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Outbounders.com is a virtual marketplace for telemarketing professionals. The company was founded in 2010 as an offshoot of Global Sky Inc., a call center operation in the Philippines. Behind the scenes are CEO James Rick Stinson and CTO Rob Rawson (same guy as from Staff.com and the time-tracking software TimeDoctor).

outbounders reviewBecause of the booming call center industry in the Philippines, many of the professional phone workers you’ll find on the site are from there, but the marketplace of callers on Outbounders is pretty global. When I checked the other day, I found workers in China, India, Central America, and the US. 

How it Works

Workers on Outbounders have the advantage of working from home, instead of commuting to an office. Call monitoring software (and of course your business results) will help determine their productivity.

If you’re looking to hire some outbound customer service or telephone sales staff, the hiring process on Outbounders.com is pretty simple.

  1. Like any other freelance marketplace, the first step is to create a profile.
  2. You can browse the listings of available professionals, filter based on rate or other criteria, listen to their recordings, and even see if they are online at the moment for an interview.
  3. You can also post your own detailed job description and collect applications, much like you would if you were hiring a freelancer on FreeeUp.

Outbounders callers have been hired by thousands of small business clients and have made over 2.5 million calls on their behalf!

Outbounders Intro Video

Plans and Pricing

If you already have some phone dialing software or internal software you use to track calls, your Outbounders hire can plug right into your system. Alternatively, Outbounders.com has their own dialer you can use for a small additional fee ($1 per hour).

Outbounders.com keeps the lights on by taking a 10% fee on top of the caller’s hourly rate. It’s free to post a standard job listing, and performance-based jobs carry a $25 fee.

Your agent will use unlimited free VOIP calling to the US and Canada, and discounted rates to other destinations around the world.

The rates seem to start around $5 an hour, and go up from there depending on experience, geography, and level of English skills. It seems to be an affordable way to get your outbound calling campaign started. At that rate, your rep doesn’t have to make many sales to deliver a huge ROI.

This home-based model means less overhead and significant cost savings over a traditional call center set-up.

Then, when you’re ready to scale up and add more seats, or move to an in-office call center environment, you can engage Outbounder’s parent company, GlobalSky.com.

The company provides training in their dialer software, but as with any other hire, any job-specific training is on you to provide.

Why Outbounders?

Targeting entrepreneurs, Outbounders aims to woo customers away from other job sites like Elance, oDesk, and Guru.com. The gameplan for doing so is to focus on just one area of specialization — to become THE marketplace for outbound phone support.

If you find yourself in the position that getting on the phone and dialing for dollars helps drive new business, but then you get caught in the cycle of actually delivering the work for those clients and not feeding the funnel, maybe a dedicated outbound sales rep could help.

The advantage may be the speed of hiring and the quality of applicants. Have you hired any callers from Outbounders? If so, please share a quick review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

33 Reviews

  1. 17 requests to get my money back from these people. Are you kidding me? Did the verification on the 13th but nothing no response nothing, no refund. I caution anyone to deposit more than a day’s work on their system. They will hold your money forever. I just want it refunded so I can get this account closed. I hired someone on a different system. DONT trust them to do the right thing.

  2. Outbounders.com is not entirely home-based. In fact, right now, about 70% of its operations are being done in an office environment with over 200 employees and with 30 clients.

    1. Outbounders (Home-based) Client Managed is only a platform that allows a contractor and a client to meet and work together online. LIke oDesk, or Freelancer. Usually, if the client doesn’t pay the contractor, then the contractor doesn’t get paid, too. Outbounders only process that payment but NEVER keeps a contractor’s payment. If somebody doesn’t get paid, it could be for other reasons and not because Outbounders does’t want to.

    2. Outbounders BPO obms.outbounders.com is a Managed Solution and therefore handled by managers through solid processes. Pay HAS NEVER been an issue here, in fact our people get paid weekly (every Friday) WITHOUT a miss. We upkeep high integrity with money. We take care of our clients and our people.

  3. I guess people don’t really know how outbounders work cause as for me i been working through them for over 6 months and not only got my pay but also got help with technical issue that i had..So i give it A+.

