Clear Desk is a US-based virtual assistant company that provides virtual assistants to entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses all over the world.

The company is headquartered in California, US. Their assistants work remotely from locations based all over the world.

Try their 7-day FREE trial – they guarantee you will love your Virtual Assistant!


About ClearDesk

The company started operations about 3 years ago. ClearDesk is headquartered in San Diego, CA and it’s CEO is Jeff Amon.  

Prior to founding ClearDesk, Jeff and his partners operated large businesses with high operational costs in the US. Those businesses came to a close as margins thinned and employee costs continued to rise.

It was only when they started a new company and outsourced a large portion of their operations overseas that they realized how much money they could save.

After several years of outsourcing to staff in countries like India, the Philippines, and Colombia, they decided to start ClearDesk.

Their mission is to share the business model they used to grow their businesses and help other business owners save on employee costs and overheads.

How ClearDesk Works

To get started working with ClearDesk you need to reach out and leave your contact details. A member of their team will ‘contact you within minutes’ – that’s pretty fast!

After a call to discuss your requirements, ClearDesk will find the best-suited assistant for you based on your business’ needs.

You will have a point of contact at ClearDesk’s offices in California should you need them. Otherwise, you can communicate directly with your virtual assistant and have them start working on your tasks.

ClearDesk allows you to use your own communication tools if you wish. Otherwise, they support Slack, video calls, and phone calls as ways of communication.

ClearDesk specializes in:

  • Customer Service
  • Sales/SDR
  • Exec Assistants
  • Ecommerce management (shopify, big commerce, amazon, etc)
  • Legal Assistants
  • Real estate and mortgage
  • Marketing & Social Media


ClearDesk Services

ClearDesk’s virtual assistants can take on the general day-to-day business tasks most business owners are looking to outsource.

To give you an idea, they group their services into the following categories:

  • Admin Support
  • Customer Support
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Sales & Lead Generation
  • Virtual Executive Assistant

ClearDesk also says they have assistants with experience working with start-ups, realtors, and sales organizations. It’s worth booking a call with their team to discuss your business and what you’re looking for in an assistant.

ClearDesk is happy to offer Virtual Assistant services in English, Spanish and French – in any time zone that you need them to work in – Great flexibility!

ClearDesk Plans and Pricing

Clear Desk currently has 3 pricing plans, and the option to create a custom plan to suit your requirements. Hourly rates range from around $15.60 for a full-time assistant and $18.75 for a part-time assistant.

This positions Clear Desk at a lower price point than what you’d expect to pay for a US-based assistant, while higher than a competitive overseas rate.

ClearDesk’s pricing plans at the time of publishing was:

  • Basic – 60 hours per month for $1,000 (approx. $16.65/hour)
  • Starter – 80 hours per month for $1,500 (approx. $18.75/hr)
  • Performance – 160 hours per month for $2,500 (approx. $15.62/hr)

Try their 7-day FREE trial – they guarantee you will love your Virtual Assistant!

There are no other charges and no fixed contracts. You can pay for additional hours at a rate of $18/hr on both plans.

It’s worth noting that you can’t roll unused hours over at the end of the month. They do say their assistants are flexible in regard to business hours though, but that’s something you need to discuss upfront.


ClearDesk Alternatives

ClearDesk’s hourly rates place them somewhere in between US and overseas rates. If you want to work with a US-based assistant, you can expect to pay $24/hr upwards working with companies like Prialto, Time ETC and Boldly.

If you want to outsource overseas, we recommend checking out and OkayRelax. Their hourly rates are a lot more competitive ranging between $3-$12.

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Need full time availability but don’t have a full time workload? RemSource is built for solo & small business; it’s US-based (Maryland), and staffed with “#VirtuallyAwesome” (their words) Admins & Bookkeepers wired for business owners with more tasks than time.

VAA Exclusive: Mention you found RemSource on VAA to save $100 on your first month of administrative services and/or $50 off your first month of bookkeeping services.

About RemSource

RemSource was founded in 2009 by Baltimore native Azi Rosenblum, who saw a need for a more professional, integrated, “in house quality” virtual service provider to help small business owners get unstuck! RemSource offers live 9-5 administrative & bookkeeping support for small businesses and solo business owners who don’t have time for revenue growing tasks like sales and operations, in addition to time-consuming back-office tasks which don’t increase your bottom line (customer service, phone and email communications, scheduling, lead follow-up, QuickBooks bookkeeping, etc.).

RemSource’s unique VA model is based on scope of tasks needed rather than hours utilized, meaning if your usage fluctuates from month to month, your monthly price will not spike. The professional VA’s at RemSource, one of the few US-based virtual assistant companies working from a central office and not from home, become a valuable, integrated part of their clients’ daily operations.

Each client is assigned 2 dedicated admins (one primary, one secondary admin). The admins become a part of that business’s team, so the customers get used to speaking with the same people and can develop a long-term relationship.

