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FreeUp is a marketplace connecting pre-vetted virtual assistants, freelancers, and agencies in Amazon, eCommerce, and marketing. While their core customer base is within eCommerce and marketing, they work with many businesses outside of those spaces as well.

Since launching in 2015, they’ve gained quite a bit of traction against some of the longer-established players in this space.

The company is based in Orlando, Florida, and operates 100% remote with internal team members all over the country and world. The virtual assistants, freelancers, and agencies on the platform are located all over the world–with a concentration in the Philippines and the US.

They offer a wide range of prices and skill sets, so there is a good chance you’ll find a virtual assistant to meet your budget and outsourcing requirements. Virtual assistants set their own prices on the marketplace and it’s free to sign up with no minimums or obligations.

About FreeUp (Formerly FreeeUp)

freeup reviewIn late 2019, FreeeUp (as it was formerly known, with 3 e’s) was acquired by The Hoth. The digital marketing agency was a frequent customer on the platform and saw the potential for its continued growth.

Previously, the company was run by CEO, Nathan Hirsch, and co-founder, Connor Gillivan, who filled the role of Chief Marketing Officer. They both have an extensive background in eCommerce business having sold over $25 million on Amazon and started the company to primarily help other eCommerce business owners looking to outsource tasks.

What Makes FreeUp Different?

The marketplace puts each applicant through a rigorous interview process to assess their skills, attitude, and communication before allowing only the top 1% of applicants into the marketplace.

FreeUp’s support team is well-known for their 24/7 support.

The site is unique compared with other freelance hiring sites in that there is no browsing virtual assistants on the platform.

Instead, you submit a request and get introduced to 1 qualified candidate, usually within 1 business day. (While the default is one option, you can simply tell them how many options you want to meet and they will make sure you get enough to make the best decision.)

On the backend, the company protects its clients against turnover. In the rare case that a VA has to stop working with you, FreeUp replaces them immediately and covers replacement costs.

FreeUp Intro Video


FreeUp has an easy process when connecting with new clients:

  1. Meet with someone from FreeUp to learn more about the marketplace (optional)
  2. Submit a virtual assistant request inside your account
  3. Meet and interview the virtual assistant you are introduced to
  4. Hire, pass, negotiate rate, agree to fixed price or request more option.
  5. Start onboarding the virtual assistant once you click hire
  6. A representative checks in after a few days to see how the relationship is working out between you and the VA.

Virtual assistants and freelancers offering their services on the FreeUp Marketplace specialize in over 100 skills sets and range from $5-100 per hour.

(You can use the marketplace for fixed price projects too.)

Here are the 4 main areas they support:

  1. Business Operations
  2. Ecommerce
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Web Development

The 3 Levels of Freelancers on the FreeUp Marketplace


Basic level freelancers have years of experience, but they are followers. They are there to follow your systems and processes.

Onboarding is recommended for basic level freelancers.

These are almost always non-US freelancers and virtual assistants from $5.00 to $10.00 per hour.


Mid-level freelancers are more specialized than the basic level of freelancers.

This group has significant experience in their skill set. For example, graphic designers, bookkeepers, writers, product listers, etc.

When you hire a mid-level freelancer, you’re not teaching them how to do the work, but they can tweak their skills to fit the needs and specifications of your business. However, they’re not consultants; they are doers.

They typically range from $10.00 to $30.00 per hour and can be located in or outside of the US.

Experts and Agencies

Expert freelancers and agencies bring their own experience and advice to the table.

They are consultants, experts, and boutique agencies on the platform that use their own systems and processes for handling the work you need completed.

Experts on the platform may spend time in the beginning performing their due diligence, researching, and coming up with a game plan that makes sense for your business and the goals you’re looking to achieve. They can project manage, handle large budgets, and give advice on the direction of your business as needed.

These expert level freelancers range from $25.00 to $75.00+ per hour.

FreeeUp Founder Interview

I had the chance to sit down with Nathan to get the inside scoop on what FreeeUp is all about and how it works.

Plans and Pricing

You can expect to pay between $5-$100 per hour depending on the level of skills and experience you require in your virtual assistant.

VAA Exclusive: Mention VAA for a $50 credit to get started plus 5% off your first hire for life!

Employers create an account and can post jobs for free in 100+ different skill sets.

The infographic below details some of the different roles you can hire for, and the prices you’ll typically see for overseas and US/UK/Canada-based support. You can click on it to see a larger version.

freeeup skills and prices

If you’re curious how FreeUp makes money, it works similarly to other big freelance platforms. They take a percentage of every hour or job booked through the site — though less than sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

How FreeUp Works

FreeUp is about speed and quality. Where they really stand out against other hiring platforms is in pre-screening candidates and proactively matching them to your listings.

That means you’re not spending time sorting through 50+ different applications and trying to decide how to move forward. I appreciate that they’ve done a lot of the upfront legwork for you, and save you that overwhelm … and the indecision that often follows!

Nathan sent me this infographic (made by a FreeeUp worker) to help explain the company and its processes.

FreeUp Alternatives

FreeUp specializes in ecommerce and marketing, which separates them from other general virtual assistant companies.

On the lower end of the price scale, companies like eLuminous Technologies profess to have ecommerce expertise, and can be very effective if you already have some standard operating procedures to plug a VA into.

On the home front, you might consider Longer Days for quality US-based help with ecommerce experience, or even posting a specialist role on Upwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FreeUp?

FreeUp is a freelance marketplace with pre-vetted remote professionals. As an employer, you can quickly find qualified virtual staff. As an employee, you can connect with flexible work from home jobs opportunities.

How does FreeUp work?

