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Copywriter Today is a content creation service based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was founded in 2014 and aims to provide small businesses and bloggers with top-quality written content on an ongoing basis.

VAA Tested_smallerIn fact, the team has grown to more than a dozen writers, all native English speakers and all based in the US. Their “claim to fame” is their “unlimited” writing service, which the founder, Gabe Arnold, explained is modeled after the WP Curve business (unlimited WordPress tweaks for $69 a month).

Copywriter Today Services

copywriter today reviewCopywriterToday.net offers unlimited article writing services, editing and proofreading, and research work on a monthly subscription basis.

Along those lines, the actual deliverables are often blog posts ranging from 400 to 1500 words, lead magnets, sales letters, emails, copy for brochures, or content for press releases.

I’ve found that Google seems to value recency quite a bit in their algorithm, meaning that with all else equal, the more recently published article will be ranked higher. Where Copywriter Today comes in is by supplying you with a steady stream of content to keep your site up-to-date.

I know the publish date is something I definitely pay attention to when I arrive on a new site, and when nothing has been updated in a couple years, it throws up a red flag — like, “Is this company even still in business?”

Copywriter Today Review

VAA Exclusive: Use the partner code VAA50 to receive over $500 in free bonuses, including:

  • Over $150 in free order rushes that can be used starting the third week of your subscription (they’ll send you the rush codes after sign up).
  • Access to the Copywriter Today Content Map course, a $97 value.
  • A scheduled personal content strategy call with the founder Gabe Arnold (just ask your account manager to schedule it), a $249 value.
  • 117 blog post ideas, a $10 value.
  • Discounted access to our entrepreneurship mastermind group, an $84 value.

Copywriter Today – How it Works

With a Copywriter Today membership, you can submit up to four writing requests at a time. The short content order form explains the details of your order and gives your assigned writer all the information they need to complete the work.

The 3-step process is pretty straightforward:

  1. You submit a content request.
  2. They write the content.
  3. They return the writing to you.

Turnaround times are around 48 hours for 400 word pieces, 72 hours for 800 word pieces, and 96 hours for 1500 word pieces. They’ll even tackle writing jobs up to 3000 words, but generally speaking if you need more than 1500 words written, it is best to break the project up into smaller chunks, or request a custom quote for the work.

Orders are tackled in the order they’re received, and between the promised turnaround times and the 4-order-at-a-time limit, you’ll be able to get 11 writing projects done per month if you max out the service. In that sense, it’s not entirely “unlimited,” but still a strong value proposition for anyone in need of that volume of content.

There are no limitations on the use of the work, in terms of the number of websites or destinations you can publish it on, and you own the rights to the content at the end of the day.

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Copywriter Today Interview

Copywriter Today Plans and Pricing

Copywriter Today starts at $265 a month, and you can use the partner code VAA50 to unlock over $500 in free bonuses.

At that rate, you can order articles up to 3000 words, with proofreading included. Based on typical turnaround times, you could get up to 11 articles done per month if you max out your account.

That adds up to less than $25 an article, which is a pretty solid deal. (Obviously those won’t be 3000 word epic pieces though!)

copywriter today pricing

For agencies and other business owners who really want to step up their content marketing game, Copywriter Today has added a couple more service tiers just for you.

These “Editorial” and “Autopilot” levels include editorial reviews of the content, proactive article suggestions, strategy calls, and even posting your content directly into your WordPress admin.

Pricing becomes more attractive the longer term you commit to, with pre-paying for a full year of the service affording you the best possible deal.

Copywriter Today Alternatives

I haven’t yet seen any other “unlimited” outsourced content writing services, though the alternative would be to write the content yourself or find writers on an article-by-article basis.

Copywriter Today Fiverr HireWriters Textbroker
Customer Rating not yet rated
Established 2014 2010 2012 2005
Minimum Cost (500 words) $265 per month $5 $5 $7.50
Type of Service Subscription A la carte articles Pre-screened writers; varying quality Pre-screened writers; varying quality
Best for Agencies, ongoing content needs One off, quick work Inexpensive filler content Connecting with reliable writers
Notes First article free Check Fiverr Pro for better quality 25% bonus on first deposit Pricing is per-word
Learn more Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

Another all-American writing service that comes to mind is Scripted, though they’re noticeably pricier per-article.

One service I’ve used recently is HireWriters, and for the most part I’ve been happy with the results.

Your Turn

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8 Reviews

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    Have been using CWT for almost two years. Even as they’ve grown, they’ve maintained outstanding work, with good, personal feedback right from the managers. I provide them with my goal and some references (PDF or URLs), and they create a beautiful first draft for a blog post. They were even willing to do a custom quote for a first draft on a longer piece of work for me. The ongoing membership keeps me motivated to generate ideas for fresh content, as any days without an active order are considered “lost” (kind of like a gym membership when I instead decide to stay home and watch Netflix!). Sometimes I wish there were an a la carte option outside of membership, but I suppose there are other VA sites that accomplish that. Overall, couldn’t be more thrilled with Gabe, Tawnia, and their team, which I hope shines through in this rating.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    So far, very satisfied with CopyWriterToday. They’ve got a simple system but it works. What’s most important is the quality of writing, the fairness and transparency, and the ability to get articles written in a timely matter. They hit on all three of these – and I hope they will always focus on quality and value.

