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REVAS is a US-based virtual assistant company specializing in providing VAs to clients in the real estate industry.

The company has been operating since 2013. Their headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and they supply both US-based and overseas virtual assistants.


Revas ReviewThe company is headed up by founder, Marshall Hatfield. He named the company REVAS, as an acronym for Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services.

Once you know this, it’s self-explanatory what their services are. REVAS supply virtual assistants to professionals and businesses in the real estate industry.

They say their goal is “to make it easy and profitable for you to automate and outsource your real estate business.”

So, if you find yourself getting tied up in the day-to-day running of your business and not having enough time to focus on the more important aspects of your business, you could benefit from their services.

How REVAS Works

The first step for all new clients is to schedule an Opportunity Analysis Consultation.

This is a 50-minute one-on-one meeting with one of their intake managers to get a detailed understanding of your business.

If you’re happy to move forward after your call, REVAS will give you some direction on the most important tasks to tackle.

You are then required to send detailed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for all the tasks you want their assistants to handle. Once approved, these SOPs will be passed on to their assistants and they will start working for you.

REVAS says it usually takes the first 2-20 work hours for an assistant to become fully immersed in a client’s business. Once they are, they put a lot of focus on automating as many of your tasks as possible.

They prefer a hands-off approach for their clients. Some REVAS clients never speak to their VAs directly. Instead, they send SOPs to their REVAS managers, and they handle the communication with the VA.

REVAS Services

REVAS have virtual assistants trained and experienced in the real estate industry.

There’s no job related to real estate that they can’t help with. It’s just a matter of providing SOPs that are easy to follow.

To give you an idea of the kinds of tasks they commonly handle, REVAS group most of their services into the following categories:

  • Virtual Assistants – Administrative support, relationship management, marketing, lead generation, receptionist duties, and more.
  • Consulting Services – Consulting services to help you outsource more efficiently, streamline your processes, reduce waste, market your business, utilize more technology, and more.
  • Process Development – Help with your SOPs, process optimization, telemarketing scriptwriting, software optimization, and more.

Plans and Pricing

REVAS has separate pricing plans for their Real Estate Assistants, Real Estate Consulting Services, and Real Estate Process development teams.

When hiring their virtual assistants, you can opt for US-based or overseas assistants. The difference is that overseas VAs are about half the cost, so it’s something to consider carefully as it has a large impact on the price.

Here’s how their pricing structures are laid out:

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

  • 20 hours – US assistants $480 per month / overseas $240
  • 40 hours – US assistants $800 per month / overseas $400
  • 60 hours – US assistants $1,155 per month / overseas $555
  • 80 hours – US assistants $1,500 per month / overseas $680
  • 120 hours – US assistants $2,190 per month / overseas $900
  • 160 hours – US assistants $2,880 per month / overseas $1,100

REVAS Real Estate Virtual Assistant Monthly Pricing

Real Estate Consulting Services 

  • 1 Consulting Session – $499 for a 90-minutes
  • 2 Consulting Session – $799 for a 180-minutes
  • 4 Consulting Session – $1,299 for a 360-minutes
  • On-Site Consulting – $5,000 to have REVAS CEO’s undivided attention all day

Revas Real Estate Consulting Service Pricing Packages

Real Estate Process Development 

  • Single Process Developed – $299
  • 2 Processes Developed – $549
  • 4 Processes Developed – $999
  • 10 Processes Developed – $1,999

Revas Real Estate Process Development Pricing Packages

REVAS Alternatives

Most of the large US-based virtual assistant companies offer VAs with experience working in real estate. I recommend checking out BELAY and Time ETC, as these are two of the larger, well-established VA companies.

Overseas, a couple options to consider are My OutDesk, which has a huge real estate outsourcing operation in the Philippines, and Uassist.ME, which is more of a boutique firm based in El Salvador.

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