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Moneypenny is a telecommunications and phone answering business based in the UK. The core of their business is providing virtual receptionists, they also provide live web chat support, switchboard services, and a pocket phone system.

The company has been in business since 2000, and while they have been long established as one of the market leaders in the UK working with more than 13,000 businesses, they recently expanded their service to the US.

About Moneypenny

Moneypenny provides a wide range of virtual telecommunication services such as live web chat, switchboard handling, and phone pocket systems. Their main service, however, is providing virtual receptionists, which basically means there will always be a receptionist available to take the calls you can’t, or don’t want to take.

The main benefits of a virtual receptionist service are that you can forward calls to your receptionist when you’re not in the office, or set calls to redirect if you’re not answering them quick enough. This way there is always someone to answer your calls, so you’ll never miss a sale, important message, and so on.

It’s also a lot more cost-efficient than employing a full-time receptionist as you’ll only be charged for the minutes that your virtual receptionist is on a call. You also have a team of four receptionists covering your calls, so there is always a good chance one of the team will pick up your call quickly.

How Moneypenny Works

When you sign up with Moneypenny, they assign you a dedicated phone number so they can redirect your calls to that number and your receptionist will know they are answering a call on your behalf.

They can then read from a script you’ve provided, or handle the call as per your instructions and forward any messages to you via email or SMS.

To get started, Moneypenny recommends you take a week’s free trial to get a feel for their service and how it fits with your business.

When the trial is coming to an end, they will recommend a pricing plan that’s best-suited for your business so you can carry on working with them if you’re happy with the results.


Moneypenny group their services into the following four core areas:

  1. Telephone Answering – You can have a team of their receptionists answering your call as per your instructions.
  2. Pocket Phone System – Redirect calls via your mobile to a different number or one of their receptionists.
  3. Mobile Answering – Set up times for their receptionists to answer your mobile calls for you.
  4. Switchboard – Centralize switchboards across multiple locations and hand over the handling of call forwarding to their team.

Plans and Pricing

Moneypenny does not have any set pricing plans available on their site for their phone call answering service. They offer a week’s free trial and will recommend a pricing scheme tailored to your usage and business after the trial ends.

Moneypenny Alternatives

If you’re in the US and want to take a trial with a US-based virtual phone answering service I recommend checking out Ruby Receptionists or Gabbyville.

For another UK-based option, Time Etc is one of the largest virtual assistant companies operating in the UK. They don’t specialize in virtual receptionist services, but it does come under their virtual PA services.

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