    I’ve used Textbroker and it’s good too, but there’s more management there in selecting and hiring writers and managing the account. CopyWriterToday keeps it all pretty streamlined and they send the docs straight to your inbox.

    Not really any cons, except the fact that there are sometimes some technical glitches with the ordering box when I add a link or text. It’s also not truly unlimited, but that would be impossible for any company.

    Keep up the good work guys!

      • 44444
      • 33333
      • 44444
      • 55555

      I’m still a happy customer of CopyWriterToday, but it depends on which writer you get as to whether the article is good or not. Many times the information in the article is just not amazing and they’re just trying to hit the word count.

      I wouldn’t recommend them for finished articles that take much research.

      To be fair, they note that you should edit the articles, but often the writing can be pretty basic. They should have some type of scoring system or favoriting system where you can mark which writers you like and which you don’t, that’s one benefit TextBroker has.

      If you need manual labor and manual fact researching for articles, it’s a great option. If you need any type of intermediate-higher level writing or thought then it’s probably not worth the lower cost.

      I’ll stick with them for awhile, but will still take a good amount of editing and oversight on my part.

        • 33333
        • 33333
        • 33333
        • 44444

        I continue to use CopyWriterToday after a few years, but it can be frustrating at times.

        If I forget to add articles, there’s little to no attempt on their end to help remind me and manage the process – perhaps it’s my fault, but I’ve paid for 2 months of unused time here and there – probably part of their model and I don’t blame them.

        If they have a question on the article, it causes and article delay and after the back and forth you can lose a week of writing and they won’t give any type of refund or prorating.

        Yes, I would recommend them overall for low to mid-quality of work, but there are many frustrating parts of the experience. I appreciate the value of their pricing and service, and know it’s a low-cost service.

  1. I’ve been testing Copywriter Today for the last couple, and during that time they wrote 17 articles for me, including several for this site.

    I found the quality generally pretty strong, though I would typically still make a few edits before publishing. That may speak more to my perfectionist mindset than to any shortcomings on the part of their writers, though a couple times I felt their work was getting repetitive toward the end to reach the target word count. But part of that could have been on me for not giving a detailed enough prompt.

    How it works is you submit your article prompts and select your desired length – 400, 800, or 1500 words. Especially with the VAA referral code, it’s definitely a cost-savings over similar quality services if you were to buy that volume of one-off articles.

    What I liked about the subscription was it kind of forced me to constantly be thinking of what to send them and what kind of content I’d like created. Obviously fresh content is really valuable in the eyes of Google but I’d often get bogged down with other stuff and not have time to write. In fact, I had a hard time keeping up with the work they would send me back –- like I need to find a place to publish this!

    One of the best uses of Copywriter Today, aside from creating a steady stream of new content, was when I had them research a ton of links and citations for an article I’d already written. It seriously saved me a TON of time, I just listed out all the citations or examples I was looking for and they got it done.

    The better an outline our requirements you can provide the better results you will get. All in all, I think Copywriter Today is a pretty innovative service in this space and is perfect for someone or some business with demands for a continuous stream of written content.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    I have been using Copywriter today for about 6 months now and have been extremely happy with the level of service they have provided.
    I have actually used them more to proofread my blog posts, but during that process I often say “I need help with this paragraph, this is what im trying to say” and they have been wonderful with finding the right words.
    All the original content I have asked them to generate has been fantastic. I typically give them an outline of each blog post and resources to write the article. I will ALWAYS edit whatever they wrote to bring my personal voice to it.
    Having copywriter today create the first draft of some of my blog posts has been a wonderful opportunity to speed up my blogging process.
    They will also supply images for each article and I usually pick out the image I want and they provide the download with a finished article.
    My only minor critique is that I wish they could turn around my much smaller jobs a little faster.
    I must admit I was skeptical of this service when I started, but have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of work.

    • 44444
    • 44444
    • 44444
    • 44444

    I’ve been using Copywriter Today for a few months. Overall, they offer a good service and a good value. There are a few things you need to know going in: even though you can have four jobs submitted at a time, the jobs are done one at a time and only Monday through Friday. Also, the quality and accuracy of the finished product is dependent on the amount of information you submit in the request. To help ensure you receive a quality product, you may end up spending a lot of time researching and outlining exactly what you want, which can beg the question, should you just do the writing yourself after spending all that time preparing your request? That being said, if you do submit a well organized request and communicate your needs, the work is usually good quality. If the finished product does not meet your expectations, Copywriter has been good and responsive about communication and delivering what you need/expect. Overall, I’m happy with their service and would recommend you give them a try.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    Well, I have 3 accounts with these guys right now so that says a lot. The pros are that the content is very good and the communication is excellent. Pretty easy dashboard to use too. The only con is that, in the articles you submit to be written through your dashboard, they work on them first come first serve. So technically it’s not unlimited articles because you’re capped at their turnaround time. But regardless, it’s a great deal and I’ve moved all my client blogging over to them and I’m really happy thus far.

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