When you post a job on FreeUp, the staff will introduce you to 1-2 qualified candidates, usually within 24 hours. From there you can conduct an interview, proceed with a trial project, or move forward with the hire. Payments are processed through the FreeUp platform.

How much do virtual assistants on FreeUp cost?

Rates on FreeUp vary based on the remote worker’s location and experience level. At the low end, expect to pay $5-10 an hour for basic administrative type support. For higher level skills or workers from the US or other more developed countries, you’ll see rates in the $20-100 an hour range.

Your Turn

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Boldly (formerly Worldwide101)

Boldly (formerly Worldwide101) is a premium subscription staffing company with clients and team members in North America and Europe.

Founded in 2012, Boldly supports demanding founders and executives by providing skilled remote staff, including virtual assistants, that can take on responsibility, and represent the founder and their business.

A key differentiator with Boldly is that their team of US-based staff are employees, unlike other firms whose virtual assistants are contractors. This ensures that their team of experienced staff are available to support you for the long term, and that you are fully compliant.

About Boldly

boldly reviewFounder of Boldly, Sandra Lewis, explained, “Our approach is very personalized, carefully matching staff with clients based on skills and personality. The staff member assigned learns the client’s business and becomes an integral part of their operations.”

She added that Boldly offers a variety of skills under one virtual roof. “We’ve listened carefully to clients over the years and assembled a team with the variety of skills that clients need as they grow. Why should a client have to find an executive assistant, and then find a web developer, and then find a bookkeeper?”

The service is built for established companies that are at the ceiling of their capacity and aims to relieve the talent burden as well as the recruiting burden.

“The time it takes to find competent, reliable people. When you are already full-on it’s prohibitive,” Sandra told me. “Instead, with Boldly clients have immediate access to a team of tried and tested professionals with all the skills they need when they need them.”

Overview with the Founder

(This video references Worldwide101, the company’s old name.)


Boldly’s vision is to be the “go-to-company” for reliable, quality remote staff of all kinds.

Many of their clients originally sign on for executive support, marketing help, or customer service, but the company also specializes in providing businesses with multilingual support with native speakers (French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, etc.).

Here’s a list of the common services offered by Boldly:

It’s a relief for many clients to know they have a trusted and responsive company they can call on for web development, design, project management, bookkeeping, etc.

How Boldly Works

Boldly’s process is highly personalized.

Unlike many of their competitors, who will simply assign the next available person, they get to know their clients’ unique requirements and suggest a staff member they believe will be the right fit both in terms of skill sets and personality.

Clients get to meet the staff member before signup — basically, the company won’t let you pay unless you feel the match is right!

Boldly Remote Staff Recruiting

Worldwide101 has a simple premise. They only recruit people that are passionate about doing a good job, and passionate about working from home–people who go the extra mile to retain that privilege.

That, and most of their team have 10-15 years of experience in their area of specialty!

Sandra explained: “We recruit people that have an innate sense of service, and we find that the motivation of continuing to work virtually from home, translates into team members that shine. At Boldly ‘your success is our success’ is not a cliché. It’s true and we live by it. Boldly has the capacity to grow with your business, and respond to fluctuations in your staffing needs.”

The Boldly Staff-Client Relationship

All clients have a dedicated staff member assigned to them (typically for admin support, customer service, marketing, or project management).

In addition, Boldly clients have access to a broader team when additional services are needed such as web development, design, bookkeeping etc.

The company also trains a backup VA in case of illness, etc. This ensures continuity and provides a level of care and reliability for customers.

VA Company Comparison Chart

Boldly Time Etc BELAY Zirtual
Customer Rating
Established 2009 2007 2010 2010
Hourly Rate $37-43 $24-27 $38-45 $28-33
Minimum Package $430 for 10 hours $270 for 10 hours 10 hours a week $398 for 12 hours
Dedicated Assistant
Minimum VA Experience 7 years 5 years 5 years 1 year
Team Access *
Rollover Hours
Free Trial
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

*Specialist services are available for an additional charge.

(In this article, Boldly explains why they’ve chosen not to offer rollover hours or a free trial.)

Who is the Perfect Boldly Client?

The clientele of Boldly is generally more business-focused, although support is offered to individuals that need an ongoing assistant or need support for a ‘more involved’ project.

For example, the company often works with people who are relocating to another country and need support with research and making complex arrangements in another language.

The average customer signs on for around 15-20 hours a week, but a wide range of customizable options are available.

One thing I found interesting was that many clients turn to Boldly after a less-than-ideal experience with a lower cost VA service to see if a premium executive assistant can make a difference. If you’ve tried outsourcing overseas before and weren’t happy with the results, perhaps its time to try a higher-end service.

Boldly Client Case Study

Plans and Pricing

In terms of pricing, Boldly has package rates for admin services, and hourly rates for more specialized services such as development and design.

Packages start at $43 per hour, while discounts may be available for long-term engagements.

boldly virtual assistant pricing 2019

And again, per Sandra, the 3 areas that set Boldly apart from the competition:

1. Our People.

Reliability and quality are EVERYTHING.

We recruit people that have an outstanding professional background and a great attitude – people that have made the transition from a corporate career to working from home, and who bring a wealth of Fortune 500 training and experience with them.

Clients get the best of both worlds – a team member with extensive experience, available to them when they need it.

2. A Personal Service.

We really get to know our clients and assign a virtual assistant staff member that will be a perfect match. We stay attuned to clients needs so that we can grow with them, and are flexible enough to adjust as needed.

Need a service that we don’t currently offer? No problem, we’ll add it for you.

3. A Hybrid Model.

Many providers offer either a team-based service, or a dedicated service. We offer a hybrid model where clients can have a dedicated assistant and take advantage of an extended team for additional services.

Boldly Alternatives

For European (UK) assistants or US-based support, the closest competitor may be Time Etc, a well-rated alternative that operates on a similar model.