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    This is a SCAM company !
    I tried to post a job at the begining of January. They charged me with $25 and the job was never posted. Until today I have not get any answer from them what’s going on. Except for apologies for the time it takes to get answers, nothing real come from their side.
    My guess – They took the 25$ and they don’t care…

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    If you’re a freelance virtual assistant, I suggest you find work elsewhere. This company don’t give a shit about you and I’ve heard a lot of clients are asking for a refund but they won’t give it. They are also holding the pay of their employees without logical reason.

    The good reviews and comments above are just marketing fixes posted by their admin and employees. Beware business owners, find better telemarketing companies.

    1. Hi Jennifer..
      I’m sorry to see your review of our company in this way. We actually pride ourselves on operating in an industry that usually has lots of issues.. with integrity. All of our staff (over 200 full time internally and thousands of contractors) are paid weekly and we usually don’t have any problems.

      Please let us know more about your unique situation and experience .. what specific issue did you have, how was it resolved.. and what suggestions do you have for improvement?

      It seems people only come on here to complain but when everything goes smoothly they aren’t saying much ha. So its giving an unbalanced view of the professional service we have.

      1. I have not received my pay for last Period,still waiting, actually. Contacted Support but still no pay. What happens in these cases? This is the 2nd time ive had to contact asking about my pay.

    2. Ive been working for them for just over 4 months and have barely had problems. Anything can happen on a day to day basis with any full timejob, but all concerns are handled promptly by a kind support team. We the agents are very blessed to be able to make a decent income from home anywhere in the world, and as with life, small hiccups and mistakes can happen.

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    OUTBOUNDERS.COM is THE WORST! Clients complain about their system that sucks. Their staff are undertrained and most of their job postings are bogus. If you are a freelancer, a simple account editing or change will take 48 hours. Worst, their chat support cannot even spell right. They have the worst manager with the condescending attitude from hell–Macy!
    One more thing, they did not pay me, they just cancelled my account. I have screenshots as proof.

    1. Hi Jean.. I’m very sorry to hear about any issues you had with our system. We are continually making updates all the time.. please let us know what issues specifically you had with the system so we can fix it?

      Furthermore let us know any feedback specifically you got from clients so we can resolve it.

      And lastly.. please reply here and let me know more details about what you were owed and how it was resolved.. also we only close an account if it violates our terms of service.. what reason were you given for the closure of your account?

      1. I just signed up two days ago. The verification email was never received, not in my spam. They said wil be fixed in 24 hours and it has been 2 days, Not good so far. Waiting to go and nothing,cannot hire or start calls. Not impressed so far.

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    I was very disappointed with Outbounders. My top rated rep would send me over junk leads. When I called to follow up, the leads weren’t interested at all.

    I cancelled the contract. However, Outbounders took a $100 deposit. I requested a refund. They claimed “we need to call you first. I said “fine, call me.”

    That was 6 months ago. I’m still opening tickets and nor getting called back with my refund.

    I wish they were better because there’s a real need being overlooked by the other marketplaces.

    1. Carlos my apologies I just saw your other message. We usually do not have these kind of complaints or delays on refunds.. I am looking into this with Macy and we will happily credit you back for deposit.. please let me know how else you would like us to improve the deposit / refund process? I’m definitely open to feedback.

  4. I just wanted to add my feedback here as well. I am the CEO of Outbounders.com and we have done our best to create real work at home opportunities for people. We have over 30 k users on the site and handle about $25 k a week in payments to our contractors. We always pay on time and we would not have so many successful contractors on the site if we were not a reputable company.

    Some of the reviews on here from 2014 seem either exaggerated or completely false. We encourage anyone to test our support team and see how responsive they are.

    Also someone on here said we are like Odesk / or now Upwork.. But we are better than other freelance sites because we have created a technology that specific to outbound marketing .. Streamlining the experience for clients and agents. With dialer, CRM, VOIP, lists, etc. we also offer managed campaigns for clients too.

    I am happy to have open dialogue with anyone that had or has any issues with our service.

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      I am currently working on OUTBOUNDERS.COM and I do not have any complaints about it. I get my salary on time, I can keep track of my working hours and can get a payslip anytime. Their chat support team is very helpful and patient and understanding. Right now I have 1 client with them and another client on the way(just finished my interview with him) and everything is okay. 🙂

  5. My experience with Outbounders.com was okay. I’ve worked with them for 4 years (pretty stable for a home-based set up). I’ve never had any issues with my pay since it’s given on a timely manner. The managers and leaders were really supportive of me.