The company has been recognized in the Baltimore Business Journal and SmartCEO Magazine for its innovative approach to administrative support. 

Oh… and they have A LOT of fun doing it! The company culture at RemSource is an intriguing balance of extreme professionalism, warm and welcoming energy, and a curious fun loving youthfulness that drives innovation and problem-solving!

RemSource Founder Interview

RemSource Services

RemSource is a virtual office team ready to help you grow! They do calendar management, scheduling, Quickbooks bookkeeping, answer your phone, provide customer service, handle back-office tasks, and do proactive follow-ups with prospective leads and customers.

How it works is during your first 3 months as a client, they take a very consultative approach in finding the right opportunities for delegation and streamlining your business processes. Their team works with you to put systems in place for smooth operations and well-defined roles.

I asked Azi, their founder & CEO, what sets RemSource apart from the competition? His answer:

“We literally become a part of our clients’ team. Our in-house quality approach, full-time availability for a mission-critical part-time workload, and obsession with innovation and results makes us much more than a Virtual resource. We are #VirtuallyAwesome!”

That in-office presence that’s “on-call” during business hours is a big selling point. Clients don’t have to stress about counting tasks or running out of hours on their plan.

A solo mental health professional, a consultant, a contractor, they all have the same issue. “More tasks than time”. RemSource can do some of those tasks and give you back a bunch of that time so you keep going AND growing!

How RemSource Works

RemSource Plans and Pricing

RemSource uses a very unique flat-fee pricing model. After discussing your needs, a monthly fee is quoted for the “job description” and it’s time to get going! They keep their agreements reasonably short term (3 months) and encourage constant communication, especially during the initial term, to ensure best practices are in place and the greatest value delivered. Design, refine, delegate! That’s the goal! 

VAA Exclusive: Mention you found RemSource on VAA to save $100 on your first month of administrative services and/or $50 off your first month of bookkeeping services.

RemSource Alternatives

As I mentioned, the virtual-but-still in-office admin model is rare for a company this size. (Most competitors run a model with home-based staff.) In the US, three similar services come to mind: the nearest competitor would be ClearDesk in CA, Longer Days in Michigan and Virtual Assist USA in Pennsylvania. 

Both of those options operate on a kind of a hybrid model with hourly packages and access to a team of assistants for various business needs. RemSource differentiates itself with its flat-fee model which allows clients to relax and rely on them with no fear of big surprise bills.

The RemSource service is what I’d consider a step up from just virtual receptionist services or UAssist.ME‘s low-level plan that promises a similar “all-day” coverage but shared among several clients.

And if bookkeeping is all you need, here are our top-rated online bookkeeping services.

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Tasks Expert

Tasks Expert is a US-based virtual assistant company specializing in providing virtual assistants to individuals and companies of all sizes across the globe.

Although the company is headquartered in the US, their assistants work from their offices in Mumbai, India. This enables Tasks Expert to offer some very competitive hourly rates.

VAA Exclusive: Task Expert is offering free 4 days trial 2.5 hours daily usage total 10 hours with Code VAA10!


About Tasks Expert

The company started operations in 2017 and was co-founded by friends and entrepreneurs Loren Hamilton and Noaman Ansari.

Tasks Expert has the following mission statement:

“Our utmost priority is to provide virtual assistant services around the globe and make our services accessible to not only corporate clients but also to small, mid and large companies.”

When you sign up with Tasks Expert you’re assigned a dedicated assistant and team leader as a point of contact.

You can communicate with your assistant via email, phone call, Skype, and some other team tools like Asana and MS Teams. They also point out that if your assistant is unavailable for any reason, they provide a backup.

Tasks Expert guarantees client satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with your assistant in any way, they’re happy to find you a replacement and work out any issues you have.

How Tasks Expert Works

Tasks Expert has a simple onboarding process that looks like this:

  1. Sign up for one of their pricing plans (all but their Bronze Plan comes with a 10-hour free trial) and a member of their team will reach out to you.
  2. After discussing your requirements in a discovery call, Tasks Expert will find the best-suited assistant to handle your tasks.
  3. You’ll receive an email containing all the details about their available assistants to look through.
  4. When you’ve chosen or are happy with an assistant presented, you can start communicating directly with them and get straight to work.

Tasks Expert Services

Tasks Expert provides a complete range of virtual assistant services. By this, we mean that if something can be completed remotely, their assistants are ready to take on those tasks.

To give you a better idea, they list their main services as follows:


Tasks Expert Plans and Pricing

Tasks Expert has four different pricing plans. Rates start as low as $4.50/hr for their largest hourly plan, and are as high as $9.50/hr for their pay-as-you-go-plan.

A complete list of their pricing plans at the time of publishing is:

  • Bronze – $9.50 per hour for 10 hours ($95)
  • Silver – $7.50 per hour for 40 hours ($300)
  • Gold – $6.50 per hour for 80 hours ($520)
  • Platinum – $5.50 per hour for 160 hours ($880)
  • Diamond – $4.50 per hour for 240 hours ($1080)

VAA Exclusive: Task Expert is offering free 4 days trial 2.5 hours daily usage total 10 hours with Code VAA10!

