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TextMaster is a professional translation, copywriting, and proofreading service for e-commerce professionals. The company was founded in 2011 by Belgium startup studio eFounders. TextMaster is a member of the Acolad Group since 2018.

The idea for TextMaster stemmed from seeing a real need in the market for a platform and technology based translation and content creation service. TextMaster’s head office is in Paris, but uses a global network of professional translators, copywriters and proofreaders.


TextMaster ReviewProfessional translation, copywriting and proofreading are services that are often slow and expensive. Because of this, TextMaster created a global freelance workforce that is accessible 24/7 around the world and brings together professionals that offer professional translation, copywriting and proofreading services and adds a strong quality control component to it.

You’ll find more than thousands of pre-tested authors and translators on their easy-to-use platform, and can get content written, proofread or translated in 50 different languages and 300 language combinations.

How does it work?

Unlike freelance websites like Upwork, TextMaster can take away the pain of finding and managing the writers.

You don’t have to do any decision-making in terms of who to hire. Just submit your job and it gets done. If you want to choose your authors according to your style and preferences, TextMaster can set up a casting and let you select your favourite copywriters and translators by language to be used in all your projects.

The copywritings and translations are priced based on the length of the piece, the languages, the expertise needed and the quality desired. The price starts with $0.066 per word for copywriting for a standard (non-professional) level, and $0.146 for an enterprise (professional) level. You can pay as you go or buy a pre-paid bundle that gives you some free bonus credit.

Who is this for?

TextMaster is for anyone who needs content to be written, proofread or translated.

More than 10,000 companies of all sizes and domains turn to TextMaster for assistance with their international expansion, including leading European eCommerce websites, retails and global brands in various industries.

How much does it cost?

The rates for Standard level service, which can suit general website content and product descriptions, start at $0.066 per word, meaning you can get a 500 word article for $33.

An Enterprise level service starts at $0.146 cents per word and is intended for writings that require more research, blog posts, longer articles, marketing materials, or scripts. A 500 word Enterprise writing would be $73.

textmaster pricing

In addition, TextMaster allows you to add custom option for more specific needs:

  • Extra Proofreading for an additional 4.4 cents per word, where the work of the writer is controlled by TextMaster in-house quality people or trusted freelance Language Managers.
  • Expertise for additional 11 cents per word to get a high-level expert in the selected category. TextMaster has experts in over 60 categories to choose from.
  • Priority Order for faster turnaround time is an additional 4.4 cents per word. (Standard delivery varies based on the length of the writing and the content from less than 24 hours to a few days.)

For payments, you can choose pay-as-you-go option or go with one of the pre-paid bundles that gives some attractive free bonus credit. The Starter bundle starts with $399 and the largest goes up to $5,999. The pre-paid bundle can be used on any of the services offered.

It’s free to sign-up and create an account.

Who is doing the work?

You submit the job and based on the requirements it gets done by a writer who meets the criteria.

You can choose to work with different authors, for instance if you have large volumes of content that need to be written fast you can choose to have many authors work on various jobs at the same time.

After you spend some time on the platform and you start developing relationships with writers, you can add the best ones as your favourites (your TextMasters), and choose to work with them only on future tasks or writings that require consistency in tone and style. It’s up to you. All authors are pre-tested and rated by in-house quality team on a regular basis.

What sets TextMaster apart from the competition?

Here’s what differentiates the company from their competitors like HireWriters, or Copywriter Today:

  • Unlike most other platforms out there, TextMaster allows unlimited revisions and back-and-forth communication for no extra fee.
  • Better Quality Control: In-house quality control team proofreads first 10 jobs of every author and after that rates authors on an on-going basis; users can request QC on any job at any time.
  • Multilingual: They produce content in 50 different languages and translations in 300 language combinations.
  • Largest scope of services: In addition to writing, they also do proofreading and translations, so you can order proofreading on already written content, and translations to make the content available to a wider audience.
  • Cutting-edge technologies: 
    • MementoTM, the proprietary, real-time translation memory from TextMaster allows you to save up to 60% on your translation budgets. 
    • LexioTM, TextMaster’s interactive glossary, helps you ensure consistency of your content in all languages and throughout all channels. 
    • Post-EditorTM, the Intelligent Machine Translation technology created by TextMaster, uses the best of Artificial Intelligence and Human Expertise to get you quality content quickly by combining neural machine translation and human proofreading.

Have you tried TextMaster for content creation? If so, please leave a short about your experience below to help others with their decision.

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