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Tammy’s Office Solutions is a virtual assistant company based just outside of Richmond, VA. Most of their virtual assistants are based in the US, with some across the border in Canada.

The company has been operating since 2008. They provide a wide range of virtual services and mostly work with small-to-medium-sized businesses.

About Tammy’s Office Solutions

The company was founded by Tammy Durden. After becoming disabled due to an illness in 2001 and finding it increasingly difficult to work outside of her home, Tammy started offering virtual assistant services from home.

It wasn’t long before she had a larger workload than she could manage on her own. Tammy started employing staff and Tammy’s Office Solutions was born as a company.

Being disabled herself, Tammy knows all too well how mobility can be an issue for the disabled community. That’s why she’s proud to help others in similar positions the opportunity to work from their homes.

She said, “Most of our team are either disabled themselves, or mothers of disabled children.”
Targeting small to medium-sized businesses and business owners, Tammy said they work especially well with coaches and speakers.

If you are spending too much time with the day-to-day tasks of your business and can’t find time to carry on growing your business Tammy has assistants on hand waiting for your call.


Tammy’s Office Solutions group their services into the following areas to give you an idea of the kind of tasks they specialize in:

  • Bookkeeping – Bank reconciliations, expenses, monthly P&L’s, balance sheets, etc.
  • Digital Marketing – Social media marketing, branding, content creation, multimedia, etc.
  • General Virtual Assistant Services – Email management, website maintenance, preparing presentations, customer service, etc.
  • Writing Services – Website content, blogging, ad hoc writing, ebooks, etc.

When you sign up you will have a consultation with Tammy to discuss your requirements and find the best package and assistant for you to work with.

Plans and Pricing

There are 4-tier pricing plans for their bookkeeping, digital marketing, and virtual assistant services as follows:

  • Tammy’s bookkeeping plans start at $269/month for their Setup Package, and their Platinum package tops out at $459/month.
  • Their Digital Marketing packages start at $276/month and range up to $569/month.
  • General virtual assistant services start at $400 for 10 hours a month ($40 per hour). That rate drops to a $35/hour equivalent if you go to 40 hours a month ($1400/mo).

Pricing for the writing services are available on a project-by-project basis or you can task your general VA with content creation.

Tammy’s Office Solutions Alternatives

Some of the highest rated US-based virtual assistant companies worth checking out include BELAY and Worldwide 101, both of which also offer bookkeeping and marketing as part of their service packages.

If you have ongoing content writing needs, you might consider a specialized writing service like Copywriter Today.

When I asked Tammy what sets her company apart from the competition, she explained, “the ability to have all of your business needs met in one place, through one company, and talk to one person.”

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  1. Hi, Tammy: I was in your webinar yesterday and want to get set up with a virtual assistant “matchmaker”. Can you assist? Thanks, Sonya

    1. Hi Sonya – I had no idea there were comments on here and sorry it has taken so long. You can always reach out directly, via my site: tammysoffices.com or email tammy@tammysoffices.com

      Did you find a Virtual Assistant Matchmaker as I have an ideal person who can assist you.

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    Tammy and her team are amazing! When my business was rapidly growing adding Tammy to my team was one of the best things I did! She tooted stress off of me and helped me focus on my next big account! I highly recommend Tammy’s Office Solutions!

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