All of their plans come with a 10-hour free trial (excluding their Bronze pay-as-you-go plan), so you can get started without committing to a plan.

Included in each plan is a dedicated virtual assistant of your choosing, email/chat/phone support, a backup assistant, and a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

With such competitive rates and a no-risk free-trial and money-back guarantee, it’s certainly an attractive proposition to give Tasks Expert a try.


Tasks Expert Testimonials


Tasks Expert Alternatives

For alternative virtual assistant companies offering VAs based in India, we recommend checking out Ask Sunday and My Tasker.

These are two highly rated companies that offer a similar range of services. However, if budget is your main concern, Tasks Expert does offer the lowest hourly rates.

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Toasty is a virtual meeting software platform designed to help users connect deeper with their meeting participants.

This software is free to use and offers a wide range of features that promote the most interactive experience possible when communicating remotely.

The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and its support staff are also located in Spain, Russia, the Philippines, and Australia.

About Toasty

The company has been in operation since 2019 and is run by Eric Tsang, CEO. Toasty says they already work with more than 16,500 users across 25 countries and are expanding quickly.

This rapid growth is due in part to the global pandemic as more personal and business communications have been forced to take place online.

It’s also a testament to how good this remote conferencing and communication software is.

Toasty says they are the “world’s first and only video meeting platform that is intentionally interactive to incorporate various social capabilities.”

It’s unique, interactive features like Micro Whiteboards, and Figma Design Tools, that separates Toasty from other video conferencing software.

Combined with the fact that Toasty has a generous freemium plan and is incredibly easy to use, and it’s easy to see why this software is so popular.

While anyone can use Toasty, they told me their target audience are trainers, educators, and consultants. This is due to the tools and features Toasty has that helps hosts illustrate and communicate better.

How Toasty Works

If you want to try out Toasty, you can get started for free by signing up for their free plan. Alternatively, if you contact their sales team they will be happy to give you a demo.

Once you have an account, you can set up, pre-plan, and invite people to join you on live sessions.

This may be for work-related meetings, demonstrations, personal calls, essentially anything that involves you communicating with one or more other participants live remotely.

It’s the long list of features that makes Toasty interesting. As a host, you can create agendas for participants to follow along with.

You can include interactive polls, use Miro Boards to illustrate things, set activities, and use other tools to better engage with participants and help add structure to your session.

Toasty Services

The Toasty platform is a self-service interactive platform that connects one or more people virtually.

Some of the main reasons users use Toasty is for:

  • Hosting training
  • Virtual meetings
  • Virtual workshops
  • Focus groups
  • Networking events

Whatever the reason you want to connect with someone or a group of people virtually, Toasty will facilitate it.

Toasty Plans and Pricing

Toasty has three pricing plans to choose from. One of their plans is free and offers enough capacity and features for most organizations to try the platform, if not use it for free.

Their pain plans range from $20-$50/mo and offer increased agendas, attendees, and duration of meetings along with some other benefits.

A complete list of their pricing plans at the time of publishing is:

  1. Free – $0 per month – You can assign 3 unique agendas, host up to 20 attendees per session, and meet for up to 50 minutes per session.
  2. Plus – $20 per month – You can assign 30 unique agendas, host up to 100 attendees per session, and meet for up to 3 hours per session.
  3. Premium – $50 per month – You can assign unlimited agendas, host up to 200 attendees per session, and meet for up to 6 hours per session.

There is a discount for paying annually, and you can cancel or change your plan at any time. In addition to this, if you want a custom plan that will better suit your requirements, the sales staff at Toasty are happy to discuss this.

Toasty Alternatives

For alternatives to Toasty, we recommend checking out other online conferencing tools like Zoom,, and

Zoom is a popular all-purpose conferencing software. While is a specialized virtual workshop software, and is a virtual meeting software. These are great options if you’re looking for specialized software options.

Check out our tools and resources page for other helpful software!

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Making Your Boss’s Life Even Easier with These Simple Tips

Making Your Boss’s Life Even Easier with These Simple Tips

Sometimes business owners are longing for a full vacation, so they feel approaching burnout. It’s definitely time to take a break, but leaving business unattended is not a good option. There are too many exhausting hours spent as an individual entrepreneur. After all, even the most avid careerist needs help. And that’s where you come in — the best virtual assistant who can make any boss happy due to the simple tips described in this article. 

What does the best Virtual Assistant do?

First, what is a Virtual Assistant? Virtual assistants are people who provide administrative or technical assistance to others. The type of work is quite diverse. Often, business people and entrepreneurs need extra help with day-to-day tasks. So, instead of hiring someone to be part of their company, they seek help from virtual assistants. 

