If you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant and want to tap into a location outside of the US, you might find exactly what you’re looking for by crossing the border into Canada.

Canadian virtual assistants are typically highly educated, experienced, and skilled in online work.

In addition to this, English is their first language and they also have a similar working culture to the US. Admittedly around 7 million Canadians also speak French, although that could also be a benefit.

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Here’s a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of working with Canadian virtual assistants:

Advantages of Working With Canadian Virtual Assistants

There are some notable benefits of working with Canadian virtual assistants. Here are some of them:

English Speaking

There are few things more frustrating – and potentially costly – when working with virtual assistants than communication difficulties.

You can find fluent-speaking assistants in any country. However, there’s really no substitute for native English-speaking assistants with a good understanding of American culture.

There are also French-speaking Canadians, but this makes up a small number of the population.

Time Difference (Depending on Where You Are in the World)

Time difference is something to carefully consider when outsourcing overseas. How important is it that you’re able to talk with your assistant during business hours?

If you’re based in the US, a Canadian assistant may be in the same time zone as you. The worst-case scenario is that there will be a 4-hour time difference if you’re on opposite coasts.

If you’re outside of the US, you will need to check what the time difference is. Some assistants are willing to be flexible with their work schedule, it’s always worth inquiring before making a decision.

You Can Network in Canada via Your Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking to break into the Canadian market, hiring an assistant based in Canada is one of the best ways to make local connections.

This is particularly valuable if you’re trying to find prospects, make sales, find clients, etc. It’s those little nuances and understanding the culture and local “lingo” that help make more genuine connections.

Strong Educational Background

Depending on who you ask, and possibly what Canadian province and US state you’re comparing, Canada is at least on par with the US in terms of education.

This means it’s not difficult to find well-educated virtual assistants. Both in terms of their schooling education and professional development.

Onboarding aside, you’re likely to find an assistant with experience in your industry and the skillsets you’re looking for.

Disadvantages of Working With Canadian Virtual Assistants

Hiring from different countries comes with pros and cons. Some of the drawbacks of hiring Canadian assistants are:

Higher Prices

Hiring highly educated native English-speaking assistants in Canada comes with a very similar price tag to hiring in the US.

There are still some advantages over hiring in-house. You don’t have the overhead costs, and you can also pay for only the number of hours time you use per month.

If you’re looking for lower hourly rates, however, I recommend checking out VA companies in the Philippines or India.

Time Difference

Even if you’re in the US, 4 hours time difference doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s half a working day. If your business relies on timely communication with your team throughout the day, you may have to limit your search to assistants based in the same time zone.

It’s not uncommon for VAs to be flexible though as they’re used to working with overseas clients. Don’t write off a virtual assistant company based on location before asking if their assistant will work to your business hours.

More Research May Be Required Due to Your Business’ Location

One of the main problems businesses run into when hiring overseas is the disconnect between understanding your customers and their needs due to being so far away.

This is largely unavoidable if you deal with local customers. If you operate a location-independent business, however, this shouldn’t be a factor.

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