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Virtual Assistant Job

Have a killer resume but not sure where to look to land your deam job or find your next client? Here are some great virtual assistant jobs to help you out!

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Just Remote

Just Remote is an online remote job board platform. Just Remote populate their listings by collating remote job listings from all over the internet and taking job listings directly through their site.

The company is headquartered in London, England. As an employer, it costs $189 to list a job for 30 days.

As a job seeker, you can browse most of their listings for free. Just Remote do offer a ‘Power Search’, however, which costs $5/mo.

Check out their review page.


GoLance is an online workforce platform that connects employers with freelancers based all over the globe.

They provide the platform for freelancers and employers to connect and handle the payments and contracts between the two parties.

They have developed their own tool called goMeter Time Tracking to enable clients to monitor activity, a work diary summarizing monthly gigs and communications, and a smartphone app so you can stay connected on the move.

Check out their review page here.

VA Networking

VAnetworking is one of the largest global networking platforms for virtual assistants to connect with each other and utilize resources to help them improve their businesses and find more opportunities.

On the client side, VAnetworking accepts job postings from businesses and allows their paid members to respond.

Check it out here!

Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite Jobs is an online platform aggregating and sharing the best remote jobs from more than 300 different sources every week, as well as taking job listings directly through their site.

If you’re looking for a position where you can work remotely, or you’re a business looking to hire a remote worker, you can either browse the listings on their site or speak with a member of their team for help finding a position/candidate that meets your requirements.

It’s free to post a job or freelance gig on Dynamite Jobs. They’ll keep your posting on the homepage for 30 days and you can direct candidates directly to your application process.

However, if you’re looking to move faster and get greater exposure for your gig, you’ll probably want to opt for the $197 “Boosted Listing” option.


HireMyMom is an online employment outsourcing service that specializes in working-from-home moms.

The company was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Lesley Spencer Pyle, a mother who had formerly worked in public relations and as a desktop publisher.

HireMyMom has 3 membership options for moms looking for work:

  1. $9.99 for a one week trial
  2. $29.99 for 3-month service
  3. $99 for 6 month Platinum membership including being a Featured Candidate on the home page.For employers, Hire My Mom charges a nominal fee ($24.99-$39) to post a job to their audience.

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  1. Hi. I am Irene and I would like to start a VA business here in the Phils. I have a solid background in Media and Communications and have handled numerous advertisers. This is another venue for me to expand my advertising agency. But I will need all the help as I have no experience on the VA Industry. Thank you.


  2. I have been working in the industry for 13 years now. My communication skills are well maintained. I would like to share my knowledge and skills with your Company. I am a great candidate for any position since I can do multi-tasking and can work under pressure.

  3. Hi, how can I join your company? I am a healthcare virtual assistant, I have my portfolios if you want. Please send it to my email.

  4. hi, can you guys provide the link to join your team and work as viirtual assistant please. i hav experience as virtual assistant and i would like to be a part of this organization.

  5. Hey I am interested in your Virtual Assistant job which is awork from home online job. Kindly provide details for the same and also the procedure to join.

    Thanking You

  6. Hi! I’m Jonis Iah Figueroa, 36 from the Philippines. I’m looking for an online job that will suit my skills. I’m a part time content moderator and data manager at Supahands at the moment. The projects that I made with Supahands were mostly data annotations and labeling. I also had a 6 months experience as a Customer Service Representative in a BPO company here in the Philippines were we handle financial accounts. I also had a 2 years experience as a teacher. I want to work as a Virtual Assistant but I done have experience yet. I’m willing to undergo a training iof necessary. Thank you.

  7. Hi
    I am a startup Virtual Admin Assistant and I find myself being rather overwhelmed by it all.
    This website has really helped.

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