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I know you were hoping for a magic page with the one clear winner here, but unfortunately there is no easy answer to the question of which is the best virtual assistant company.

The truth is it depends on your specific needs, and everyone’s needs are slightly different. Because of that, I’ve done my best to break it down by category, but be sure to check the reviews for each.

For Personal Tasks

Let’s say you want to dip your toes into the outsourcing waters before you jump completely in.

One way to do that is to start with a low cost service and try delegating some personal tasks, like restaurant reservations, flight check-ins, or some product research assignments.

Here are a few options you might consider.

Efficise – Starting at just $15 a month for 5 30-minute tasks, Pakistan-based Efficise is one of the most affordable options out there.

Fancy Hands – To bring your outsourcing a little closer to home, the all-US-based service Fancy  Hands has a similar 5-task plan for $29.99 a month (though they ask requests only be 20 minutes).

I have them do things like find used cars for sale near me that match my criteria, proofread blog posts, and check in for flights.

OkayRelax – Over the last couple years I’ve really come to rely on OkayRelax. Their 5-task plan matches Fancy Hands at the $30/month price point, but I’m on the $99.95 “Professional” plan that gives me access to the same assistant every time.

For that rate, I can delegate up to 25 30-minute tasks per month (the math works out to $8 an hour if I use ’em all). My dedicated assistant is a key part of several weekly routine processes, including formatting articles, updating my website, running reports, and more.

TaskRabbit – And finally, for in-person help, TaskRabbit might be worth a look. I found a handyman on there to come help with a mouse problem in our house and was happy with the experience.

For Small Business

While I tend to use the “Personal Assistant” options above for business tasks as well, there are lots of great VA options to support your small business endeavors. These are best-suited for ongoing relationships.

Here are a few of the top-rated choices.

My Tasker – A long-time favorite of Virtual Assistant Assistant visitors, MyTasker provides professional support for as little as $7.50 an hour from their office in India. You’ll be assigned a dedicated VA, but also have access to the rest of their team if a certain task is better suited to someone else’s expertise.

Time Etc – If your budget allows, you might consider US and UK-based Time Etc. Rates go as low as $21 an hour and they’ve completed more than a million tasks since 2007. – offers professional outsourcing close to home in El Salvador Central America, but maintains affordable pricing with several package options to choose from depending on how much help you need. – No matter what you need done, you can find a virtual assistant for it on OnlineJobs. With more than a quarter million resumes, the leading job board in the Philippines has become a mainstay for affordable small business outsourcing.

It has a little bit of a needle-in-the-haystack / diamond-in-the-rough feeling to it, but I’ve found several excellent VAs through this site.

For Medium Business

As your business grows, your team will likely expand as well. Of course any of the above options are fine choices too, but for your consideration I’ll share a few alternatives to check out.

BELAY – It’s not the cheapest service out there, but BELAY would argue that you shouldn’t bargain shop for a linchpin team member. They specialize in providing expert US-based remote executive assistants with world class support.

Worldwide101 – Similarly priced, Worldwide101 has built a fantastic reputation for smart VAs for American and European clients. And if you need a bilingual assistant, look no further.

Task Bullet – Task Bullet is an affordable service with assistants in the US and in the Philippines. Their unique system of selling “buckets” of VA time (starting at just $6 an hour) make them an interesting option for both ongoing needs or one-off projects.

For Full-Time Dedicated Help

Ready to bring on a full-time hire? It’s an exciting time! – If you’ve got a defined process to plug someone into, I think OnlineJobs is your best budget option. It’ll cost you just $49 to start (to post your job), and then you’ll hire your top candidate directly, with salaries ranging from $400 – $750 per month for full-time help.

My Tasker – $1200 will buy a full-time staff member in India through MyTasker. – With UAssist, you’ll pay slightly more than with the Asian companies, but I still think $1499 per month is a pretty sweet deal for a full-time worker.

For One-Time Projects

This is where I started my whole outsourcing adventure. I needed a website built but didn’t know where to turn!

The options below are for broad, everything-under-the-sun freelancers, but please know there are specialty services (I’ll highlight a few below) that might be worth a look if you’re need of a specific skill or expertise.

Use Per Wish – This unique on-demand virtual assistant service in India charges a flat rate of $10 an hour with no minimums or automatic monthly renewals. Tap into a team of professional VAs for almost any kind of remote work you need done.

Upwork – Upwork is the world’s largest marketplace for freelance workers. It’s free to post your job and you’ll likely have a dozen qualified candidates bidding for your work within 24 hours.

Back when it was called Elance, I actually had great luck in finding long-term VA hires through this site.

Fiverr – Even today, I often start my outsourcing search on Fiverr. The reason is it’s such low risk. For $5-15 you can test out someone’s skills in writing, graphic design, data entry, or whatever else you need.

There’s no bidding process either; you just find the freelancer you like and click their “buy now” button.

Mechanical Turk – Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is an interesting option for tedious low-brain power tasks like data entry, image recognition, or even user feedback. This cloud workforce can be yours for literally just pennies per task.

For Graphic Design Work

One of the core tenets of outsourcing is to let someone else do the work you’re not good at, and I’ve come to understand I’m just not a great designer!

However, graphic design can be tough to delegate because it’s so subjective and comes in so many different flavors. I’ll highlight a few of those different options here:

99designs – Why limit yourself to working with one designer when you could have dozens of creative brains competing for your business? At least that’s the pitch behind the popular crowdsourced logo and web design site

Deluxe Logo Design – Or if you prefer to work one-on-one with a US-based designer for your logo, check out Deluxe for competitive packages.

Logo Garden – Logo Garden is an interesting option to make your own great-looking DIY logos on the cheap.

PicMonkey – While not technically a graphic design service, this cool online tool is the one I find myself using most often to create custom images for social media.

Design Pickle – Design Pickle pioneered the “unlimited” graphic design model and sells all-you-can-eat designs for a flat monthly fee. It’s perfect for companies that have a constant need for fresh images for blog posts, social media, or marketing material.

For Content Writing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site, but let’s face it, creating all that content is time-consuming.

Here are some companies that can help.

Copywriter Today – Gabe Arnold’s Copywriter Today delivers “unlimited” articles from native English writers at a fixed (and affordable) monthly fee. This is perfect if you’re looking to step up your blogging game or if you need content on an ongoing basis for clients.

HireWriters – With different quality levels ranging from almost unintelligible to actually pretty good, HireWriters specializes in cheap copywriting made easy. These guys have written dozens of articles for me.

For Website Help

Zen WP – California-based Zen WP offers unlimited WordPress fixes for $79/mo. I’ve been a customer for quite a while and they’ve been essential in troubleshooting some issues with my sites.

The service was especially handy to have during a recent redesign and in migrating the site to SSL.

Access WP – Access WP operates similarly, but with an all US-based support staff. They’ll take care of any WordPress website maintenance and support issue that pops up.

For Phone Support

Here’s the dilemma for small business owners. You want the phone to ring and you want to treat every potential customer like the awesome person they are, but you don’t want to be tied to the phone all day — when will you get any work done?

That’s where these virtual answering services come in.

Gabbyville – The popular virtual receptionist service gives you a 14-day free trial to test out their service.

DaVinci Virtual – Make sure all your calls are answered professionally, with rates starting at $149 per month.

Still Need Help?

Hopefully this list has given you a starting point to begin digging into the ratings and reviews and specialties of each service.

If you’re still unsure of where to start, try our survey tool and get free personalized recommendations in your inbox, generally within 30 minutes.