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Nexa is a US-based virtual receptionist provider. They have offices in Phoenix, AZ, Lake Havasu, AZ, and Richmond, VA. All of their virtual receptionists are located in their Phoenix offices.

The company has been in business since 1982. They provide a wide range of virtual receptionist services to clients across the US.

About Nexa

Nexa ReviewThe company is headed up by Chief Executive Officer and Company President, Parker Davis.

Nexa provides virtual receptionist services and say they’ve answered more than 30 million calls to date.

Nexa Services

Their core services are call answering, appointment scheduling, and qualifying leads for you and your business.

They work with companies across any industry. If you’re in a position where you need phone cover out of hours or when you’re busy, they can take your calls using a custom script for your business.

They have a few tailored plans with agents trained in specific industries, too. For example, you’ll find:

  • NexaProfessional, for busy professionals
  • NexaMedical for doctor’s offices and medical professionals
  • NexaHomeServices for small businesses with a client base

Nexa says they have rigorous internal training processes and ongoing development programs. They also train the agents you’ll be working with about your business during the onboarding process.

This means you get to work with the same agents. As they learn more about you and your business over time, they’ll feel like part of your team.

One of the things that stood out to me about Nexa is that they say they can integrate their systems with your CRM. This enables them to schedule appointments directly into your calendar, provide monthly reports directly into your system, and more.

How Nexa Works

When you sign up with Nexa you are taken through an onboarding process. This involves writing up scripts for their virtual receptionists to use. If this isn’t something you’re prepared for, they’ll help you put it together.

You can then start forwarding your calls to their agents for the times that you’re not able to take them. Their receptionists work 24/7, 365 days a year so finding cover is never an issue.

All the calls and messages they take are recorded in detail. You can request these details to be sent to you by SMS, email, or via your chosen CRM. They also have a mobile app and desktop portal with live data you can check whenever you want.


Nexa offers a range of telecommunication services. They have a team of receptionists based in their call center waiting to handle your calls, take messages, make appointments, and so on.

To give you a better idea, they group their services into the following categories:

  • Virtual receptionist services – This encompasses everything their receptionists can do while answering your calls 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Appointment scheduling – Their agents can schedule appointments they take over the phone directly into your calendar through your preferred CRM.
  • Lead qualification and intake – Nexa says their agents are trained to identify and act on leads. This means you can be sure you’ll not miss a potential lead because you’re busy or sleeping.

Plans and Pricing

Nexa currently has 4 different pricing plans, although they don’t have a set price for each plan. The cost will vary depending on what type of business you have and some of your specific requirements.

Each plan includes access to their online portal, follow-ups and outbound calls, a dedicated phone number, and 24/7 cover.

You can opt in to the following bundles of minutes per month:

  • Entrepreneur – 100 minutes and 5 points of contact
  • Professional – 300 minutes and 10 points of contact
  • Executive – 500 minutes and 20 points of contact
  • Enterprise – 500+ minutes

Nexa Pricing

Nexa Alternatives

Ruby Receptionists and GabbyVille are two alternative US-based virtual receptionist companies worth checking out.

Ruby Receptionists Gabbyville DaVinci 1-888-GoAnswer
Customer Rating not rated not rated
Established 2003 2013 2006 2003
Minimum Monthly Cost $299 for 100 minutes $229 for 150 minutes $99 for 50 minutes $110 for 100 minutes
Price per Minute $2.99 $1.53 $2.00 $1.10
Set-Up Fee $99 $95 $75
Trial 14-Day Free Trial 14-Day Free Trial 30-Day Risk-Free
Learn more Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

Gabbyville is the less expensive of the two and the only one to offer a free trial if you prefer to try a service before committing. Meanwhile, Ruby Receptionists is one of the longest-running and best-known companies in the space.

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