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    If you want a place where process is extremely streamlined and transparent for both the agents and clients, where managers are competent, experienced and honest, go with Outbounders! I have been in this company since 2012 and it has grown significantly with massive success on over all campaign management… They have a solid core group!

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      This company steals money. They provide a mediocre service and are costly to small businesses, and will STEAL your money. Beware and do thorough research before working with them.

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    I have been with Outbounders for more than a year and all i can say is if you are looking to take your career to the next level that allows you to focus on your professional growth this is the place to be. A lot of opportunities offered and I am glad to be part. Thank you Outbounders.

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    I have good experience when it comes to responsiveness, user-friendliness and transparency. They have a dedicated team that filters both agents and clients signing up in the website. Looking for agents is very convenient since they have a simplified profile with voice recording attached. Looking for clients is easy, too! On top of that payment system is secure and I can always get a customer service representative to assist me until my issues are resolved.

  6. I have been with Outbounders for over 3 year now. Working from my home is definitely a MAJOR plus so I can spend more time with my family while earning a pretty good pay.
    This site is WAY safer than other online sites as the pay is secure. Staffs are friendly, clients are patient. I would love to spend the next 3 years or MORE with Outbounders!


  7. UNPROFESSIONAL! my account was suspended and they did not even inform me before they suspended it, and their reason is stupid! I had my account for years and they don’t even care! please do proper investigation next time .

    1. Hello Krystal,

      It is rather unfortunate that you had this negative experience with Outbounders We would like to send our apologies for not being able to attend to this concern sooner. But now that we know about this, we’d like to make sure that this gets addressed ASAP. We will put together a team to investigate on your complaints but we will need your help in doing so. Kindly reach out to me via email (floramel.villanueva@globalsky.com). Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  8. They are CROOKS.

    Your information gets leaked to the Agents…
    Your activities are leaked to the Agents….
    You will be charged for nothing but for the BLOODY MISTAKES and they will accept their fault first and then would tell you every excuse under the sun to not return your money.

    They will waste your time. I will soon be putting LIVE VIDEOS of their services and how they rip clients on YOUTUBE, FACEBOO, VIMEO…..stay tuned…
    if you are cheated by OutBounders.com too you may join me. Skype: peera.international

    1. Hello Waseem,

      It saddens us that you had this negative experience with Outbounders and we apologize for not attending to this concern sooner. But now that we know about this, we’d like to make sure that this gets addressed ASAP. We will put together a team to investigate on your complaints but we will need your help in doing so. Kindly reach out to me via email (floramelvillanueva@globalsky.com). Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  9. Do not work for this company! Very untrustworthy with pay and the CEO seems like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I haven’t received my pay ever since I was laid off by this company without any legitimate reason. Tread carefully, definitely sketchy people behind the scenes of this company.

    1. Hello Amelia,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize that it has taken this long to reply to your concern. We hope that by this time, the issue has already been resolved. Regardless, we are still interested to understand your situation so we can address (if still unresolved) and to also correct our processes if needed. Kindly reach out to me via email (floramelvillanueva@globalsky.com). Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  10. I’ve tried OB and I’m still trying to get a response from one of their support. They’ve been holding my pay for twice now. Their support sucks, They always lie to you about giving you updates, which will never happen unless you try to flood their PMs! DON’T EVER TRY THIS SITE. THIS IS THE WORST. THEY WILL JUST IGNORE YOUR REPORTS AND PMs EVEN ON SKYPE, AND WILL ALWAYS HOLD YOUR PAY.

    1. Hello Elsie Ramos,

      Our sincerest apologies that you had this experience and that it has taken this long to reply to your concern. We hope that by this time, the issue has already been resolved. Regardless, we are still interested to know the details of your situation so we can address (if still unresolved) and also correct our processes if needed. Kindly reach out to me via email (floramelvillanueva@globalsky.com). Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  11. I’m curious if you (or anyone reading this) has used Outbounders successfully. The call recordings on there are pretty helpful since I’m looking for someone to do calls for me, but wondering what actual experiences customers may have had.

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