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Dynamite Jobs is an online platform aggregating and sharing the best remote jobs from hundreds of sources, posting over 300 new remote jobs each week. 

If you’re looking for a position where you can work remotely or if you’re a business looking to hire a remote worker, you can either browse the listings on their site or speak with a member of their team for help finding a position/candidate that meets your requirements.

About Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite Jobs Review

Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen are the founders behind Dynamite Jobs. They say they started the remote worker job marketplace to solve their own remote hiring problems they had at the time.

They wanted more staff to grow their e-commerce business and knew they needed to look outside of traditional in-house hires.

The idea started by forming a private community of entrepreneurs and building a network of professionals, which led to business owners reaching out to them to help find remote professionals.

They started making connections between businesses and remote workers within their community, and as demand increased, they officially launched the company in 2017 to create a central online platform where businesses can find remote workers, and vice versa.

Although the candidates could be located anywhere in the world as they work remotely, Dynamite Jobs says about 50% of their candidates are located in North America.

How Dynamite Jobs Works

As a candidate, you may browse and apply to over a thousand open remote, paid jobs. There are excellent filtering and search capabilities to help candidates narrow their search. To accelerate your job search, you can sign up for a Dynamite Profile where companies will be able to find you based on your skills and experience. Companies are actively browsing and messaging candidates, using the database to find talent and hire for their needs.

Companies and hiring managers are allowed to post unlimited jobs and browse candidates with their straight-forward Hiring Pro account.  

Dynamite Jobs Hiring Services

If you’re looking to hire, you can sign up for their straight-forward Hiring Pro account for $99 a month. You’ll be able to post as many jobs as you’d like as well as browse and message the candidates in the database 

Their team of hiring experts is available to provide recommendations and support to help you hire efficiently and effectively. For companies who’d like to have the best candidates delivered to them, recruitment services are available.

Dynamite Jobs Pricing

Dynamite Jobs has one option: Hiring Pro.

As a Hiring Pro Member with Dynamite Jobs, you’ll receive personalized service to help maximize the number of candidates that apply to your positions:

Hiring Pro is Designed to be Your One-Stop-Hiring-Shop

From our extensive database, to private communities and social networks, and even other job boards, our outreach strategies ensure that if a candidate is out there looking for a job like yours, they’ll hear about it.

Targeted Job Posts

Dynamite Jobs help you tailor your job posts to the desires of the best job seekers.

We Are Proactive

Dynamite Jobs reach out to over 20,000+ candidates in our system and communicate the benefits of your job to them.

When Necessary, We Iterate

You’ll have a dedicated support manager whose mission is to ensure you get the candidates you’re seeking.

You’ll Leverage the Trust We’ve Built with Our Job Seekers

Dynamite Jobs only works with remote companies providing great jobs. No MLMs, recruiters, or commission only positions.

Dynamite Jobs Pricing

Dynamite Jobs has also added a done-for-you recruiting service, in which they’ll help you write your job listing and description, screen applicants, record video interviews, and check references.

It’s free for remote workers to apply for positions.

They offer a money back guarantee if you don’t find a hire from their site, so you can look at it as a low-risk investment.

Dynamite Jobs Alternatives

To connect with remote workers, you might consider similar job boards like HireMyMom or FreeeUp. Both have a similar vetting process for candidates, but I think you’ll find the biggest difference with Dynamite Jobs is the mindset of the workers. The site seems to attract a younger, hungrier, more entrepreneurial audience of applicants.

For more general virtual assistant support, you might consider a company like Time Etc, which doesn’t charge the $500 upfront matching fee.

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