The work of a virtual assistant covers a wide range of tasks. Its type depends entirely on the employers` scope of work and their unique needs. Here is a set of simple tips the creative VA should know. To stand out from other virtual assistants, you need to have new and varied skills than the usual routine tasks (e.g., checking email).

#1.  Managing social media

If you love spending time on social media, why not get paid for it? Due to social media management tools, you offer top-notch service to your boss. A solid online presence can grow or destroy a business. However, not every company has the staff or know-how to manage accounts. That’s where virtual assistants come in handy. Their tasks may include creating messages, replying to messages, etc. Some VA even go as far as providing project management services for unique social media campaigns.

#2. Site management

An excellent website is essential for any modern business. One of the most valuable skills for a successful VA is knowledge of WordPress. Most companies use this content management system. It’s convenient and easy to pick up. Once you learn it, you’ll have all the skills you need to create blog posts, respond to comments, format copy and maintain the entire site.

Some business owners also hire virtual assistants with blogging experience. This is because bloggers know how to connect with audiences and keep them interested. In addition, companies often delegate all blog publishing, proofreading and content management tasks to someone who already has experience with these tasks.

#3. Doing creative tasks

If you’re naturally creative, you can find a great VA job that uses your unique skill set. Many companies turn to freelancers when they need help with graphic design or copywriting. You may create graphics for websites, text for social media posts, scripts for a podcast, and more. As long as you’re good at your craft and have all the software you need to get the job done efficiently, clients will use your services. Also, exciting and challenging tasks are offered by travel insurance companies. For the example of this Online Shopping Travel Insurance you can see how it works and read here about different travel insurance policies, conditions of which were written by virtual assistants.

What more do you need to become a successful Virtual Assistant?

To become a successful virtual assistant who will turn your boss’s weekdays into a fairy tale, it’s important to have not only professional skills but also certain personal qualities that are discussed below.  See what makes it difficult to become a VA.

#4. Communication Skills

About 93% of people’s communication skills are nonverbal. That means you have to be an excellent communicator to connect with clients. For example, you can send weekly progress reports to keep the boss updated on the project status when you’re working on a project. It’s little things like this that really add to your value and make the client happy!

#5. Flexibility

This refers to the ability to remain flexible despite setting boundaries. Of course, you want your client to feel comfortable and dependent on you when needed, but you also want to communicate your working hours so they know your schedule. One way to do this is to let the client know from the beginning that you can make yourself available in case of emergencies, but you’ll charge extra for each instance. 

#6. Common honesty

By establishing yourself as trustworthy from the beginning, your client will feel more comfortable. Hiring a VA is a risky activity for clients because they should trust a stranger. By being sincere, you will put their minds at ease.


Thus, to make your boss’s life even more accessible than it could be, you need to surpass all possible expectations. But working as a virtual assistant makes it easy to do that. If you follow the tips described in this article, you can become an indispensable virtual assistant for many companies.

Need More?

Virtual Assistant Assistant is happy to help aid you in selecting the perfect Virtual Assistant for whichever task you need! Take a look at our highest rated companies or schedule a FREE Consultation Call to speak about your options! Thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant? check out our BECOME VA and VA JOB pages.



Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at Ekta Traveling insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Isabelle knows everything and more about travel insurance. 

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Why You Should be Outsourcing Video Editing

Why You Should be Outsourcing Video Editing

In recent times, video content has taken over the Internet by storm. It is no secret that users go to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for inspiration, tutorials, and other relevant videos. Also, videos help social media users and businesses to engage with followers and nurture valuable relationships with meaningful video content. 

A well-made video can take considerable effort and time. Moreover, it is a skill-specific task. There are innumerable aspects related to video editing including content, sorting, sound, trimming, stitching sequences together, and more.

Outsourcing video editing work enables businesses to focus on mainstream operations and other essential work. Virtual assistants who are experts in video editing can help to save your time, energy, and management costs. They can create accurate, valuable, and informational videos and edit videos based on requirements. 

Virtual assistants have the expertise and tools to edit videos and boost online marketing strategies for optimal impact on your business. 

Best Reasons to Outsource Video Editing 

  1. Video Enhancement –

    Videos nowadays need to be edgy to catch the attention of the audience. Viewers do not really have the patience to go through long videos. Businesses have to focus on creating videos that are short, interesting, informational, and visually pleasing. Visuals are the most important aspect of successful videos and the right enhancements help to highlight and improve video content. This ensures that the videos are accessible and acceptable to the audience. The message of the video should be in alignment with the theme, values, and mood of the business. Video editing by virtual assistants can scale production value, create and edit professional and polished content with all the updated elements to attract and engage viewers successfully.

    2. Affordable Production –

    Outsourcing video editing works helps to significantly cut down costs for the long term. Producing videos needs a considerable sum of money. Since video editing takes a lot of time, outsourcing not only helps to save time but money as it precludes the consistent shooting and editing of videos in-house. In essence, it cuts down on recruitment and operational costs and also gives you the liberty to hire a team of professionals to create trendy videos for your business throughout the year. It is easy to hire virtual assistants with video editing specialization at cost-effective plans. 