Time Etc may not match the level of experience or training of Boldly, but if budget is a concern, the rates are slightly lower.

If you have a specific skillset in mind, you might consider posting the job on FreeeUp to see what comes back. I like to cast a wide net and compare candidates in trial tasks and interviews to see who might be the best fit.

Your Turn

Have you worked with Worldwide101 or Boldly? If so, please take a moment to share a review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

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BELAY (formerly eaHELP)

BELAY is a virtual staffing solutions company that employs exclusively US-based assistants and specialists.

The company got its start in 2010 helping churches and pastors outsource their administrative work, and has since expanded to serve businesses (small & large) nationwide.

Note: This BELAY Solutions review is geared toward those looking to hire an assistant. Click here to learn more about how to become a virtual assistant.

VAA Tested eaHELPAbout BELAY Solutions

BELAY understands that sometimes business owners feel trapped when they can’t find the right virtual team to grow their company. BELAY provides outsourced team members to grow your business and eliminate chaos, so you can go back to enjoying your work.

In 2017, BELAY brought several different business support companies under one roof and under one brand. The most well-known of those was eaHELP, which you’ll see referenced in many of the reviews below.

(The company gets its name from mountain climbing; a belay is a means of supporting a climber so he or she can continue safely without falling. Similarly, they aim to support your proverbial climb as well.)

BELAY Founder Interview

Bryan Miles, the founder of BELAY, is focused on delivering superior service to his customers. The strategy seems to be paying off, with business growing rapidly and a host of marquee clients. In fact, the company has earned glowing endorsements from author Michael Hyatt and other Fortune 500 companies.

I had the chance to sit down with Bryan and ask him a few questions on what sets BELAY apart from the competition, who their target customers are, what areas of work they specialize, and who should NOT use their service.

(The free copy of The Virtual Assistant Solution mentioned in the video is no longer available, but you can grab it on Amazon.)

the virtual assistant solution

Who is the Ideal BELAY Client?

An ideal client wants someone to provide administrative, bookkeeping, or web support.

When business owners don’t use a service like BELAY, they:

  • Struggle to complete their work.
  • Don’t have time to enjoy their business or life.
  • Limit the growth of their business.

signs you need a belay assistant

BELAY’s contractors have extensive experience, college degrees and are located in the U.S.

When business owners use BELAY, they get:

  • A dedicated team member without the cost of an in-house employee.
  • A support network to help grow their business.
  • More control over their business.

belay virtual assistant benefits

With so many changes in our economy and hiring strategies, Bryan argues it may be time to rethink your approach to staffing. In fact, he gives 9 reasons to consider going virtual for your next hire in his free ebook (email opt-in required, but worth the read).

How it Works

For new clients, BELAY guides you through a proven on-boarding process

1. Talk to a Solutions Consultant

This is so the company (and you) can discover your unique needs so they can understand how best to help you — or point you in the right direction if it’s not a great fit.

2. Meet Your Relationship Manager

A Relationship Manager helps you discover who you need using a multi-step process and a team of people on a mission of finding the best specialist for what you need.

(When I went through this, it included a full-blown personality screening to make sure my assistant and I were compatible.)

3. Work With Your New Team Member

Your successful start with a BELAY specialist is their number one priority.

The Relationship Manager guides you through best practices for working with your remote BELAY specialist.


BELAY’s menu of services includes 3 main categories:

  1. Virtual Assistants
  2. Web Maintenance
  3. Bookkeeping

belay virtual assistant services

1. Administrative

BELAY executive assistants are highly skilled administrative professionals trained in a variety of support tasks.

Their goal is to match you with a virtual assistant who will work cohesively with you and your existing team even though they’ll be working remotely. BELAY strongly believes that every leader thrives with the support of an intentionally matched VA.

belay virtual assistant review

Some of the more common jobs BELAY VAs do include:

  • scheduling and travel planning
  • research
  • preparing presentations
  • social media admin
  • project management
  • other ongoing business support functions.

The idea is to let someone else handle what they’re good at, so you can focus your time on what you’re good at — or what you need to do to grow your business.

The BELAY model is known as a “staff leasing” arrangement. Where other virtual assistant companies may assign your tasks to whoever is available at the moment, BELAY gives you a dedicated/assigned assistant so you can build a one-on-one relationship and gain the efficiencies that come with it.

2. Bookkeeping

As a national leader in church and non-profit bookkeeping services, BELAY understand the unique needs and challenges of non-profit and church bookkeeping.

These services were previously offered under the MAG Bookkeeping brand.

belay bookkeeping review

BELAY bookkeepers provide:  

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll Services
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Statements and Reporting
  • Account Structure
  • And more

3. Website Support and Maintenance

BELAY provide clients with all the critical support needed to keep your WordPress site running smoothly, such as:

  • Hosting Support
  • Backups
  • Domain Management
  • Software Updates
  • Improving Site Speed
  • Hacking Prevention
  • And more

belay webmaster services

The webmasters at BELAY can also create landing pages and do graphic design tasks. They offer unlimited site edits per month, along with expert advice and ongoing analysis of your site. You can work with their webmasters to make all the changes needed to get your site up to a high standard, or build a new site from scratch.

Typically, the clients that engage this service are business owners who have decided it’s time to outsource the maintenance of their site so they can focus their time elsewhere.

Others have outgrown their original website and are struggling to keep up with the maintenance and need to expand.

BELAY Review

With dedicated support and All-American executive assistants, BELAY is positioned as a premium service in the competitive world of cloud staffing. But instead of racing to the bottom on pricing, they want to help your organization race to the top, with hand-picked VAs matched against your needs (both professional & personal requirements).

