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Ellipsis is a relative newcomer to the virtual assistant space with the company starting operations in January 2016. They are offer virtual writing services, enabling you to hire a personal writer to produce content for your blog or website, write compelling press-releases, or create written content for any other needs.

About Ellipsis

ellipsis reviewEllipsis is part of the Miles AG family of companies. (The most notable sister company in the VA space is the well-rated eaHELP.)

The company is headed up by CEO Bryan Miles and COO Shannon Miles, with Ivy Sprague as manager of operations. They are based in Atlanta, US, and employ only native English speakers also based in the US.

Their services are aimed at businesses that already have a marketing plan and strategy in place and need help with their written content. Quality content is at the forefront of Internet marketing, and Ellipsis’ staff can help you spread the word of your business through site content and marketing.

When asked what their areas of specialization were, Ivy explained, “We want to be the voice in your head…only better. We’ll write about anything, from accounting to Internet security.”

The kind of answer you would expect from a company that produces creative content, but paints a clear picture of their services.


The company partners with leaders and communicators to create content that will make a difference to your business. Their writers will help spread the voice of your business to a much wider audience. Writing content is a time-consuming process, hiring a writer from Ellipsis Ink means you can free up some times to focus on other areas of your business.

If you find it hard to express your visions, strategies, or convey your business services in words, Ellipsis can help. Their writers produce blog posts, social media content, lead generation copy, email campaigns, eBooks, and more.

The company are keen to keep the content they provide in your own “voice.” They will call you to discuss your current content strategies, previous writers you may have used, what style of writing you want for your business, and aim to provide you with more than just a quote.

Ellipsis Intro Video

Plans and Pricing

The company prices on a flat-fee per project basis. They encourage month-to-month arrangements to ensure the relationship is working and both parties are happy.

They don’t give ballpark pricing estimates on their site, instead encouraging visitors to speak with a member of their team to get a personalized quote for your content requirements. You’ve probably come to learn, as I have, that that means it ain’t gonna be cheap.

In the video above, Ivy explained that a 500 word blog post could be in the $200 range.

Ellipsis.ink Alternatives

Most virtual assistant companies offer content writing services, but for native English writers I’ve had my best luck with Copywriter Today.

If you don’t quite have the ongoing demand for fresh content yet, you might consider HireWriters or even Upwork for one-off writing projects.

Your Turn

Have you worked with any writers at Ellipsis? If so, please share your experience below to help others make an informed decision.

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    For years I have struggled to find writers, virtual or staff, who can accurately communicate my voice. Ellipsis spent the time needed to understand. They read though a lot of my materials (the stuff I actually wrote) and asked a lot of leading questions. It’s still work, but the outcomes have been remarkable. I have enormous trust and confidence with Ellipsis.

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    One of the most challenging aspects of working with a virtual writer is refining the content so that it actually sounds like I wrote it…using words I use and thoughts I think. I greatly valued how quickly this happened with my Ellipsis virtual writer. She invested the necessary time up front to hear my heart and learn the nuances of my communication and then brilliantly translated that to our company blog. I could not have been happier with the entire process and relationship!

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