    3. Scaling Flexibility –

    Outsourcing video editing work gives businesses the benefit to scale up and down their requirements to edit videos. Businesses can choose to publish videos daily, weekly, monthly, and more. It is beneficial for video marketers who create excellent content regularly. Video editing services allow businesses to release as many videos as the brand requires without going through the trouble or time to edit videos. This creates enough room to take care of other operational and administrative work.

    4. Excellent Resources –

    It is vital to focus on the little details like timing, cuts, colors, and other important elements of the video than the end results. Video editing services help businesses with a brand new perspective and unbiased opinion about business videos. Simply outsourcing the video editing work is not enough. Business owners have to emphasize the business tone, style, color palette, content idea, or choose to give liberty of creation to the video editors. Professionals bring their own tools and spend time on creating valuable videos and edit them based on the business’s requirements. It saves your time, money, and energy while enabling you to work on other important business areas simultaneously.

    5. Multi-Level Editing –

    There are several skills required to edit videos and engage the audience at the same time. This needs expert assistance because professionals offer motion graphics services, integrated valuable software, and create polished industry-standard workflows, update add-ons, integrate top-of-the-line plugins, and apply necessary hardware if required. It helps to create relevant, professional, technological, and valuable videos to convert audiences into leads successfully.

    6. No Up-Front Investment & Commitment –

    In-house video editing is expensive as it requires equipment, software, and training. Outsourcing helps businesses to avoid long-term commitments and upfront costs on hardware and software. Also, it helps to scale up and down the frequency of videos required along with the specifications for the video content and quality. This saves the business time and money. 


Video editing is a crucial part of business development and digital marketing strategy. Virtual assistants with video editing expertise offer versatile services. They can create influential video content, edit, track, and measure audience impact. Businesses can capitalize on these services to achieve an excellent outreach and make a significant impact on their target audiences. Experts have the necessary tools, software, and expertise to create valuable video content in alignment with the business goals and values. 

Need help?

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5 Industries That Work with Virtual Assistants

5 Industries That Work with Virtual Assistants

One of the best ways to improve your bottom line, regardless of your industry, is using the services of a virtual assistant. These professionals can help any company with sales tasks, word processing, customer service, and so much more. They can assist in scheduling social media activities or help manage your schedule and important meetings. The details of a virtual assistant’s job description really depend on the tasks you delegate, which give you more time to focus on core strategic tasks that grow your business. But thanks to advanced technology (video conference software, cloud solutions, etc.), five industries benefit the most from hiring a virtual assistant for online help. 

1. Law Firms – Administrative Tasks

All the paperwork that goes into running a law firm would needlessly drain the top workers’ energy if they’d try to tackle it themselves. But hiring an in-house person to handle the paperwork would not the most affordable option. Enter a virtual assistant: a cost-effective, remote employee who can take care of communicating with clients, data entry, email management, legal transcriptions, and much more. The quality of their work is top tier, which enables legal practitioners to free up their time for higher-value pursuits like working on cases. With the paperwork handled, lawyers and barristers can also be more productive in promoting their law firms.

2. Digital Marketing – Social Media Management

A big chunk of marketing efforts need to focus on the world of social media. That’s where most target audiences are spending time online. But advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram require lots of small tasks like article editing, selecting photos, market analysis, etc. It would take too much time for business owners to complete all these chores by themselves. A virtual assistant company that specializes in social media management can hire one of their specialists to look over a business’s Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc., accounts. These experts would ensure campaigns follow the latest trends on a chosen platform to generate as much attention, quality leads, and conversions, as possible.

3. Information Technology (IT) Industry – Enable Vast Expansion

If there’s one industry that hasn’t stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s IT. Companies providing computer services for business operations have been working around the clock to make everyone stay connected via secure and fully functional systems. The service providers have been so successful in their tasks that the IT sector only keeps growing. But they couldn’t do it with the help of virtual assistants, needed to provide customer and administrative support, create slides, graphics, etc., and even contribute to website development. These jobs are not vast, but they require skilful professionals to get completed. Tne IT businesses have discovered early on that instead of keeping additional staff for these tasks – it’s more cost-effective to delegate them to third-party contractors (virtual assistants).

4. Real Estate – Increase Focus on Customers

Most successful real estate professionals know the importance of delegating tasks. Their primary focus is on providing quality service to their clients and ensuring everything corresponds to the buyers’ and sellers’ needs. And all the other tasks that involve running a real estate agency get covered by virtual assistants. These chores include social media management, writing emails, posting ads, setting up appointments, filtering leads, and much more. Virtual assistants can even stage open houses and do the cold calls. The he best part? That with a few organized and skillful virtual assistants, there’s no need to put together a team of expensive realtors.

5. Business Startups – Administrative Tasks

Young startups can not afford a large number of employees. At the same time, they have orders coming in and (hopefully) a growing customer base to please. A virtual assistant can step in and help startup managers with content creation, writing emails, executing marketing campaigns, and even bookkeeping.

