In many cases, content is the new currency of online business. Without it, it can be hard for new visitors to discover your work and your products or services.

But the downside is that creating great, valuable, and shareable content takes a lot of time.

Each blog post could take an hour or more — or even several hours if it’s a particularly “epic” post. If you’re considering outsourcing this process, here are some of your best options.

the best content writing services

Advantages of Outsourced Content Writing Services

With the internet hailing content as king, outsourcing content creation to Content Writing Services presents several advantages for business owners.

Affordable Cost

One of the biggest advantages of working with a content writing service is the cost it would incur which is comparatively lower to hiring a full-time, in-house writer.

With no overhead expenses to worry about, you’ll be paying much less given the quality of work you’ll get back in return.

Writing services usually charge either on a per word or a per hour basis depending on the service you go with. This is still more cost efficient because you’re actually paying for hours worked instead of continuously paying someone the same salary even when they’re idle.


A Content Writing Service has a pool of experienced and talented writers under its belt who have all been pre-screened by the company.

These companies pride themselves for the quality of writers they have which means you’ll only be getting some of the best writers to handle your content needs.

Though there may be a few instances when you get assigned someone who’s average at best, these services generally provide top-quality writers especially if you go with their premium plans.

Peace of Mind

Having experienced writers do your content is a big boost to a business owner’s peace of mind.

Not only will you be getting someone who can write top-notch content, but you’ll also be working with someone who exudes professionalism and comes with a good work ethic.

You’ll get what you need when you need them which means you’ll have fewer revisions and you’ll always meet your deadlines.

Nothing could be better than simply telling someone everything you need and having them deliver it to you just in time. Pretty much what you’ll get with a Content Writing Service.


Another perk you’ll get working with Content Writing Services is content editing.

Though this may not come for free depending on the service you choose, it goes a long way considering how most freelance writers don’t have editors to proof-read their work.

While there’s nothing wrong with someone editing their own work, having someone with a different perspective do it makes a lot of difference because it’s unbiased and objective.

Editing is essential if you want your business to only publish better-written and high-quality articles.

Copywriter Today Fiverr HireWriters Textbroker
Customer Rating not yet rated
Established 2014 2010 2012 2005
Minimum Cost (500 words) $265 per month $5 $5 $7.50
Type of Service Subscription A la carte articles Pre-screened writers; varying quality Pre-screened writers; varying quality
Best for Agencies, ongoing content needs One off, quick work Inexpensive filler content Connecting with reliable writers
Notes First article free Check Fiverr Pro for better quality 25% bonus on first deposit Pricing is per-word
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Drawbacks of Working with Content Writing Services

While it seems that outsourcing to Content Writing Services is your best bet, it also presents a few disadvantages you may need to consider.

Specificity may pose problems

When it comes to content writing, knowledge of the topic to write about is crucial because no matter what writing style you apply, readers can still identify a writer’s unfamiliarity.

If your business requires very specific or highly-technical content, a content writing service might not be the best fit.

If this is the case, you may need to be more specific when it comes to your requirements so the writing service can provide you the right person for the job.

Potential to have an inconsistent voice, tone, and writing style

Voice, tone and writing style is crucial to brand recognition which is why they need to be consistent across all the content you produce.

This can become a problem, however, if you’re working with multiple writers on several projects because each of them has their own way of writing and getting your message across.

If you’re working with a Content Writing Service, try as much as possible to work with a single writer for all your projects unless there’s urgency in producing multiple content simultaneously.

How Much Do Content Writing Services Cost?

Plans and Pricing varies for each writing service.

Some would charge you per word, per hour, per project, while others have monthly packages that include several other perks.

A typical blog post, for example, can cost you anywhere between $5 on the low end to $600 or more. These factors depend on the experience of the writer and the length and quality of the content.

My Experience in Outsourcing Content Writing

Like my adventures in outsourcing other tasks, I’ve had both positive and negative experiences in delegating content creation.

I started my experiments on Fiverr, with mixed results. Since then I’ve tried services like HireWriters, Copywriter Today, and finally a series of freelance writers.

Many of the freelancers have come from my own community and network, but others have come from sites like FreeeUp.

Over the years, I’ve settled on a process I like, that follows the 10/80/10 model of outsourcing.

The truth is creating content for the sake of pushing out a blog post on a regular schedule is probably not worth the effort or expense. You need to have a strategy behind what you’re creating to get visitors and sales from it.

Which Content Writing Service is Right for You?

Choosing to work with a Content Writing Service makes perfect sense from a financial and logistical perspective.

By outsourcing your content needs to one of these services, you are making your business more competitive without spending too much.

The Best Content Writing Services

If you’re still undecided on whether or not a Content Writing Service is best for you, you might as well check out the following writing services I’ve listed for you.

Go ahead and read through the reviews and feedback each of them has earned so you can narrow down your choices and decide which one fits your needs.

The services listed here are your best bets for outsourced writing and content creation.

