointing “no results found.”

Here are some of the VA companies people have searched for over the past few months and what limited information I could find. Sometimes it’s just first impressions.

If you have any experience with any of the companies below, please leave a comment to help others in their search. Thanks!

365 Outsource

365Outsource or is a BPO provider in the Philippines specializing in SEO and web development.

72 Solutions

72Solutions or is a call center in the Philippines specializing in outbound telemarketing and lead generation.

ACstant is “your assistant via email.” This company has gone through a couple pivots over the years and it looks like their current service is by-invitation only at the moment.


Agent Anything, or is a go-fer and errand-running service similar to TaskRabbit, but specializing in using local students.


UK-based call-answering service similar to Call Ruby in the US. Virtual assistant service is also available but no price estimate is given.

AnswerFirst is another virtual receptionist service.

AS Direct VA Services is a UK-centered VA company. They’re a little coy about where their workers are actually based, but for 5 quid an hour, it’s definitely not the UK! An email to the contact address provided bounced back immediately so I’m guessing they’re no longer in operation.


A virtual assistant company with a crazy 100% flash-based website. You don’t see that too often anymore! In business since 2001, (although the site has only been around since 2004).  I believe the company is owned by Fran Esposito and based in New York. Assistant ToGo and Assistant To Go are possible variations. No relation to the owner of the Twitter handle AssistantToGo.

August 99

August99 specializes in website design and development from their office in Manila.


Azure VA Services was a small Canadian virtual assistant firm. They appear to be out of business.

Backup Men

BackupMen, or is a task-based virtual assistant service similar to Fancy Hands or My Tasker. I haven’t heard anything from them since late 2011.

Bay Tree VA

Baytree VA is a 10-person UK-based virtual assistant agency.

An online jobs board for finding Filipino VAs, with the MAJOR downside it is against their terms to post work-from-home overseas jobs. My account was shut down without notice or warning when I went to test out the site. No idea why they have that rule! An alternative would be

BPO 24 Hour — start-up VA company in the Philippines.


Bsetc, as in they’ll take care of all your BS, etc, is a popular virtual assistant company based in Ottawa, Canada. Founder Erin Blaskie is a well-known entrepreneur.

Burn Your To Do List

BurnYourToDoList or appears to be out of business. Rough since it sold for $85,000 not too long ago!

Buying Time LLC

“Virtual support for your business” from $50-250 an hour.


Catch VPA or is a personal outsourcing company in India that appears to be out of business. They were a very affordable service, with full-time monthly plans beginning at just $640.


Cloud Factory offers a unique scaleable workforce designed for larger companies who need to ramp up quickly. The workers are in Nepal and Kenya and the effective hourly rates range from $6-9 an hour with a dedicated team lead.

Consider It Done

A small, US-based VA company and virtual concierge.

CrewBloom promises sales outsourcing that works.


An enterprise freelance platform with backing from 500 Startups.


Georgia-based outsourced admin company.


Cyber Coders or is an international recruiting agency. They specialize in placing remote and in-person positions in the IT, finance, marketing, and executive fields. They focus on full-time work and charge employers a percentage of your new hire’s salary.

Daybreak Virtual

US-based assistants from $50/week.

DesignContest is a crowdsourced graphic design platform similar to 99designs.

Design Tasker

As the name suggests, provides on-demand graphic design help starting at $49 per task.


Distant Support, or is a virtual assistant company in the Philippines. Their website hasn’t been updated since 2010, and they offer no hint as to what kind of rates they charge (or charged, as my guess is they might be shut down).

Dolancing is a freelance marketplace trying to gain traction against more established players like Upwork.

DoMyStuff was a virtual and in-person errand-running service. It appears they’ve had their lunch eaten by TaskRabbit and are all but out of business.

DoNanza was a freelance site that ultimately failed to compete with Upwork and went out of business.

Eagle Virtual Assistant

Real estate VAs from Real estate investor Ron LeGrand.

Easy Virtual Assistant is a small US-based VA firm.


A recruiting company in India. Their site has not been updated since 2008 so I’m not sure if they are still around or not.

Elite VA

A small VA shop owned by Maria Novey and based in Pennsylvania. No updates to her site since 2006 so not sure if she’s still in business.

Elite-Virtual Assistants

A one-woman show based in Wisconsin. The yahoo email address and stock photos and text on the about us page would be red flags for me.

Elite Virtual-Assistants

Scammy looking VA site (that’s actually offline now). Appears to be owned by a scammy-looking get-rich-quick-type Internet marketer.

eSupportGuru is a small virtual assistant company in India. Their website looks pretty crappy and hasn’t been updated since 2009. I got attacked by the floating chat-invite box (which was offline) and it wouldn’t close when I hit the “x”.


