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GabbyVille is a virtual receptionist service provider based in Nashville, TN. The company was founded in 2013 when a business owner realized his software product sales were suffering because clients were always getting voice mail instead of a live person when they called her.

About Gabbyville

Gabbyville virtual receptionists answer your business phones using your preferred customized call greeting, take detailed messages, initiate conference calls, and ensure you get the messages you need so that your clients never feel neglected or forgotten.

Employees work either out of the company’s call center office in Nashville or out of their own home offices. Regardless of their physical location, all virtual receptionists use T1 VoIP phone lines and noise cancelling technology to deliver the highest quality service.

You can forward your existing business line to Gabbyville, and your receptionist will have all the necessary information about your company and scripts/procedures to follow automatically on their screen.


Gabbyville’s services are intended for all types of businesses who don’t have the budget or manpower to bring phone support in-house.

From lawyers to chiropractors, accountants and CPAs, physician’s offices, mechanic’s shops, cleaning companies, and much more, their cheerful receptionists can help any business by providing the services of a receptionist at a fraction of the price it would cost to have one in the office at all times.

Gabbyville is HIPAA compliant and on call 14-hours a day. They make every effort to understand your business and follow your script/guidelines and standard “if/then” logic when handling calls.

All service packages include the following features:

  • A bundle of monthly reception minutes.
  • Voicemail with email notifications.
  • Appointment reminders for you, as well as your clients to remind them of upcoming appointments.
  • Toll Free or local number included (or forward your existing number).
  • Live call transferring (Talk time is unlimited after a call has been transferred to you.) While the call is being transferred, your clients will hear the hold music of your choice. You will also know who is on the line before you answer.
  • Return personal and business calls on your behalf, including booking appointments, booking services, and finding and purchasing gifts.
  • Text message notifications.
  • Custom IVR prompts for business and after hours.
  • Online Scheduling (not included in the Basic plan).

“We’re not telemarketers,” my contact explained, “but we can make outbound calls on your behalf.” That may mean tasks like following up with leads and setting appointments.

Plans and Pricing

GabbyVille is currently offering a 14-day free trial for anyone interested in trying their services. After the Free Trial, there is a $99 setup charge.

Virtual Assistant Assistant Exclusive: Mention referral code NLOPER1 when you sign up to get:

  • a 10% discount off the first month
  • your 7th Month Free
  • one free month every calendar year for life of subscription

They offer four different pricing tiers:

  • Starter: 100 minutes for $229 per month
  • Basic: 250 minutes for $429 per month (this is the most popular)
  • Premium: 600 minutes for $799 per month
  • Executive: 1000 minutes for $1169 per month

Larger plans can also be arranged by contacting Gabbyville directly and of course you can upgrade or downgrade at any time should your needs change.

(Mention referral code NLOPER1 when you sign up for 10% off your first month, plus other benefits.)

GabbyVille Alternatives

Some of GabbyVille’s biggest competitors include Ruby ReceptionistsDavinci Virtual Office Solutions, and Vicky Virtual.

Ruby Receptionists Gabbyville DaVinci 1-888-GoAnswer
Customer Rating not rated not rated
Established 2003 2013 2006 2003
Minimum Monthly Cost $299 for 100 minutes $229 for 150 minutes $99 for 50 minutes $110 for 100 minutes
Price per Minute $2.99 $1.53 $2.00 $1.10
Set-Up Fee $99 $95 $75
Trial 14-Day Free Trial 14-Day Free Trial 30-Day Risk-Free
Learn more Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

At the time of their launch in 2013, GabbyVille knew they would need to do something to set themselves apart from the competition in a crowded field. With an aim to provide the best customer service in the industry, the creators of GabbyVille focused their search for employees on individuals who have the talent needed to speak while making their voice smile.

Referred to as “gabbonistas,” the receptionists treat your business as if it were their own to ensure they always make a fabulous first impression on your clients. To ensure that the gabbonistas stay on top of their game, GabbyVille offers frequent customer service training seminars.

GabbyVille also stands out by allowing potential clients to try out their services for an entire week to be certain they offer everything the client could possibly need.

Your Turn

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12 Reviews

  1. Gabbyville handles each and every call/task as a real employee would. If you are looking for reliable staff to handle phone calls, scheduling, tasks, etc then Gabbyville is the way to go. Other service providers will not extend their staff the way Gabbyville does. I can communicate w/ my Receptionist team at any given time via email/text. Now they answer on Saturday! Highly recommend for business owners that need to outsource these type of tasks.

  2. I tried a few virtual receptionist service providers in the past.. Gabbyville by far is the best and highly recommended.