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work55555

Virtalent is a UK-based virtual assistant company that has been in operation since 2014. Although they are fairly new on the virtual assistant scene, they have grown rapidly and picked up a lot of exposure in the UK. They specialize […]

Overall Rating4.874.874.874.874.87
Quality of Work4.834.834.834.834.83
My Tasker (MyTasker)

MyTasker is a well-established and fast growing firm in the virtual assistant industry. The India-based company was founded in 2012 by three veteran VAs, who brought years of experience to the table. Since the MyTasker team spent the time in the trenches, […]

Overall Rating4.624.624.624.624.62
Quality of Work4.674.674.674.674.67

LongerDays is a team-based virtual assistant company located in Michigan. LongerDays’ business clients communicate with a Team Lead who delegates tasks seamlessly with specialist VAs on the team. LongerDays unique model allows them to deliver a broader array of services […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work55555
Virtually Yours

Virtually Yours is an Australian-based virtual assistant network providing training and support for virtual assistants and business owners in Australia. The owner, Rosie Shilo is located in Melbourne, AU. Most of the VAs and businesses joining the membership program are […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work55555
Tasks Expert

Tasks Expert is a US-based virtual assistant company specializing in providing virtual assistants to individuals and companies of all sizes across the globe. Although the company is headquartered in the US, their assistants work from their offices in Mumbai, India. […]

Overall Rating4.434.434.434.434.43
Quality of Work4.
Copywriter Today

Copywriter Today is a content creation service based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was founded in 2014 and aims to provide small businesses and bloggers with top-quality written content on an ongoing basis. In fact, the team has grown to […]

Overall Rating4.674.674.674.674.67
Quality of Work4.674.674.674.674.67
Task Papa

Task Papa is a virtual assistant company based in Mumbai, India. The company was founded in 2012, but have been flying under my radar until recently. Their company philosophy is to provide virtual assistants, or ‘task officers’ as they call […]

Overall Rating3.
Quality of Work3.333.333.333.333.33
Fiverr is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations online. Built around a very simple concept – what people will do for $5 – Fiverr has grown into a large global community of freelance workers and people who hire them. […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work55555

Ellipsis is a relative newcomer to the virtual assistant space with the company starting operations in January 2016. They are offer virtual writing services, enabling you to hire a personal writer to produce content for your blog or website, write […]

Overall Rating3.
Quality of Work3.

Speedlancer is the first freelancing platform to harness the power of the crowd for speed. The Melbourne, Australia based company opens its doors in 2014, but uses a unique crowdsourcing methodology to quickly deliver tasks for clients. Speedlancer targets business owners who […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work55555

Equivity offers virtual assistants who provide administrative, marketing, and paralegal services. Clients work with a dedicated virtual assistant or team of virtual assistants.  Each virtual assistant has specialized experience in their area of expertise and holds a bachelor’s degree.  In […]

Overall Rating3.673.673.673.673.67
Quality of Work3.673.673.673.673.67
Value3.673.673.673.673.67 is a content writing platform that connects clients with freelance writers based in the US. The company has been in operation since 2017, and its head office is based in Seattle, WA. About The company is made up […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work55555

20four7VA (EconMobile LLC dba 20four7VA) is an American-owned virtual staffing agency licensed and insured in Maryland, USA. Their staff and virtual assistants (VAs) are based all over the world and work remotely. 20four7VA was established as a subsidiary of EconMobile […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work55555
Simple Creative Marketing

Simple Creative Marketing is a content writing service aimed at website and business owners looking for a fixed-price monthly subscription plan for outsourced content. The company has been in business since mid-2016. They are based in Australia and have writers […]

Overall Rating2.442.442.442.442.44
Quality of Work2.732.732.732.732.73
HireWriters is an on-demand content creation service. The company began in 2012 as sort of an article marketplace, linking those who needed content with writers from around the world. I was lured in by the low prices ($5 for a […]

Overall Rating3.
Quality of Work33333
Blog Hands

Blog Hands is a content creation service company based in Pittsburgh, PA. The company was in BETA all through 2015 and officially launched in March of 2016. They have a small team of project managers, editors, and writers based in-house, […]

Overall Rating44444
Quality of WorkNo Ratings
CommunicationNo Ratings
ValueNo Ratings

Textbroker is a content-writing marketplace where webmasters can tap into a network of professional writers. The company was founded in 2005 in Mainz, Germany, and has since expanded to an impressive international presence with sites catering to several popular languages. […]

Overall Rating11111
Quality of Work11111
Zerys is a content marketing platform that caters to marketers, agencies, and writers. For entrepreneurs and marketers, they offer quality content at affordable rates. The Ohio-based company was co-founded in 2007 by Steve Lazuka, who remains on as president. They target […]

Overall Rating11111
Quality of Work11111

As business advances into the digital age, it’s becoming more and more important to create online content, whether it’s for promotion or as part of a product or service. In fact, if you’re reading this, it’s probably because my content […]

Overall Rating11111
Quality of Work11111

UPDATE: It appears GhostBloggers is out of business. Please see below for alternative content writing services. GhostBloggers is a content marketplace where you can buy quality written content on any topic for your website, blog, ebooks, or whatever else you […]