EVAS could stand for Executive Virtual Assistant Services, a tiny one-woman VA company out of Yorkshire, England. Or it could reference the EVA virtual assistant app for android smartphones.


A virtual assistant company in India with plans starting at $115 a month.


EXEC is an on-demand house-cleaning and errand-running service. They’re based in San Francisco but hope to rapidly expand to other markets. Everything is a flat rate of $25/hr. Task Rabbit might be considered the primary competition.

FlatWorld Solutions

A legitimate outsourcing provider aimed at larger companies.

Flocksy is a slick-looking service that offers unlimited website help and unlimited graphic design starting at $199 a month. This is similar to Automation Agency but with a slightly narrower scope of service and corresponding lower prices.

Folyo promises to match you with a qualified freelancer from their “private network of top talent” for a $299 one-time fee.


London-based virtual admin assistant start-up.


Geeky Staff or was a Filipino VA company. Now out of business.


Genie Time or is a VA service supposedly offering “free” assistance by taking advantage of some referral arrangements with their “partners.” I’m unclear on how this works, but they’ve been on radio silence for at least 6 months so the Genie might be back in the lamp.


Globol Staff, or, is a small outsourcing company in Singapore that specializes in SEO.

Go to Girls

Several companies are using this name or a variation such as Go2Girls or GoToGirls. There is a Denver, Colorado-based VA service from $40/hr, and also a Jacksonville, Florida service from $18/hr.

Hello Smarter

HelloSmarter or is a virtual assistant company in India that looked similar to My Tasker before they went out of business.

Hire Iris offers a team of all-female virtual assistants starting at $75 a week. How many hours of support included in that $75 is a little harder to tell.

Hit Rate Solutions

Call center operation in the Philippines, that also offers virtual assistants. Pretty bare bones website, with no pricing estimates given for VA service.


Or HR Fax. There are several Ripoff Reports of this company being a giant scam. I would stay away.

The International Virtual Assistants Association is a non-profit trade organization for virtual assistants. They offer professional education and certification services. If you want to hire from their member-base, you can submit a request for proposal on their site. Also might be searched for as IVAA or

iWork Virtual

Several scam complaints about this one too. For legit VA training, check


JobbaJob is/was a personal assistant service you interface with through Facebook Messenger. They appear to be out of business though. For a similar service, check out Magic.


An mid-sized Indian outsourcing shop that does web development, design, and more. Looking through their portfolio though, I’m not loving their work.


Kaori virtual assistants ( specialize in bilingual English and Japanese service for personal and small business tasks.


Part of the Live2Sell group is a call center operation in the Philippines.  The CEO, Chris Ducker, also runs Virtual Staff Finder, which might be worth a look for smaller businesses.


I had to test the “Get a Quote in 5 Minutes” box on the website. I did get a response with 24-hours, but not within 5 minutes. That’s a tough promise to deliver on for anything that’s not automated. After that though, my subsequent emails have been ignored. Check out other India virtual assistant companies.


Also doing business as The content of this site is almost identical to the HRFAX site, and has received similar scam complaints. Stay away.

Maxim Liberty

Virtual bookkeeping service in India, with rates starting at $5 per hour.

MBX Assistants

Looks like a scam.


Or Mi PA. Virtual assistant company in India, appears to be out of business.

Miracle Assistant

US-based admin support by Stacey Normandy and team since 2001.

My 365 Assistant, or My365Assistant was a New York-based VA company that has gone out of business.

My Cloud Crew

MyCloudCrew offers US an Australia-based entrepreneurs talented Filipino assistants.

My VA Team

I contacted them via the form on their website and never heard anything back.

Need a VA offers virtual assistants in the Philippines starting at $495 a month for 10 hours a week of support.

The Offline Assistant provides support for ecommerce companies, dropshippers, Amazon sellers, and digital marketers. Given the name, I shouldn’t have been surprised when their live chat was “offline” when I visited.

Out of the Box Virtual Assistant

I couldn’t find any information on this company so I can’t really say anything.

Virtual assistant company gobbled up by Zirtual.

Outsource Office Staff

Global outsourcing firm (Philippines, Pakistan, Nicaragua) with incredibly low rates if you can hire 6 or more full-time VAs. Site hasn’t been updated since 2012 though.

Startup virtual assistant and outsourcing company in Vietnam with a background in SEO service.


According to, “Millions of small businesses use Outturn for Top Quality Talents.” Millions of clients? I don’t believe it for a second.

PA Everyday or PAEveryday is a virtual assistant company in the Philippines. I was in touch with the CEO, Tim Reading, earlier this year, but after a couple emails neither him nor his team continued to reply.

