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Zerys.com is a content marketing platform that caters to marketers, agencies, and writers. For entrepreneurs and marketers, they offer quality content at affordable rates.

The Ohio-based company was co-founded in 2007 by Steve Lazuka, who remains on as president. They target business and blogging customers and agencies who need to keep up with steady demands for high quality written content but don’t have the time to produce it themselves.


zerys reviewZerys has grown to full-featured content marketing resource. While the primary service remains content writing, the company has added a number of tools to help customers make the most of their blogging efforts.

For instance, they’ll help you brainstorm the best topics and titles for your articles, even giving keyword suggestions on what search terms might result in the most traffic or social sharing.

After your content is created, the new Zerys Service Marketplace helps you find professional editors to refine and polish your content to make sure it’s in your voice. Then, you can approve and publish your content to your website with 1 click.

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Plans and Pricing

Writing projects on Zerys begin at $0.01 per word, or $5 for a 500-word article. However, at those low rates, you’re not likely to attract top talent to your job.

As the rates increase, to $0.05 or $0.10 per word, your odds of receiving high quality work improve dramatically. Writers are scored on a 5-star rating system, with 5-star writers commanding the highest rates.

In submitting your work, you’ll also notice there is a parameter for how much baseline knowledge or research is required. Highly technical topics or in-depth research will necessitate higher prices.

But given the marketplace dynamic, there’s always a chance a 5-star writer takes on your lower-priced project if they need the work.

With Zerys’ SmartPost system, you can enter in your “starting price” along with the maximum price you’re willing to pay. Zerys will then post your job only to the highest rated writers, at your starting (lowest) bid offer. If no writers accept the offer, the system will gradually increase your bid — up to your pre-set max price — until someone takes your job. This means you’ll get the highest quality writers, at the lowest possible price.

Every Zerys article comes with a  100% satisfaction guarantee; you only pay if you’re 100% happy.

How it Works

1. Join the Zerys network and submit your article title or topic.

2. Use the SmartPost marketplace system to find a qualified writer, or select one your Favorite writers to do the job.

3. The writer will create your content and send it back for your review, often in less than 24 hours.

4. Review your content and either accept it, request revisions, or reject it outright and try someone new.

5. Export the content or publish it directly to your WordPress, Hubspot, or other integrated website.

Zerys Alternatives

There are other content writing marketplaces, including HireWriters, GhostBloggers, TextBroker, and more.

One of the top-rated services is the subscription-based writing service Copywriter Today.

Your Turn

Have you worked with Zerys? If so, please share a quick review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

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    Zery’s is one of the most horrible places on the internet to write for. I am a college professor, with advanced degrees in English composition, creative writing, and have published works of my own, as well as many private clients that I work for. In the short time I decided to try and get some extra work through Zery’s, this is what I found…most of the time, even if you are an excellent writer, your “writier auditions” to assignments will either be refused or go unanswered for months, meaning you are writing top quality articles and never getting paid for them. I even had clients say they did not accept my work, and found it to be published anyway, never having been paid for it. And when I complained to the customer service agents, they completely blew me off, treating me like a royal pain.

  1. I am one of the writers on Zerys and I attest that they screen writers thoroughly…Writers on Zerys are good at what they do.

  2. I’m currently a user of a few different outsourced content creation platforms and in my experience, Zery’s is the best.

    From what I’ve seen Zery’s is VERY serious about who they let into their writers program. They have a very good screening process that weeds out people looking to just make a quick buck with thoughtless articles.

    Zery’s platform itself is very user friendly but more importantly it can scale with your business. It meets the needs for a niche website owner looking for a couple articles all the way to an Enterprise company who’s projects may be more ongoing or needs a in depth lead generation offer like a whitepaper or ebook.

    The approval process is great as well, you get the chance to review the work, ask for changes or deny the article all together if it doesn’t meet your needs. Once you approve the article, the money is paid to the writer.

    Lastly, their support is fantastic. I was given a one on one demo of the platform to be sure I was getting the most out of the system. Any issues at all are responded back in a timely manner.

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