The company offers monthly service plans and the sign-up process begins with a free consultation and personalized price quote.

A flat monthly fee gives you access to your VA week in and week out, without having to worry about overhead, timesheets, and billing headaches.

US VA Company Comparison Chart

Boldly Time Etc BELAY Zirtual
Customer Rating
Established 2009 2007 2010 2010
Hourly Rate $37-43 $24-27 $38-45 $28-33
Minimum Package $430 for 10 hours $270 for 10 hours 10 hours a week $398 for 12 hours
Dedicated Assistant
Minimum VA Experience 7 years 5 years 5 years 1 year
Team Access *
Rollover Hours
Free Trial
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More
*Specialist services are available for an additional charge.

Plans and Pricing

As you might expect, BELAY is considerably more expensive than many of the overseas virtual assistant options. In some parts of the world, you may even be able to find a full-time virtual employee for a lower monthly fee. But BELAY believes you get what you pay for, and clearly isn’t targeting the same customer who’s looking for the $5/hour VA.

As of October 2018, their hourly rates range from $38 – $45.

The good thing is that these rates are “all-inclusive,” in that you don’t have any additional employer burden costs to pay on top of it, like you would with a traditional W-2 employee.

belay referral code

VAA Exclusive: Mention Virtual Assistant Assistant when you join and get $200 off your startup costs!

BELAY’s agreements are offered as month-to-month contracts with a 30 day cancellation notice, and there are a variety of contract sizes available from each service line.

Press and Awards

BELAY is a stalwart on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list, which ranks America’s fastest growing private companies. They’ve earned a spot on the list every year since 2015.

eahelp inc 500

In addition, CultureIQ and Entrepreneur Magazine named BELAY #1 among small companies in their 2017 Top Company Cultures list.

BELAY Alternatives

A few other virtual assistant companies operate on a similar model with home-based American assistants, including top-rated firms like Time Etc and Boldly.

Boldly has similar (though more transparent/flexible) pricing options, and Time Etc is the most affordable of the three.

For the website maintenance and support service, you might consider Zen WP.

Your Turn

Have you worked with BELAY (or eaHELP, Render, Ellipsis, or MAG Bookkeeping)? If so, please consider sharing a review below to help others with their decision.

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WoodBows is a virtual assistant company based in the US.

They also have offices in the UK, and their assistants are based in the US, Philippines, and India. WoodBows has been in business since 2015.

About WoodBows

WoodBows ReviewThe company was founded by Joanna Finch, and their target customers are entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and real estate agents in the US and Canada.

They have virtual assistants based in the Philippines, India, and the US. This gives you some flexibility in budget primarily, as well as the skillsets and culture of the VAs you’ll be working with.

When you sign up for one of their plans, WoodBows assign the best-suited assistants to carry out your tasks. You also have a dedicated account manager as a point of contact.

How WoodBows Works

WoodBows has a simple 4-step onboarding process, and it takes less than an hour to start working with their team of assistants.

Their process looks like this:

  1. Sign up for a free trial.
  2. Send a list of tasks you want to be completed over.
  3. They assign a team of VAs to complete your work and share their contact details with you.
  4. You can go about your business while the work is completed. You can send more tasks and work with your team of VAs during this process.


WoodBows provide a complete range of virtual assistant services. If you have business tasks that can be completed remotely, they’ll provide the VAs with the skills to get them done for you.

To give you an idea of the areas they specialize in, they group their services into the following categories:

  • Graphic and web design
  • App developing
  • Software development
  • Digital marketing
  • Data entry
  • Customer care
  • Content writing
  • General virtual assistant services

WoodBows Plans and Pricing

WoodBows have pricing plans for weekly or monthly, and part-time or full-time assistants. You can also choose between hiring an assistant based in the Philippines or the US.

A complete list of their pricing plans at the time of publishing are:

Philippines-Based VAs

Weekly Plans

  • 5 hours per week for $49.90 ($9.99 per hour)
  • 11 hours per week for $99.90 ($9.08 per hour)

Monthly Plans

  • 80 hours per month for $799.99 ($9.99 per hour)
  • 160 hours per month for $1,499.90 ($8.99 per hour)

WoodBows PH Pricing

US-Based VAs

Weekly Plans

  • 5 hours per week for $149.90 ($29.99 per hour)
  • 10 hours per week for $299.90 ($29.99 per hour)

Monthly Plans

  • 80 hours per month for $599.99 ($29.99 per hour)
  • 160 hours per month for $3,998.90 ($24.99 per hour)

WoodBows US Pricing

The contrast in cost between using US and Philippines-based assistants is very evident looking at their plans.

If you’re working on a tighter budget, you can work with an overseas assistant for $9.99 per hour. If you prefer to keep your team in the US, hourly rates start at $29.99.

WoodBows are so confident you’ll be happy with their services they offer a 200% 30-day money-back guarantee. They also offer a free trial, and with no contracts, you can cancel anytime.

WoodBows Alternatives

WoodBows have positioned themselves in an interesting place in the market offering both US and Philippines-based VAs.

The most similar service is TaskBullet, which also has both US and Philippines-based staff. Instead of weekly or monthly plans, Task Bullet sells “buckets” of hours you can use until you run out, and refill as needed.

At $1500 a month for a full-time virtual assistant in the Philippines, WoodBows is priced higher than many other competing services. The popular option for do-it-yourselfers is OnlineJobs.ph, where you can recruit candidates to your job and pay them directly (often in the range of $400-1000 a month for full-time).

Of course, this comes with the drawbacks of not having any company infrastructure or management layers in place.

If you’re looking for VAs in the US, Time Etc and Virtual Assist USA are two highly rated companies with similar rates.

Your Turn

Have you worked with WoodBows?