Good virtual assistant examples for innovative internet-based businesses are sometimes also powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The online gaming industry, for example, needs to be able to communicate with its clients 24/7. Virtual assistants in the form of chatbots can provide the much-needed ever-available player support.


Virtual assistant, by definition, handles tasks while working outside the company’s office. It’s a perfect cost-effective solution for law firms, young startups, real estate, digital marketing agencies, and IT companies. Most businesses in those sectors that have embraced virtual assistance have seen exponential growth in their sales efforts while keeping the expenses low. So now it’s your turn to outsource your everyday tasks and focus on the big-picture strategies that make your business grow. It’s all in your hands.

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Have you used virtual assistant opportunities in your organization? Share your experiences in the comments.







Jeremy Ambrose is a virtual assistant who specializes in social media marketing and business startups. He believes most professionals, especially business owners, can benefit immensely from rethinking their time-management strategies. He also enjoys writing articles about Facebook ads, virtual assistant work, the best social media marketing strategies, and effective communication.

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Creative Entrepreneurs Need Help Too

Creative Entrepreneurs Need Help Too

As an entrepreneur, running a business is challenging. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance, and creativity to be successful. If you are an entrepreneur, you are the focal person in your business. You create the business, shoulder most of the risk, and receive the largest portion of the financial outcome. Naturally, people expect you to know it all. Based on this expectation, you end up doing most of the tasks in a business. You stretch yourself beyond your capacity, thereby, limiting your performance.

To succeed and have a flourishing business, you must learn to delegate and outsource tasks, especially mundane activities. No matter how creative you are, you need help just like every other person.

Importance of Help in a Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an online business owner, you need help with certain aspects of your business. Highlighted below are reasons why an entrepreneur needs to outsource and delegate certain activities in their business.

  • Delegating and outsourcing certain aspects of your business to others helps your business grow. You can have people responsible for different activities as opposed to you doing it all by yourself. Therefore, you may likely have an accountant who handles finances, a marketing expert who manages ads and promotions, and a developer who runs your website. On the other hand, you will have the time and capacity to grow your business by coming up with new ideas as other employees concentrate on their respective tasks. Ultimately, your business can function efficiently by giving clients better services, creating better products, and capturing new customers.
  • Getting a helping hand helps you as an entrepreneur to manage your business. It frees up your time and gives you the opportunity to concentrate on things you are an expert in and activities that matter the most. For example, you don’t have to manage your business’s social media accounts. You can get a social media expert or a virtual assistant to handle that part of your work. Additionally, delegating and outsourcing helps you to relax and prevents you from burning out.
  • Knowing when to outsource tasks to freelancers and other service providers can help bring new and exciting skillsets into your business. The best part is that you can work with experts in specific fields without actually increasing your wage permanently. Therefore, you only pay for work done or hours worked. Plus, you can easily switch out an underperforming freelancer for someone more competent.
  • As an entrepreneur, if you do not delegate tasks to your team members, you limit their growth. You prevent them from showing their potential, which can frustrate them out of the job. However, when you delegate work to the people around you, you allow them to showcase their talent and horn their skills. Consequently, this will increase their confidence, loyalty, and their overall performance within your setup.

Tasks an Entrepreneur May Need Help With

Knowing you need help is usually not enough. It is equally crucial to know which aspects of your business require delegation or outsourcing. Nonetheless, before looking for help, you should know what is best done by you and what is best done by others. Below are some of the aspects of your business you should outsource or delegate.

Website Design and Management

Outsourcing the design and management of your business is the best option. You get the best front-end and back-end management of your web pages when handled by a third party. Being the outlook of your business, a badly designed website can drive clients away. However, if your main niche is tech, then having an in-house website manager might be best for you.

Shipment Handling

If you own a business that sends or receives products regularly, you may need to delegate this to an employee. This worker will usually be responsible for tracking, labeling, packing, mailing, receiving, and logging packages. You, on the other hand, can concentrate on more important entrepreneurial activities.

Social Media Management

Just like website management and design, working with third-party social media management gets you the best outcome. A social media specialist is your best bet for getting the best out of the popular platforms and driving clients to your doorstep. However, if you are a small and personal business, you may want to run your social media platforms. Nonetheless, your particular situation should determine if you are going to outsource social media management or not.

Customer Service

Customer service handling is an essential aspect of a business. As an entrepreneur with a small-scale business, you can easily handle customer-related issues. As your business grows, you will need a customer specialist to run this work. You can get a third-party customer care service provider or freelancer to handle clients at a much lower cost than hiring a permanent employee.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

You should have a decent understanding of the financial status of your business. However, you do not have to be responsible for maintaining financial records. In most cases, you may be better off delegating this task to others, especially if you are not a financial expert. Likewise, you can get an accountant to handle your taxes because it would be smarter to hire an expert to run this aspect of your business.