Pebbled offers unlimited graphic and web design tasks for a flat monthly fee. At press time, the rate of $69 AUD a month for unlimited graphic design seems to fall under “too good to be true” range.

Priority VA

Small US-based virtual assistant team.

RemoteJobs is a job board in the Philippines that can be more effective than Craigslist in finding qualified virtual assistant candidates. The site is similar in function to, only it appears to be completely free to use.


Revas offers Real Estate Virtual Assistant Solutions.

RGB Virtual Assistants

Appears to be a scam.


Sales Rain VAs

Also listed as salesrainvas. Newer VA company in the Philippines. Nicely designed site with rates from $250 per month for 5 hrs a week, up to $850 for a full time dedicated VA.


An outsourcing / staff leasing company in the Philippines. They’ve been in business since 2007 and serve the mid-size business market with professional in-office staff.


Another scammy operation promising work-from-home jobs.

Supreme Outsourcing

A virtual assistant company in the Philippines, founded in 2011 by Louis Lautman. For full-time VAs, the pricing is pretty attractive, especially for the longer-term contracts.

Supreme Support Service

Outsourcing company in the Philippines

Systems Junction is a BPO and virtual assistant company in India. They’ve attempted to drop spam comments on this site more than once.

Talk2Assistant never responded to my request for information. Check out their flash intro for a good example of a bad example.

Task Angels is a small virtual assistant company in the Philippines from the makers of Task Army.

TaskAnything or Task Anything was a small VA company that now appears to be out of business.


Outsource your coding tasks to Task Bucket. They appear to be out of business.


Task Eater (Bangladesh) specializes in offshore team-building service for startups.

TaskHire or is a Canadian errand-running service similar to TaskRabbit.

TaskHusky offers virtual support for ecommerce websites.

This VA company’s site is riddled with typos and sent me a cold pitch email that opened with “I must say you have awesome products listed” on my site. Of course there are no products listed on my site.


Find specialists online or locally to get the help you need.

Today’s Admin

Today’s Admin is a US-based virtual assistant company that charges a flat rate of $55 an hour for their services.

Top Hat Concierge

An Atlanta-based virtual concierge service that appears to be out of business. I contacted them for more info several months ago and never got a response.

Upswing offers virtual assistants for real estate agents.

VA4Business is a virtual assistant company founded by Steve Arun and with assistants in India and the Philippines.

VAdirectory is a network of virtual assistants where you can submit your VA job for proposals.


A large virtual assistant networking community founded by Tawnya Sutherland in 2003. You can join as VA, and pay for premium resources to help with your virtual assistant business, or if you’re looking to hire, you can submit a request for proposal to the community of VAs. Also


An affordable virtual assistant service for individuals and businesses based in New Jersey but primarily offering overseas (India?) VAs.


Small New York-based virtual assistant company offering a variety of marketing and admin support functions.

Virtual Assistant Chick

Southern California virtual assistant company founded by April Sullivan. They specialize in helping real estate agents.

Virtual Assistant Forums

A popular and active forum for virtual assistants. You can also submit your request for proposal to the community to hire directly through the site.

Virtual Assistly is a Silicon Valley-based startup offering virtual administrative and sales support.

Virtual Office SA

South Africa virtual assistant and virtual office admin company. Website could use a little love. All boilerplate content with no real USP.

Virtual Web Outsourcing

Small virtual assistant company in Davao City, Philippines. No updates since 2011 so not sure if these guys are still in operation. Also VirtualWebOutsourcing or

Filipino job board now redirects to


Real estate virtual assistants.


We Work Remotely or is a jobs board by the team at 37signals (creators of Basecamp) to promote full-time telecommuting positions.


An India-based personal assistant company with support starting at $349 a month.

Word Agents

WordAgents or provides outsourced content writing service. I get the impressions it’s a little higher end than something like HireWriters but perhaps below a service like Scripted.

WP Radius offers unlimited WordPress support for small jobs like Zen WP and Access WP.


Yantram BPO, or is an outsourcing service in India. Their website is a little rough around the edges but their rates are very low.

YourUSAVA is a small California-based VA company. Rates are quoted on a one-on-one basis.


Zaarly started out as a competitor to Task Rabbit but has pivoted to be more of a peer-to-peer marketplace for goods and services.


Although had one of my favorite names for an outsourcing company, the task-based VA service appears to be out of business.


Zeerk is a Fiverr clone except the prices can range from $2 all the way up to $100.

Have you worked with any of these companies? If so, please leave a quick note down below and let others know about your experience (good or bad!). Thanks!

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