If so, please share a review of your experience and help others with their search.

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Task Virtual is an India-based virtual assistant company. The company is relatively new to the virtual assistant space, although the company is headed up by two partners with a considerable amount of experience in the industry.

The company offers a wide range of services, carried out by fully-vetted, skilled assistants, and being based in India they are able to offer competitive rates.

About TaskVirtual

taskvirtual-reviewWhen I asked Task Virtual about their company directive they said, “we are committed, on time, dedicated, and shoulder all the responsibilities of our clients.” With speed and accuracy being two of the more important reasons to start outsourcing, it’s reassuring to hear this directly from a company.

Their target customers are business owners and entrepreneurs in need of additional support without employing their own staff. TaskVirtual’s staff are available to start work at short notice without any long-term contracts.

How TaskVirtual Works

When you sign up with TaskVirtual.com you purchase a number of tasks or an amount of hours.

When you send over details of the tasks you want completed they find an assistant with the best-matched skillset to carry out the work. This means you have access to a large pool of assistants to take advantage of different skills, as opposed to being tied to the same assistant as offered by some companies.

You do however have the option of a dedicated assistant should you prefer to work with the same person.

All their virtual assistants are managed in-house by line-managers and they will also accommodate your working hours and timezone.

On paper, Task Virtual tick all the right boxes and they appear to have plenty of flexibility. To find out exactly how they match up with your own requirements you will need to contact them with as much information as you can provide to gauge their response.


Task Virtual’s virtual assistants provide support for a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Admin support
  • Social media management
  • Content writing
  • Research
  • Data entry
  • Email and calendar management
  • IT support
  • And more

The company list their own areas of specialization as real estate management, eCommerce management, and social media management.

They offer custom quotes for large jobs if you have an ongoing project you want help with. As always, when communicating with virtual assistant companies you are going to have a better relationship the more detail you can provide. Be as detailed as possible and give plenty of feedback to your assistant.

Plans and Pricing

Task Virtual offer packages for two different types of services; Personal Assistance Services, and Business Assistance Services.

There are three different plans within their Personal Assistance Services. The packages are priced in task bundles, with tasks being classified as 10-15 minute jobs each;

  • 20 tasks – $39 per month ($1.95 per task)
  • 50 tasks – $50 per month ($1.58 per task)
  • 100 tasks – $139 per month ($1.39 per task)

taskvirtual personal plans

Their Business Assistance Services are priced in hours. Their packages are as follows:

  • 5 hours per month – $60 ($12 per/hr)
  • 10 hours per month – $110 ($11 per/hr)
  • 20 hours per month – $200 ($10 per/hr)
  • 40 hours per month – $360 ($9 per/hr)
  • 60 hours per month – $480 ($8 per/hr)
  • 100 hours per month – $700 ($7 per/hr)

taskvirtual pricing

Virtual Assistant Assistant Exclusive: Mention referral code VAA20 for 20% off your first month of service! (Not valid on Personal Assistance plans.)

There are also some larger bundles of hours available, including a full-time assistance plan for $899 ($5.62 an hour) and your assistant will work 5 days a week during whatever business hours you choose. That’s quite a competitive rate for full-time support.

TaskVirtual also has a Pay As You Go plan priced at $13 an hour with no commitment, no minimums, and no limits on how many hours you use.

New customers can take advantage of their 3-hour free trial to sample their services before signing up for a plan.

Special Offer for VAA Visitors:

taskvirtual promo

Virtual Assistant Assistant Exclusive: Mention referral code VAA20 for 20% off your first month of service! (Not valid on Personal Assistance plans.)

TaskVirtual Alternatives

On the personal / task-based side of things, your primary competitors are OkayRelax, which has plans ranging from $2.50 to $4 per task, but allows tasks up to 30 minutes (vs. 15 at TaskVirtual). OkayRelax also provides a dedicated assistant on their higher tier plans, which may or may not be appealing to you.

The other company I did a trial with a few years ago that might be worth checking out is Efficise, which runs a similar task-based model out of Pakistan.

On the business assistance side, I’d take a look at MyTasker or TaskBullet, and reach out to start a conversation and see which might be the best fit for your specific needs.

Your Turn

Have you worked with Task Virtual? If so, please leave a review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

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Time Etc

Time Etc is a US and UK-based virtual assistant company that has been around since 2007. They’re one of the most popular VA companies too — having saved their clients more than 700,000 hours so far!

Important Note: This Time Etc review is geared toward those looking to hire an assistant. Click here to learn more about how to become a virtual assistant.

About Time Etc Virtual Assistants

time etc reviewThe company is proud of the assistants they offer. Each one has to pass a very strict, 10-step selection process, and less than 1% of applicants are approved.

All of them are college-educated and have an average of 12 years of experience. These Time Etc assistants have worked for Facebook, Apple, IBM, AOL, and other major corporations.

Most Time Etc VAs serve customers from their home offices in either the US or UK — depending on your location.

A Celebrity Advisor

One interesting thing about Time Etc is that Sir Richard Branson’s former assistant, Penni Pike, is a special advisor. She served as the billionaire mogul’s assistant for three decades, and is probably as close to a celebrity as they come in the world of personal assistants.

Now, you’re not likely to score Penni as your VA when you sign up, but she has helped train and mentor the rest of the crew.

Customer and Assistant Feedback

Time Etc is known to look after their assistants and customers.

The company has earned a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor from assistants, and a 4.92/5 customer rating here on Virtual Assistant Assistant.

The Hard Work Myth

Time Etc was founded by Barnaby Lashbrooke, with the intention of helping busy entrepreneurs and leaders achieve more. As you know, it’s not always about working harder, but more often about working smarter and pulling the right levers for big gains.

