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Reps Direct is virtual employee company specializing in providing virtual employees to handle contact center needs like call answering, appointment setting and confirmation, and order processing. The company is headquartered in the US, while most of the virtual receptionists work from Managua, Nicaragua and Tijuana, Mexico.

About Reps Direct

reps direct reviewThe company was founded by Scott Kacmarski in response to seeing other virtual assistant providers either charging too much, or not delivering enough. He decided to start his own virtual receptionist agency and offer more value to the company’s clients.

The company has been operating since 2015. Their target customers are small to medium sized businesses looking to outsource their contact center tasks at an affordable rate. When I asked Scott what the company’s goal is, he said “to be a customized solution for your virtual employee needs, not just a generic answering service.”

He went on to add that they assign reps to each client, building up a good understanding of the business over time and becoming a valuable part of the team.


The core of Reps Direct services include telephone call answering, handling text messaging, replying to emails and live chat. If you are a small business and the volume of calls and inquires are starting to build up, outsourcing the receptionist type tasks to a virtual assistant is a cost-effective way of getting on top of things.

These type of services also have the added benefit of giving small companies a much bigger appearance.

Being greeted by a dedicated receptionist when calling a company always helps give a good first impression. While Reps Direct does not offer a complete virtual assistant solution to all the ad-hoc tasks a business owner would typically outsource, they do offer a dedicated solution to a particular area of a business.

Plans and Pricing

Reps Direct have three different plans. Their Basic Package starts at $4.99 per week. You get a free phone number, call answering, call transferring, and message taking. Each minute you use is billed out at $1.25/minute. 

(You can also forward your existing number to Reps Direct, or set it up to only forward during non-business hours as they’re open 24/7.)

This plan is Pay-As-You-Go, with a minimal weekly cost and charges based almost exclusively on how much you use. If you anticipate more than a couple hours worth of call volume each month, it probably makes more sense to look at one of their higher tier options.

reps direct pricing

Their next package is their Reception Package. This costs $199 per month, and you get a free phone number, 225 minutes included, and their call answering, appointment setting and message taking services. There is an additional charge of $.99 per/min for extra minutes used.

Their largest package is their Small Business Package. This plan costs $499 per month, you get all the services of the other packages along with 625 minutes of call time. There is an $.89 charge for additional minutes, and I’d say this plan is aimed at a busy and growing small business.

All packages include a 7-day free trial to test out the service and see if it’s a good fit for your operation.

Reps Direct Alternatives

Ruby Receptionists are probably the most well-known company in this space. Gabbyville and Conversational also offer similar services and are worth looking into.

What sets Reps Direct apart from these alternatives is their starting price. Their packages are very competitively priced. While it’s hard to match all the services on a like-for-like basis, Reps Direct pricing structure is lower than their competitors.

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