Travel and Meeting Arrangements

Arranging meetings and traveling itineraries are simple yet repetitive tasks. You can manage your scheduling if you do not travel or meet people frequently. But if you travel and attend meetings regularly, you may need to find someone to handle these activities. Delegating your traveling arrangements to a local travel agent will work best for you. Likewise, a virtual assistant can easily coordinate your schedules by fixing dates and times for meetings and travel. Various companies can help you get a virtual assistant for these types of tasks. 

Technical Support

Although you might be a tech expert, you should not waste time resolving monotonous problems like computer issues, a printer reset, and internet issues. You should have a tech specialist or a tech unit responsible for IT and technology-related support within the business setup. If you run a small business, you may want part-time staff that handles such issues on demand.


Being a creative entrepreneur does not mean you have to handle every aspect of your business personally. However, you can best manage your business through delegation and outsourcing specific processes. Usually, some aspects of your work are best done by other workers, virtual assistants, or freelancers.


Nicole Garrison is a content creator with years of writing experience under her belt. In addition, she has published several books. Now, Nicole contributes her skills at TrustMyPaper. She is a dedicated and experienced author who pays particular attention to quality research. Nicole consistently attends different courses, seminars, and conferences that keep her knowledge up to date.

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How to Outsource your Podcast Production

How to Outsource your Podcast Production

Have a podcast? See how your Virtual Assistant can save you time and money by reading the pros and cons below

Podcasts are one of the easiest forms of media to consume today, but they’re not easy to create by any means. Many people wrongly assume that to start a podcast, all you need is a microphone and something to say. While those are the basic requirements of a podcast, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to produce a polished, high-quality podcast episode. As a result, many podcasters are considering outsourcing options. Here are some pros and cons of outsourcing your podcast. 

Pro 1: Professional Software And Equipment 

Instead of having to invest a lot of money in your own equipment, people looking to start a podcast can capitalize on the software and equipment of others by outsourcing. Those in the podcast outsourcing industry know which software and equipment would work best for you and your podcast. Therefore, not only do you save some money in equipment by outsourcing your podcast, you also benefit from their expertise and knowledge. 

Pro 2: More Time-Efficient  

Let’s face it, recording a podcast can take an extremely long time especially if it’s something you have never done before. There is a lot to figure out in order to make your podcast work. Like any skill, it takes time and knowledge to become efficient at it. By outsourcing your podcast, you can skip the lengthy learning stage of creating a podcast and jump straight into producing using their expertise. All the time outsourcing frees up can go towards the aspects of your business you naturally excel at or enjoy doing. This allows you to invest your time on more important tasks. If this is the case, your business will greatly benefit from outsourcing your podcast

Pro 3: High Quality Audio  

Outsourcing your podcast to professionals ensures your podcast remains consistently high-quality and professional. Amazing audio quality is one of the things that separates an amateur podcast from a professional one. A team of professionals can ensure you sound like a professional from the very first episode. This allows you to make an amazing first impression on your listeners. With more and more podcasts coming out each day, hiring professionals to produce a high-quality sounding podcast from the get-go can help you stand out from the rest.  

Pro 4: Consistent Episodes 

If producing one episode is consuming hours of your time, it may be impossible to post episodes consistently. If you’re unable to produce content consistently, your podcast will struggle to grow. Outsourcing your podcast will guarantee that your episodes regularly publish on time. “Since many listeners appreciate consistent uploads, outsourcing your podcast can help your podcast grow,” advises Kaye Jones, a tech blogger at Draftbeyond and Writinity. “Releasing new episodes for listeners to look forward consistently is a sure way to steadily grow your listeners.” 

Con 1: Might Fall Below Expectations 

While most professional podcast teams care about the quality of their work, some might produce work that falls well below your standards. According to Nick Garrett, a writer at Researchpapersuk, “When you outsource your podcast, you’re trusting someone else with a project that matters to you and your business. This leaves room for disappointment.” Fortunately, if your podcast team of professionals falls below your expectations, you have plenty of other options. 

Con 2: Not In Your Budget 

If you’re a small business just starting out, you may not have the budget to outsource as much as you would like a professional sounding podcast. If this is the case, you might not have a choice but to invest your time in learning how to produce your own podcast instead of your money. 


Outsourcing a podcast is a great option for businesses that want to save money on buying pricey podcast equipment and software themselves. It saves businesses from doing the time-consuming work of learning how to produce a podcast themselves. Moreover, outsourcing your podcast results in a higher quality audio than will leave a good first impression on listeners. It also allows you to release episodes on a consistent schedule which many listeners will appreciate. While there are certain drawbacks to outsourcing your podcast, the benefits greatly outweigh them. 



Jenny Williams is a business analyst and writer at Term Paper Writing Service and Law Assignments who writes about creative solutions to business problems. You can also find more of her writing at

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My Tasker (MyTasker)

MyTasker is a well-established and fast growing firm in the virtual assistant industry. The India-based company was founded in 2012 by three veteran VAs, who brought years of experience to the table.

