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1840 & Company is a US-based outsourcing company that helps businesses of all sizes hire global remote freelancers to fill a variety of positions, including virtual assistants.

The company is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, United States with hubs in the Philippines, India, Ukraine, South Africa and Argentina. They source vetted freelancers located in more than 150 different countries across the globe for primarily US based companies. This method is increasingly popular among companies looking to hire remotely and cost-effectively.

About 1840 & Company

The company started operations in 2014 and is run by CEO Bryan DiGiorgio. Originally launched as purely an outsourcing provider, 1840 has grown to offer additional, flexible hiring methods, such as contracting individual freelancers and even recruiting talent for direct employment. In June of 2021, they launched their vetted, freelance marketplace service where businesses could directly contract and manage vetted freelancers for specific roles, including virtual assistants.

For those interested in the name (as I was), “1840” holds historical significance. The year 1840 marked a pivotal period when rapid and groundbreaking advancements bridged the gap between the First and Second Industrial Revolutions. Drawing inspiration from this transformative era, 1840 & Company has stated that “We strive to be revolutionary in your pivotal point of transition—from seed funding to post-IPO.

Beyond this interesting tidbit, 1840 & Company identifies their primary clientele as “venture backed startups” seeking to scale rapidly. However, they do work with companies of all sizes seeking to augment their teams with remote, offshore talent.

They offer a range of services built around providing organizations with flexible hiring options to quickly, affordably, and efficiently scale.

This might seem confusing at first, but imagine this. You can outsource your customer support to the Philippines, contract a freelance virtual assistant in India, and/or hire a Chief Marketing Officer as a direct employee. It all depends on your company’s specific needs and they can help you reduce costs by utilizing these different hiring methods with offshore, global professionals.

How 1840 & Company Works

To get started with 1840 & Company, you can simply schedule a discovery call with their sales team, which they basically call “1840 growth experts”.

It’s a 4 step process, which goes as follows:

Talk with their growth experts – It all starts with a call. The more detail you provide around your unique business needs and goals with their team, the better placed they are to find you the best talent.

They match you with talent – 1840 & Company’s recruiting team will find the talent and resources best-suited to meet and exceed your requirements.

The working relationship starts – When you’re happy with the assistants and/or freelancers 1840 & Company found for you. You can start working directly with your new team members.

Continued support as you grow – 1840 & Company says they assign a dedicated Client Success Manager with every client. You can use them as a point of contact and continue to grow your team seamlessly if needed.

What Jobs Can You Fill With 1840 & Company?

1840 & Company sources, vets, and onboards professional for virtually any job that can be completed remotely.

To give you a better idea, this can be virtual assistants, web developers, marketing professionals, bookkeepers, sales teams, etc. Basically any position that can be performed remotely. They do break these jobs down into categories:

  • Accounting & Finance – remote talent like accountants, financial analysts, and more.
  • Back-office – like virtual assistants, machine learning, data entry, etc.
  • Customer operations – like outsourcing customer support
  • Development – like WordPress and JavaScript developers
  • Marketing – like SEO and Social Media marketers
  • Sales – like BDRs, SDRs, and appointment setters
  • HR – like recruiters, payroll specialists, etc.

1840 & Company Plans and Pricing

1840 & Company does not provide any set pricing on their website. You will need to schedule a call and get a custom proposal. This makes sense as pricing is dependent on various factors, such as the job type, hiring type, skill and experience level of the talent, their location, and number of hires needed, and probably other factors.

Keep in mind that 1840 & Company is an outsourcing provider. This means they typically help US based companies outsource or augment their team to other countries where the cost of labor is cheaper. They can source talent from all over the world, but 1840 & Company told me that most of their VAs are based in the Philippines, as it is a desirable location for this particular role.

This means they’re able to offer more competitive pricing than you’d find hiring in the U.S. They claim they can reduce costs as much as 70% compared to traditional hiring in the U.S.

1840 & Company Alternatives

Although 1840 & Company offers a more bespoke service than most virtual assistant providers, there are a lot of alternative companies offering similar VA services out of the Philippines.

Companies like FreeUp and ClearDesk are worth checking out. They screen their VAs and should be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

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