Do you want to reach an educated and motivated entrepreneurial audience?

Advertising on offers a unique opportunity to present your product or service in a valuable and beneficial way. The site generates over 30,000 pageviews per month and visitors spend nearly 3 minutes on the site. More detailed analytics data is available upon request.

There are 4 distinct advertising channels on VAA.


Standard banner ads in the sidebar. Rates start at just $150 a month.


If you want to retarget visitors to with your advertising message, I will host the necessary script for you for just $50 a month.

This can be an excellent way to reach potential customers you know are in the market for a VA while they’re out browsing around on the Internet.

Featured Listing

A featured listing is the fastest way to the top of the rankings. The companies at the top get 5-10x more clicks than those even halfway down the page, so this is a surefire way to boost exposure, especially for newer businesses or those without a critical mass of reviews just yet.

Your listing will be shown on the main review listing page as well as any relevant category pages.

The rate is $500 per month.

Referral Basis

Virtual assistant companies can request being added to the site at any time, but priority is given to those with some sort of referral program in place. I’ll retain editorial control.

Getting in touch:

Please email nick (at) virtualassistantassistant (dot) com if you’re interested in any of these advertising options.