This is a cause Barnaby is particularly passionate about. In fact, he wrote a book on the topic called The Hard Work Myth.

Special Offer: If you sign up for Time Etc through this link, Barnaby will send you a free copy of The Hard Work Myth ($13.97 on Amazon) to say thanks.

Pretty sweet that Sir Richard even tweeted it out!

the hard work myth richard branson tweet

How Time Etc Works

When you sign up for Time Etc, you can expect to be assigned a dedicated assistant with whom you can begin to establish an ongoing relationship.

However, you can also build a team of multiple assistants, each with different skills, for no additional cost.

Time etc doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach and instead pride themselves on fully understanding the client’s requirements, challenges and personality before carefully matching them to a suitable assistant.

They put a lot of effort into this matching process because they believe that having an assistant that truly understands you and your business is the key to succeeding.

Time Etc Founder Interview

I had the chance to sit down with Barnaby to get the inside scoop on how the company works and who they best serve.

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Time Etc virtual assistants can handle a wide variety of tasks you throw at them, including:

  • Help with your to-do list
  • Manage your diary/calendar
  • Book accommodation and travel
  • Find products and services
  • Check and respond to emails
  • Research
  • Social Media
  • Writing and blog posts
  • Sort your expenses
  • Chase late payments
  • Issue invoices
  • Transcribe audio
  • Edit and format documents
  • Data entry
  • Help with marketing
  • …and more

Plans and Pricing

Rates range from $24-27 an hour, and you can sign-on with a dedicated virtual assistant for as little as $270 a month.

Naturally, the more time you need, the more attractive the rates become, and to the extent your VA is available, you can scale up or scale back your hours as needed at any given time.

time etc pricing

The rates are a pretty good value when you consider they include:

  • a dedicated virtual assistant
  • the ability to add more assistants to your team with different skills
  • the ability to share your assistant with other people in your business
  • a built-in task-management system to help you keep track of everything

Like with most other virtual assistant companies, you don’t have any long-term obligation, contract, or overhead.

To help ease the fears of first-time outsourcers, Time Etc is offering a free $50 credit for Virtual Assistant Assistant visitors to test out their service risk-free (with no credit card required), and a 100% money back guarantee.

You won’t find that with a freelancer and definitely not with an in-house hire!

Time Etc Alternatives

At these rates, Time Etc compares favorably to other premium assistant services.

Boldly Time Etc BELAY Zirtual
Customer Rating
Established 2009 2007 2010 2010
Hourly Rate $37-43 $24-27 $38-45 $28-33
Minimum Package $430 for 10 hours $270 for 10 hours 10 hours a week $398 for 12 hours
Dedicated Assistant
Minimum VA Experience 7 years 5 years 5 years 1 year
Team Access *
Rollover Hours
Free Trial
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More
*Specialist services are available for an additional charge.

In the US and Europe, the nearest competitor would be Boldly, which has a similar set-up if you’re interested in making a comparison, though at noticeably higher rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Time Etc?

Time Etc is a leading US and UK-based virtual assistant company established in 2007. Check out the full profile on Virtual Assistant Assistant to read reviews from real Time Etc customers.

Is Time Etc legit?

Yes, Time Etc is a legitimate provider of virtual assistant services. The company has a roster of more than 16,000 clients and has saved those clients more than 700,000 hours so far. Check out the full profile on Virtual Assistant Assistant to read reviews from real Time Etc customers.

How much does Time Etc cost?

Among US and UK-based virtual assistant companies, Time Etc is among the most affordable. Depending on how many hours of support you anticipate needing, you’ll find packages ranging from $21-26 an hour. Check out the full profile on VirtualAssistantAssistant.com for more information.

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VA Talks

VA Talks is a professional virtual assistant provider in India with 24/7 support. The company was formed in 2015 by two veteran virtual assistants who decided to start their own firm.

Despite the inherent “new-ness” of the VA Talks company, the founding partners bring nearly a decade of business process outsourcing experience to the table and are growing a team to serve other entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world.

About VA Talks

va talks reviewThe goal of VA Talks is to help other companies get their most important tasks done. The team is working from the secure office in Kolkata, India.

Like other virtual assistant companies, they want to earn your trust so you have confidence in the experience and quality of VAs they provide. The target market for these services are for busy individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses or large corporations interested in freeing up some time or getting access to skilled help for their day-to-day needs.


VA Talks virtual assistants can perform nearly any type of task you might think of online. Whether you require bookkeeping services, administrative tasks, web development, design or search engine optimization, skilled VAs are available to help you.

In addition, clients tap the VA Talks team to help design mobile apps, run marketing efforts, create presentations and proposals, and to do research.

When I spoke with one of the founders, CEO Sanjay (Sam) Gupta — no, not that Sanjay Gupta — he explained that they recruit team members with a variety of skills, but that, “Some of our most in demand VAs are proficient in WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and many other web development platforms. Our Web team is our main focus but we do have virtual assistants capable of helping nearly any type of company or individual.”

VA Talks Founder Interview

Plans and Pricing

VA Talks pricing starts as low as $130 for 10 hours per month ($13/hour). The larger plan you buy, the lower the effective hourly rate, all the way down to less than $7 an hour for a full-time dedicated VA ($1100/month).

But don’t bite off more hours than you need just for the sake of saving money; unused hours don’t rollover month-to-month.

If you need our services for under 10 hours a month, they have a Pay As You Use plan for on-demand support at just $15/hour.

All plans except the pay-as-you-go plan come with a 2-hour free trial to test out the service.

VAA Exclusive: Use referral code VAAFULL10VAT for 10% off your first month of full-time assistance.

VA Talks Alternatives

When I asked Sam what sets his team apart, he explained, “It’s fairly easy to find a workforce of VAs that are willing to work. But VA Talks goes the extra mile to find staff that will deliver quality work.

