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Workana is an online marketplace connecting freelancers with customers all over the globe looking for skilled help with anything from writing website content, to developing custom apps and everything in-between.

The company has been in business since 2012. They now have more than 1 million freelancers using their marketplace and complete more than 20,000 projects each month.

About Workana

workana reviewThe company was founded by four Argentine entrepreneurs; Fernando Fornales, Guillermo Bracciaforte, Mariano Iglesias, and Tomas O’Farrell.

They created Workana because they “believe in the rise of freelance work,” and wanted to make the process of connecting individuals and businesses of all sizes with skilled freelancers anywhere in the world quick and easy.

As an employer, you post your project and wait for bids from freelancers wanting to complete the work. You can then contact the freelancers you’re interested in and discuss the finer points of what you want before starting work.

They have some general categories to help you narrow down the field, but in essence, you can post a project for just about anything that can be completed remotely.

How Workana Works

Workana connects you with freelancers and provides a secure way for you to pay them once you’re happy with the completed work.

The steps involved from posting a job to completed work is as follows:

  1. Post a project – Post details of the type of work you want to be completed and the freelancer you’re looking for and Workana say you’ll start receiving bids from freelancers within minutes.
  2. Contact freelancers – You can chat with the freelancers that have sent bids for your project. This is your chance to negotiate rates and agree to terms.
  3. Put the funds in escrow – With the price agreed with a freelancer Workana will hold the funds in an escrow account until the work is complete.
  4. Wait for the finished work – Your chosen freelancer will carry out the work. You can communicate with them while they are working on your project and when both parties are happy the funds are released to them.


You can post a project for just about anything that a freelancer can do for you remotely. If it’s too obscure, you might not receive any bids. But it’s free to post a project, so if you want something done it’s worth putting it out there and seeing what offers come in.

To give you a starting point, here are the categories Workana give you to choose from when posting a project:

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Article Writing
  • E-Commerce
  • Advertising on Google/Facebook
  • Illustrations
  • WordPress
  • Writing for Websites
  • Video Creation or Editing
  • Other

Plans and Pricing

Registering an account, creating projects, receiving bids, and chatting with freelancers is free on Workana.

Each freelancer you hire sets their own rates, either on an hourly or project basis. The only fees you have to pay as a client is a service cost that represents a value equivalent to 4.5% of the total project value.

Workana Alternatives

It’s hard to talk about a freelance marketplace without mentioning the big ones like FreeeUp and Upwork. They operate on the same business model as Workana, where they take a facilitation fee for connecting workers and employers.

The big difference with FreeeUp is there is some level of pre-vetting of the workers; they claim to only accept the “top 1%” of applicants.

Your Turn

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3 Reviews

  1. Hello everyone.
    I recomanded Workana to all freelancers.
    As a 6 years experience frontend developer, I have completed many tasks.
    And I had rich experience while finsih projects.
    This platform is simple but very convenience.
    Thanks for Workana.

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    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    Workana is useless. There are a lot of fake jobs posted everyday and the arbitration supports doesn’t have the ability to check the software done per the requirement of the fake clients. Workana helped with scamming honest engineers and for us to waste a lot of time by refunding the guarantee money unreasonably. Strongly recommend not to use this dishonest and fake platform!!!

  2. Don’t waste your time with this crap platform. Just go with Fiverr.

    Hired 2 freelance designers here to provide A4 artwork for an advertisment. I first hired Hafsa Sulaiman and another subsequent hire was named Lê Huy.

    Hafsa did provide her first drafts but not to my liking and I decided to provide her one sample for her to follow which she readily agreed. But she somehow subsequently she couldn’t do it and withdrew. I then sought a refund which she agreed via arbitration. The conclusion to refund me 100% was made but it’s now 2 weeks since and I have yet to see the money. And no communication whatsoever from Workana on the refund status. Seriously Workana???

    And since I had issue with the first hire, I decided to hire a second designer hoping I will have better luck. Lighting cannot strike twice right? How wrong was I! Lê Huy was rejected by me initially (before I hired Hafsa) because I concluded he was not reliable based on my chat with him. He just didn’t answer my questions well, or rather he completely ignores some questions. But after Hafsa’s fiasco, and given that Lê Huy showed a desire to do my project by sending me another followup message, I thought perhaps I was wrong in my first impression. So I decided to hire him after he agreed to my terms to provide 2 drafts by 7 Jan and final artwork by 8 Jan. Come 7 Jan there was no sign at all from him despite me chasing and reminding him. He finally responded on 8 Jan saying he prefers to take his time to do it right. I could not believe what I read. He them sent 1 draft on the 8 Jan. So that was his idea of delivering me the final artwork on 8 Jan, completely skipping the 2 drafts on 7 Jan, leaving me no chance at all to review and comment coz it’s was too late for me.

    Obviously in his mind the agreed terms and deadline meant nothing. He was either stupid or couldn’t understand english. Either way, he failed.

    I initiated the arbitration (again!!!) and guess what? Its 16 Jan today and it’s still in arbitration. I seriously believe Workana is a dead platform.

    The amount of money I lost in these 2 hires will not kill me, but most definitely left a damn bitter taste for me. Never never ever with this stupid platform. I have used Fiverr for years and never have any issues there.

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