Since the MyTasker team spent the time in the trenches, they know how to take care of clients and were able to recruit high-performing professional virtual assistants to join their team.

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my tasker review

About MyTasker

Interestingly, MyTasker started out as a contract service on After gaining some initial traction on that platform, they decided to launch as a standalone operation.

The Kolkata-based company now has over 100 professional VAs on staff and has built a solid reputation on this review platform. Co-founder Gurjeet Dhillon explained that once a client fully integrates MyTasker into their systems and processes, they tend to stick around for a long time.

Is MyTasker Right for You?

I had the chance to sit down with Gurjeet to learn more about the company. In this brief interview, we cover:

  • How MyTasker’s unique team-based approach works in practice.
  • The type of clients who have the most success outsourcing to MyTasker.
  • How their years of experience benefit customers like you.

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MyTasker Services

Your dedicated MyTasker VA can handle just about any remote task, including:

  • customer support (online or over the phone)
  • transcription
  • social media management
  • online marketing
  • online research
  • website maintenance
  • virtual receptionists
  • and more

They also have expertise in:

Naturally, your virtual assistant can handle general administrative tasks as well such as appointment setting, travel or restaurant reservations, or other back-office tasks that can be completed remotely.

MyTasker SEO Services

If you need help with SEO and driving more traffic to your site from Google and other search engines, MyTasker has built up a dedicated team of SEO experts.

The service includes on-page optimization and off-page link building, and is ideal for local businesses. You pick the 10 most important pages on your site you want to rank for, and the SEO guys get to work.

Google is notoriously fickle so don’t expect results overnight, but over time you should begin to climb in the rankings.

MyTasker Intro Video

How MyTasker Works

With My Tasker, you’re assigned a dedicated point of contact. For each task you delegate, they’ll either tackle it themselves, or request help from a qualified team member.

You can communicate via phone, email, or Skype, and delegate tasks on a recurring or on-demand basis.

I see this team access as one of the primary benefits of companies like MyTasker. With a single point of contact, you can tap into an entire office worth of skillsets.

Your pre-purchased hours expire at the end of each billing cycle, but there are no long-term contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Your VA’s hours are tracked inside MyTasker’s internal dashboard so you can always log in and see how much time you have left for the month.

MyTasker Review

I was impressed during my trial of My Tasker, but I was using their now-discontinued “Lifestyle Assistance” plan, which offered 30 15-minute tasks for $39 a month.

Since then I’ve used their service for some daily database maintenance tasks and found them to be quite reliable. At one point, my VA had moved on to a new role within the company and it was several days before I even found out because she’d taken full responsibility to train her replacement.

MyTasker Plans and Pricing

The rates for Professional Assistance start at $140 for a 10-hour a month plan, and go all the way down to $7.50/hr for a massive 160-hour plan.

Pricing Table (accurate at press time):

  • 10 hrs per month – $140 ($14/hr)
  • 20 hrs per month – $250 ($12.50/hr)
  • 40 hrs per month – $450 ($11.25/hr)
  • 60 hrs per month – $600 ($10/hr)
  • 100 hrs per month – $900 ($9/hr)
  • 160 hrs per month – $1200 ($7.50/hr)

That means you can have a full-time 40-hour a week VA for just $1200, which is a strong value for ongoing business support.

If you want to take the service for a test drive, I suggest selecting one of the smaller plans to start with, and then scaling up your engagement from there. (Use the discount code below!)

If at any time you go over your plan’s hours, additional time can be purchased at $15 an hour (assuming staff availability).

VAA Exclusive: Get 20% off your first month w/ discount code VAA20MT.

Virtual Receptionist Plans

My Tasker added a call answering service where you can have a virtual receptionist answer your business line 24 hours a day. They’ll log and record each call, and give your company a professional presence on the phone.

Introducing the MyTasker Team!

MyTasker Alternatives

I asked Ronny, the COO, what sets My Tasker apart from the competition, both in India and elsewhere. He explained that the team’s extensive experience in the industry, especially on the customer service side, gives them an advantage. A great alternative that is in the US with competitive pricing is ClearDesk.

“We have the freedom to go that extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied,” he says, implying that other larger VA companies don’t necessarily afford that freedom.

Tasks Expert My Tasker ClearDesk eLuminous
Customer Rating
Established 2017 2012 2017 2002
Hourly Rate $4.50-$9.50 $7.50-$18.00 $16-$18.00 $7.00
Minimum Package $95 for 10 hours $140 for 10 hours $500 for 30 hours $140 for 20 hours
Dedicated Assistant
Best For Business Owners
Small Businesses
Medium Businesses
Real Estate
Real Estate
Team Access
Free Trial *
Special Offer 10 hours free w/ code VAA10 20% off first month w/ code VAA20MT 7 Day Free Trial 20% off first month (mention VAA)
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

Your Turn

Have you worked with MyTasker? If so, please share your experience below and help others with their decision.

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