He went on to share that all of the VAs on the team “are our friends who are hand-selected for our clients to service their needs. We work to provide not only the best quality labor in our industry but also customer experiences that will have you consistently coming back for more.”

As far as alternative choices, as you know, you have many virtual assistant companies in India to choose from. Among the top-rated is My Tasker, with a long track-record of success.

Have you worked with VATalks? If so, please be sure to share a review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

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Virtalent is a UK-based virtual assistant company that has been in operation since 2014. Although they are fairly new on the virtual assistant scene, they have grown rapidly and picked up a lot of exposure in the UK.

They specialize in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK by providing highly skilled virtual assistants.

About Virtalent

virtalent reviewThe company employs experienced professional virtual assistants. They have a strict recruitment process to ensure they are hiring highly skilled VAs, and currently only hire virtual assistants based in the UK.

Virtalent VAs work from their homes in the UK, and with their clients being based in the UK this means there are no time differences or language barriers to navigate.

If you sign up with Virtalent you will be assigned a dedicated assistant based in the UK. The entire time works remotely from their home offices or coworking spaces.

Their ideal clients are small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to outsource some of their workload to free up some of their time.

The company recently expanded to service clients in Ireland and the EU as well.

Virtalent Founder Interview

Boldly service at Time Etc prices.”

Virtual Assistant Assistant Exclusive: Mention VAA during sign-up and receive 1 hour free for Entrepreneur or Small Business Plan accounts, and 2 hours free for Executive or Ultimate Plan accounts.


The services offered by their virtual assistants are generalized into the following categories on their site:

  • Executive Assistance
  • Marketing
  • General VA work
  • Project Management

As with any virtual assistant company there is almost no online task too large or too small. Founder Sam Wilson explained, “We focus on QUALITY long-term support from one VA, not on completing one-off individual tasks.”

He added that when clients sign up, “They’re assigned a dedicated VA with a particular skillset, and we focus on hiring experienced administrative and marketing professionals.”

Most Virtalent VAs either come from a senior PA / Office Manager background or from a career spent in senior marketing roles. Less than 2% of applicants get accepted and statistically each VA has an average of 15 years’ experience.

Many have experience inside big corporations like Deloitte, Barclays, Universal, and others.

The company uses a task management portal which allows clients to log in and view all their activity, from virtual assistant hours worked, jobs completed and outstanding, current invoices, and any notes or feedback.

Plans and Pricing

Virtalent supply virtual assistants for as low as £23 per hour in 4 different à la carte plans:

  • Entrepreneur – £260 for 10 hours a month
  • Small Business – £500 for 20 hours a month
  • Executive – £960 for 40 hours a month
  • Ultimate – £1380 for 60 hours a month

All work is billed to the exact second it takes to complete the tasks. If you need more work done, they’ll bill you at the same equivalent hourly rate as your package and unused hours rollover to the next month, so you can use as little or as much VA time as you need.

This makes the service as flexible and cost-effective as possible, which was the company’s directive.

Virtalent Pricing

Virtual Assistant Assistant Exclusive: Mention VAA during sign-up and receive 1 hour free for Entrepreneur or Small Business Plan accounts, and 2 hours free for Executive or Ultimate Plan accounts.

Before creating an account, clients receive a detailed proposal with an extensive profile of the one VA Virtalent have purposefully recommend they work with. They then speak to that VA to see if they “gel” before committing to a plan. 

Project Work

If you have a large project Virtalent will provide you with an estimate based on how many hours they quote for the work. This means you can have a budget to work to, and you will be in constant communication with your account manager as the job progresses to see if it’s on track.

Sam explained, “We will provide an estimate based on our hourly rate (e.g. 100 hours at £21 per hour = £2100) to help the client budget for the work, but don’t ever agree a fixed project fee for the work to be completed. The VA can also stop after X hours and report back to the client with how much work they have done, before continuing.”

Virtalent Alternatives

There aren’t a lot of UK-only virtual assistant companies to choose from, but the market is steadily growing. The best-rated is Time Etc, which has similar rates and packages.

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My Tasker (MyTasker)

MyTasker is a well-established and fast growing firm in the virtual assistant industry. The India-based company was founded in 2012 by three veteran VAs, who brought years of experience to the table.

Since the MyTasker team spent the time in the trenches, they know how to take care of clients and were able to recruit high-performing professional virtual assistants to join their team.

my tasker review

About MyTasker

Interestingly, MyTasker started out as a contract service on Freelancer.com. After gaining some initial traction on that platform, they decided to launch as a standalone operation.

The Kolkata-based company now has over 100 professional VAs on staff and has built a solid reputation on this review platform. Co-founder Gurjeet Dhillon explained that once a client fully integrates MyTasker into their systems and processes, they tend to stick around for a long time.

Is MyTasker Right for You?

I had the chance to sit down with Gurjeet to learn more about the company. In this brief interview, we cover:

  • How MyTasker’s unique team-based approach works in practice.
  • The type of clients who have the most success outsourcing to MyTasker.
  • How their years of experience benefit customers like you.

VAA Exclusive: Get 20% off your first month w/ discount code VAA20MT


Your dedicated MyTasker VA can handle just about any remote task, including:

  • customer support (online or over the phone)
  • transcription
  • social media management
  • online marketing
  • online research
  • website maintenance
  • virtual receptionists
  • and more

They also have expertise in:

Naturally, your virtual assistant can handle general administrative tasks as well such as appointment setting, travel or restaurant reservations, or other back-office tasks that can be completed remotely.

SEO Services

If you need help with SEO and driving more traffic to your site from Google and other search engines, MyTasker has built up a dedicated team of SEO experts.