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    This service is great. It’s perfect for a smaller business with its low fees. I had to cancel for a bit but I’m going to get it again soon.

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    I’m amazed at how indispensable Gabbyville has become for my office. They’ve taken all the stress out of my phone calls. My “gabbonistas” handle every call for me with professionalism and accuracy and I receive an email summary of every call. You can also ask for a weekly summary of minutes used, so you always know where you are in your monthly plan.

    I learned the hard way that there’s a huge difference between companies. Very early on, even though I liked the service, I switched to another company because they offered 7-day service, instead of only weekdays. Well, the other company was awful! They let someone answer my line who didn’t speak clear English, and my very first caller emailed me in frustration. Ouch. I was back with Gabbyville that same day.

    I can’t think of anything I don’t love about Gabbyville. I have them handle everything for me, and the low cost doesn’t break my budget.

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    I used gabbyville during their free trial period and absolutely loved their service. A number of clients commented on their professionalism, which was certainly missing with other virtual reception services I’ve tried in the past.

    Unfortunately for personal family reasons, I had to suspend my service but I can’t wait until I can begin to use their service again. It was very freeing not to have to keep my phone and notebook at hand all day and be able to let gabbyville handle the daily phone tasks. I highly recommend them.

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    It’s been a joy to work with the Gabbyville team and a luxury as a small business owner and sole provider of professional service(s) to be able to leverage technology with the assistance of my Gabbonistas to reach and serve a larger audience. The team’s response time is hands down unbelievably quick and the delivery is exceptional—their service goes beyond the day-to-day by being able to anticipate my next step and delivering ahead of schedule or beyond my expectations

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    • 33333
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    Fantastic service and very friendly receptionists. I received numerous compliments from my customers regarding “my staff’s” professionalism.

    Unfortunately I had to discontinue their service over what might seem like a trivial complaint over something I just could not continue to work with. Their email reporting was almost perfect EXCEPT that they could not properly format a phone number in their emails to me.

    Let me explain. When I could not take a phone call, they would send me an email with my customer or prospect’s phone number as one long 11 digit string. Let’s say the phone number I had to call back was (504) 477-7704, they would report this number as 15044777704. This would result in an unreadable number and even worse than that, my phone would not recognize this as a phone number I could simply tap to call.

      • 44444
      • 44444
      • 33333
      • 55555

      I had the exact same experience. My firm has used Gabbyville for about a year. The receptionists are friendly and personable. The messages are frustrating with a string of numbers (and incidentally as of spring 2017 the numbers were still in a string without dashes, very hard to read.

      Compared to competitors, which I’ve used, Gabbyville is more affordable and about the same “friendly-ness” as Call Ruby. Definitely a viable option but without some of the features. For instance, Call Ruby had (several years ago) an app that would allow one to update whereabouts “on the fly” (e.g., out to lunch; in a meeting ’til 2pm, whatever). Gabbyville doesn’t have an app and it just makes it a bit less convenient.
      For reasons I don’t fully understand receptionist emails would frequently get routed to Spam folders, despite whitelisting. I can only guess this has something to do with the way their outgoing email works since it will show up as YOURCOMPANY_RECEPTIONIST

      That being said, they remain a viable choice for virtual receptionists.

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    I have used Gabbyville for a little over a year now and can honestly say I am so impressed by the level of service they provide consistently. I have tried other services before Gabbyville and would get incomplete messages such as “call so and so back” and I would always have to ask “what did they want?” It was so refreshing that Gabbyville’s Receptionists would take thorough messages and make my life so much easier. They are very quick as well in addressing any issues I may have and respond immediately unlike other services that may take 24 hours or so to respond. They even take an extra step and send out usage alert emails notifying us that we are getting close to our monthly plan allowance and at that time even give us the option to upgrade to the next highest plan or pay the per minute overage. I have referred many of my colleagues to Gabbyville and they have all been more than satisfied. I am a small business owner as well, and one of the main reasons I chose Gabbyville is because they are more of a boutique answering service and don’t treat me like I am just a number.

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    I used this service as a virtual receptionist for my small business. The upside was that it was quick to set up and they offered a good starter plan at $99/50 minutes. The downside was the brutal overage charges ($2.50/minute). They failed to alert me when I reached my threshold—but why would they if it made them more money? I decided to cancel after my monthly bill almost reached $400. I would have appreciated a simple phone call or some form of communication to let me know my usage. Overall, I liked the service, but it seems to be set up for larger businesses that would overlook charges like the ones I was getting. They may not have “hidden” fees but they will mercilessly pummel you with the ones they do have.

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