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Your Resume Girl is a career development, coaching, and resume writing service. If you need help landing your dream job, changing your career, or seeking higher-paying employment, Your Resume Girl can help.

Based in Florida, U.S. company founder Michelle da Alba has been helping job seekers and working professionals land their dream jobs and earn more for around 3 years.

About Your Resume Girl

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The company started operations in 2017 and is headed up by founder Michelle da Alba.

Michelle is the “Girl” behind Your Resume Girl. She has an assistant helping out with some of the day-to-day operations of the business, however, it’s Michelle you’ll be working with directly when you sign up for coaching.

Michelle has 20+ years of experience working for billion-dollar organizations and has hired and trained more than 100 employees for Fortune 500 companies.

She took that knowledge and experience and started Your Resume Girl to help job seekers land their dream jobs. Michelle is an expert in crafting personalized, strategic resumes, and coaching people to success in job interviews.

Her target clients are professionals in mid-level management roles to director and executive level and has the capability to work with a wide variety of industries.

She works remotely with clients, so you can contact Michelle regardless of where you’re based. Currently, most of her clients are from the U.S., Mexico, and Central and South America.

Michelle told me that 90% of her clients get a job within 6 weeks of following her coaching and implementing her strategies. She also said most of her clients end up making $10k more than they were making in their previous job, or the offers being presented.

One caveat; Michelle also pointed out that you should prepare yourself for a lot of homework when working with her. But that’s to be expected, and the hard work will pay off when you secure that dream job you’ve been chasing.

How Your Resume Girl Works

To get started, you can reach out to Michelle via the contact form on her site or through her Facebook page. She will get back to you and arrange a time for a consultation to find out exactly what you’re looking for.

Your Resume Girl Services

Michelle helps clients through every step of their job-seeking process. She will help you write your resume in a strategic and tailored way, and coach you on a 1-on-1 basis in the areas you need support.

She groups her services into the following three core areas:

  1. Strategic Writing – This includes putting together your resume using industry-specific keywords and other tips she’s developed over the years to increase your chance of getting a call back.
  2. Job Search Training – Michelle will help formulate a search strategy to help you find your dream job. This includes writing cover letters, LinkedIn training, strategy hacks, and more.
  3. Career Coaching – This includes mock interviews, coaching you on interview techniques, advice on how to negotiate offers, and more.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing varies depending on how much time Michelle will need to spend with you. Michelle will arrange a time to discuss your requirements, after which she will send you a custom proposal.

To give you an idea, she did tell me that minimum packages typically cost around $350-$600. But again, this is dependent on how much work is required.

Michelle spends anywhere from 5-8 hours on the low end perfecting a resume. With this numbering being as high as 10-12 hours for a director-level position.

All-inclusive job search packages are usually in the $1,200-$3,000 range. Michelle said she will typically spend around 20 hours personally working with clients with this package. She also sticks with clients for a job search timeframe of 3 months.

Your Resume Girl Alternatives

There are a number of content writing services and virtual assistant companies that may have the expertise to help write your resume.

Not many can match the personal 1-on-1 service Michelle offers with Your Resume Girl though.

Michelle told me that this is where she sees her business offering more value to her clients. She spends a lot of time with each client formulating personalized strategies and said this results in a higher success rate.

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