The service includes on-page optimization and off-page link building, and is ideal for local businesses. You pick the 10 most important pages on your site you want to rank for, and the SEO guys get to work.

Google is notoriously fickle so don’t expect results overnight, but over time you should begin to climb in the rankings.

MyTasker Intro Video

How MyTasker Works

With My Tasker, you’re assigned a dedicated point of contact. For each task you delegate, they’ll either tackle it themselves, or request help from a qualified team member.

You can communicate via phone, email, or Skype, and delegate tasks on a recurring or on-demand basis.

I see this team access as one of the primary benefits of companies like MyTasker. With a single point of contact, you can tap into an entire office worth of skillsets.

Your pre-purchased hours expire at the end of each billing cycle, but there are no long-term contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Your VA’s hours are tracked inside MyTasker’s internal dashboard so you can always log in and see how much time you have left for the month.

MyTasker Review

I was impressed during my trial of My Tasker, but I was using their now-discontinued “Lifestyle Assistance” plan, which offered 30 15-minute tasks for $39 a month.

Since then I’ve used their service for some daily database maintenance tasks and found them to be quite reliable. At one point, my VA had moved on to a new role within the company and it was several days before I even found out because she’d taken full responsibility to train her replacement.

Plans and Pricing

Important Note: For a limited time, MyTasker is offering deep discounts due to the COVID-19 crisis:

The rates for Professional Assistance start at $140 for a 10-hour a month plan, and go all the way down to $7.50/hr for a massive 160-hour plan.

Pricing Table (accurate at press time):

  • 10 hrs per month – $140 ($14/hr)
  • 20 hrs per month – $250 ($12.50/hr)
  • 40 hrs per month – $450 ($11.25/hr)
  • 60 hrs per month – $600 ($10/hr)
  • 100 hrs per month – $900 ($9/hr)
  • 160 hrs per month – $1200 ($7.50/hr)

That means you can have a full-time 40-hour a week VA for just $1200, which is a strong value for ongoing business support.

If you want to take the service for a test drive, I suggest selecting one of the smaller plans to start with, and then scaling up your engagement from there. (Use the discount code below!)

If at any time you go over your plan’s hours, additional time can be purchased at $15 an hour (assuming staff availability).

VAA Exclusive: Get 20% off your first month w/ discount code VAA20MT.

Virtual Receptionist Plans

My Tasker added a call answering service where you can have a virtual receptionist answer your business line 24 hours a day. They’ll log and record each call, and give your company a professional presence on the phone.

MyTasker Alternatives

I asked Ronny, the COO, what sets My Tasker apart from the competition, both in India and elsewhere. He explained that the team’s extensive experience in the industry, especially on the customer service side, gives them an advantage.

“We have the freedom to go that extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied,” he says, implying that other larger VA companies don’t necessarily afford that freedom.

Ask Sunday My Tasker VA Talks eLuminous
Customer Rating
Established 2006 2012 2015 2002
Hourly Rate $8-15 $7.50-18 $7-15 $7
Minimum Package $29 for 2 hours $140 for 10 hours $130 for 10 hours $140 for 20 hours
Dedicated Assistant
Best For Personal Tasks
Data Entry
Real Estate
Team Access
Free Trial *
Special Offer 10% off first month w/ code VAA10PDA 20% off first month w/ code VAA20MT 10% off first month
of full-time VA
w/ code VAAFULL10VAT
20% off first month (mention VAA)
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

*Well, it’s a $1.

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Acelerar is a virtual assistant service company based in Noida, India. The company has been in operation since 2010 and provides virtual assistants round the clock to support clients around the world in their respective time zones.

About Acelerar

acelerar reviewAcelerar operates out of a hi-tech suburb of New Delhi, Noida, India. The company currently employs 52 members of staff, and when I spoke with them recently they pointed out that they are planning to double this number by the end of 2016.

The company only employs college graduates and they put their virtual assistants through a number of background checks and other tests. Their candidates go through a two-week training course where they cover using MS office, social media tools, and complete dummy projects to develop an understanding of their roles.

Each virtual assistant signs a Nondisclosure Agreement so you don’t need to worry about your confidentiality being breached. When you sign up for a package you are assigned a Customer Success Manager. This member of staff acts as your point of contact to ensure you’re happy with how things are going.

AcelerarTech has implemented a time-tracking tool to keep you in touch with your virtual assistant. This allows you to keep up-to-date with how your tasks are progressing. You can view screenshots of your work being completed and contact your virtual assistant with any feedback you have.

Acelerar Intro Video


When I spoke with Acelerar they summarized their services into the following areas:

  • Administration assistance
  • Data entry
  • Customer service
  • List building and lead generation
  • Online research
  • Recruitment
  • Back office support
  • Real estate services
  • Ad-hoc tasks

Plans and Pricing

Acelerar has four different hourly packages. Their packages start at $160 per month and you can secure a less expensive rate the more hours you purchase. The complete pricing table is as follows:

  • 20 hours per month – $160 ($8/hr)
  • 40 hours per month – $280 ($7/hr)
  • 80 hours per month – $480 ($6/hr)
  • 160 hours per month – $800 ($5/hr)

If you’ve been comparing different VA companies, you know these rates are quite competitive.

They also offer a free trial to test their services. You do need to put down a small deposit, but it’s fully refundable if you are not happy with their service for any reason.

Getting started with Acelerar couldn’t be any easier. You can either give them a call, submit a form on their website for a free quote, or use a live chat box on their site for a quick answer to any questions you have.

Acelerar Alternatives

Among other virtual assistant companies in India, MyTasker or Ask Sunday might be worth a look. Their range of services offered are similar though their pricing packages are both slightly more expensive.

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