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20four7VA (EconMobile LLC dba 20four7VA) is an American-owned virtual staffing agency licensed and insured in Maryland, USA. Their staff and virtual assistants (VAs) are based all over the world and work remotely. Read on for a detailed 20four7va review.

20four7VA was established as a subsidiary of EconMobile LLC in 2013 by Tim vanVonno, who wanted to bring his knowledge of overseas staffing to small- and medium-sized businesses. The company is built around the promise of providing on-demand, cost-effective remote worker support to highly mobile, modern businesses. 

20four7VA’s talent pool consists of virtual assistants specializing in a wide range of tasks including general administrative tasks, eCommerce support and online store management, digital marketing, graphic design, video production, social media management, web development, podcast support, telehealth support, construction support, and many more.

Note: Although many outsourcing companies have similar names, 20four7VA is a distinct entity from 247VirtualAssistant and Virtual Helper 24/7.

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About 20four7VA

Virtual staffing solution 20four7va reviewThe company hires home-based virtual assistants all over the world, which means that their virtual assistants are able to work with clients from all over the globe and in their own timezone.

20four7VA’s President & CEO, Catherine vanVonno, explained it this way: “We recognize the challenge of effectively managing a business and we are very eager to help. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs grow and stabilize their businesses through cost-effective, highly scalable remote staffing solutions that bring career opportunities to people who live in countries where local, financially rewarding jobs are scarce.”

20four7VA Intro Video

20four7VA Services

20four7VA has a global pool of virtual assistants ready to handle any business task. Currently, their VAs are grouped into:

  • Administrative Virtual Assistants
  • eBusiness Virtual Assistants
    • eCommerce Virtual Assistants
    • Podcast Virtual Assistants
    • Telehealth Virtual Assistants
  • Specialist Virtual Assistants
  • Construction Virtual Assistants

What separates 20four7VA from a lot of other virtual assistant companies is that they are a full-service staffing agency. This means that they provide their clients with recruitment, training, human resource management, payroll processing, and performance- and time-monitoring functions on top of the standard matching service provided by other staffing agencies.

On top of that, 20four7VA is essentially a free service until the point of hire. They will match you with VAs without asking for money upfront. They have a “no upfront fees, no lump sums” guarantee, so potential clients have nothing to lose. Their service also comes with a two-week trial where clients can easily switch out VAs if they feel like they made the wrong hire decision. Once the client hires, it’s a “pay as you go” service. Should you feel the need to cancel the service, you will only have to provide the company with a seven-day cancellation notice following the two-week trial period. If you’re looking for a risk-free virtual staffing service, this is it.

How 20four7VA Works

STEP 1: Fill out the consultation form to help 20four7VA understand your business. Based on this consultation, 20four7VA will draft the job description and send it to you for review and approval.

STEP 2: The company will match you with the right VA. They will search their database or actively source applicants and send you the profile packets of qualified VA candidates whose skills match your job requirements. They use an exclusive VA Matching Framework to ensure that clients get the best candidates for the job. Here’s a snapshot of their process from vetting to matching to onboarding and beyond.

Virtual Assistant Agency

STEP 3: Interview your VA candidates. They will set up a video interview with your chosen virtual assistant candidates. They’ll also facilitate the interview to ensure efficient communication between you and the applicants. If needed, the client can also ask the candidates to do a test task. If it takes 30 minutes or less to complete, the VA candidate will do it for free.

STEP 4: Your VA is ready to work. Once you set up your weekly payment subscription, your new VA will be ready to start the next business day. They’ll also take care of onboarding the VA to make sure that you can communicate and share files with them easily.

Interview with Catherine vanVonno

20four7VA Plans and Pricing

20four7VA offers various pricing packages depending on 3 factors:

  1. VA skill specialization
  2. VA level of expertise
  3. Contracted hours per week (i.e. the number of hours the VA works for you each week).

Clients can hire part-time (between 10-35 hours/week) or full-time (between 40-50 hours/week). The hourly rate decreases (up to $4/hour) as the contracted hours/week increase. For example, an Entry Level Admin VA hired at 10 hours/week is billed out at $6.50/hour, while the same VA hired at 40 hours/week is billed out at $4.33/hour. The hourly rate differential moving from 10 hours/week to full-time decreases in this example by $2.17/hour. 

Here’s an overview of their Entry Level, 10 hours/week pricing packages:

Administrative Virtual Assistant

  • Price starts at $65/week (10 hours/week, Entry Level VA)

From managing calendars and keeping track of appointments to handling correspondence and answering emails, an Administrative VA can help free up the client’s time so they can focus on the core functions of growing their business.

eCommerce Virtual Assistant

  • Price starts at $77/week (10 hours/week, Entry Level VA)
  • These VAs help operate online stores on a day-to-day basis. They are trained to provide seller support services for top online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, and Etsy.

Specialist Virtual Assistant

  • Price starts at $88/week (10 hours/week, Entry Level VA)

These VAs provide a wide range of services that require specialized skill sets. These include, but are not limited to, branding, marketing, creative design, content creation, business growth, and brand reputation services. 

After a 2-week trial period, the company charges a one-time set-up fee of $99. This will only be charged if the client is satisfied with the VA they have chosen and proceeds past the trial period.

20four7VA actually has a FREE VA Calculator that you can download to see how much hiring a VA from them is going to cost. You can find it here!

Va Cost Calculator

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20four7VA Alternatives

For eCommerce support, you might also consider a company with a similar model called FreeeUp. On the general VA side of things, your best bet at a similar price point is going to be a service like TaskBullet or MyTasker.

I recommend getting a quote from two or three companies to compare their responsiveness and enthusiasm for your business and to get a sense of how well you think they will handle your tasks. 

Your Turn

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    I have been working for this company, 20Four7VA for a few years now and following are my opinion after working through all the years.

    Let’s start from the top:
    A. The Company Owners – Catherine & Tim are very generous and take the opinion and decision of others gracefully. Very co-operative and easy to work with.

    B. Client Services – The company surely has a high hand over the others while dealing with the clients, where you get a top notch support & service if you are a client. From your first buzz to choosing the most suited VA, they will help you out on all aspects. Also, they will reach out to you whenever you are in trouble or facing an issue.

    C. Recruitment – There’s a systematic vetting process which is continuously evolving as with the time.If you have passed all the steps in the vetting process and gone through the structural phases & official documentations required, you are having a great future prospect. You will be looped with many clients matching your aptitude.

    D. Training – Though I have little information about it as that’s not my department but I can say that 20four7va has a training procedure before pushing you directly to the client ( unless you are a Specialist and even they have to be in a short training sometimes ). It is also evolving & continuously updating with time.

    D. Support & Services – It provides a very high standard support & service levels to all the clients. If there are issues, you will always have the option to replace your worker and the CS team will do that without any hesitation.

    E.Accounts – An excellent Accounts Section where you don’t have to think twice about getting paid.You will get paid as per schedule, provided by you give your 100% for the client you work for and your client is happy with your services.

    Apart from those there are many company benefits, like leaves,promotion, PTOs etc. etc. once you work for a certain time you will be eligible for those.

    As the company is growing at a much promising rate with revised pay rates and big service arrays opening up,20Four7VA is going to be one of most valued companies in the near future.

  1. That’s quite a difference for hourly basis. VAs are being paid with the following rates:
    Tier 1 – $2.89/hr
    Tier 2 – $3/hr
    Tier 2.5 – $3.25/hr
    Tier 3 – $4/hr
    Tier 3.5 – $5/hr
    Tier 4 – $6/hr

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