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Upcall is a telecommunications company offering a range of virtual phone services. They help clients qualify leads, carry out cold calling campaigns, and perform other telemarketing services.

The company was founded in 2016, and their headquarters is based in San Francisco, CA. All of their call agents are based in the US.

About Upcall

Upcall ReviewThe company is headed up by Samuel and Michael Devyver.

Upcall’s core services are making calls on behalf of businesses to qualify leads, carry out cold calling campaigns, and any other outbound call services.

Upcall says that 92% of all business transactions still happen over the phone, and it takes at least six touches to close a deal. So, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to keep chasing leads or calling people back, Upcall might be a service for you.

Their target customers are small businesses and individuals that can’t afford or don’t have the workload to keep a full-time phone sales agent busy.

What Sets Upcall Apart?

Upcall says their service is different from a call center because they use intelligent technology that allows them to gather information from each call they make.

They then make strategic calls at the right time, to the right leads, increasing conversion rates for their clients.

How Upcall Works

They offer monthly plans that include different bundles of call attempts and will notify you when they got through to a lead you’ve given them.

You can provide scripts for their agents to use when making calls on behalf of your business. They also integrate their service with a number of tools, such as Zapier, API, REST, and more.

To start working with Upcall, you first integrate your lead types with their software so they have access to the data they need to start making calls.

From there they make as many call attempts as you pay for in your chosen monthly plan. Here is a basic outline of the 3-step process as Upcall outline it:

  1. Sync your CRMs and lead types with Upcall’s software.
  2. They start engaging leads at the best times with either a script you’ve provided or their own scripts.
  3. You receive transparent reports detailing the results of their calls. All calls are recorded if you want to check any.

Upcall Intro Video


The core of Upcall’s services are making sales calls, or lead generation calls on your behalf. They have live agents and technology in place to chase leads until they can either qualify the lead or note it as a bad lead.

They say they’ve “cracked the code on lead conversion,” by using a combination of customized scripts and technology that helps them call the right leads, at the right time.

And all this while being TCPA compliant.

Plans and Pricing

I spoke with one of Upcall’s agents to find out if they had any set monthly pricing plans, but they said they like to work with everyone on a case-by-case basis to work out a custom plan.

They did say that their entry-level Basic plan starts at $499 per month. For this, you get up to 1,000 call attempts per month, and up to 5 attempts per lead.

A full list of their plans at the time of publishing is as follows:

  • Basic – $499 per month for 1 user, 1,000 call attempts, and up to 5 call attempts per lead.
  • Growth – (Custom price) for 5 users, 5,000 call attempts, and up to 5 call attempts per lead.
  • Agencies – (Custom price) for 5 users, custom number of call attempts, up to 10 call attempts per lead.
  • Enterprise – (Custom price) for 10+ users, and unlimited call attempts.

Upcall Pricing

If you deal in or want to break into a Spanish speaking market, their Enterprise plan includes the option to use Spanish speaking agents.

Upcall Alternatives

Upcall is one of the few true outbound sales call services I’ve found. (Virtual receptionist companies like Ruby Receptionists are far more common.)

One that might be worth a look is Outbounders, which is more of a freelance platform for sales callers in the Philippines.

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