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Virtuworx is a virtual assistant and outsourcing company in Bangladesh, with a sales office in Southern California. The company has been in business since 2007, and has served clients of all shapes and sizes from all around the world.

The company owns and operates their own building so you don’t have to worry about subcontractors or infrastructure issues. I like how they’ve made some investments in making sure their own web presence looks professional and appealing.


virtuworx reviewIn terms of services, Virtuworx offers an array of capabilities including data entry, bookkeeping, website maintenance, social media, online research, general administrative tasks and more.

If you need some more technical help, like programming or software development, they’ve got you covered there too.

Virtuworx Intro Video

Virtuworx operates on a virtual employee model in which you’re assigned a dedicated VA and can train and manage them directly. One advantage of hiring a company over a freelancer is they’re in charge of finding a suitable replacement if your VA is out of the office for any reason.

Plans and Pricing

Of course, there’s a price premium for that extra level of service, and Virtuworx is priced slightly higher than some of their competitors in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

A 10-hour per week plan with an entry-level VA is $378 per month, or $9.45 an hour. Half time plans (20 hrs/week at $597/mo) and full-time plans (40 hrs/week at $997/mo) are also available.  That full time plan is the equates to an hourly rate of $6.23. Obviously these rates are still a great value for any quality staff.

Note: the rate of $5.60 mentioned in their intro video is available when you pre-pay for 3 months of service in advance.

Senior level workers with more experience are available for approximately 35-40% more for each of the above plans, and technically advanced virtual staff can be had for around $1200 a month half-time and $2000 a month full-time.

Virtuworx offers a 30-day money back guarantee to minimize your risk in signing up. There are no set-up fees or long-term commitments, but obviously the company hopes to keep you happy long-term and develop a lasting outsourcing partnership.

Virtuworx Alternatives

In addition to Virtuworx, you might consider long-time VirtualAssistantAssistant.com partner A to Z Tasks (also in Bangladesh). In neighboring India, My Tasker and 24/7 Virtual Assistant have earned positive reviews from clients.

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  1. I hired one virtual assistant few months ago and found that I paid $3000 for nothing, where the agent was a teenager who didn’t understand the work very well and he was absent for few days without any notifications. The other day the agent asked for some money personally to me and he asked me not to tell about it to Mike. When mike charged my credit card he charged twice in my card. I wanted to build my start-up business and wanted to have some support from them but they did the opposite. I found them very much rude and not professional.

    I would not recommend any business people to take their services.

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    Virtuworx is the 2nd VA company I have tried. The first company I tried was getfriday.com. Very nice but they had new assistants doing work for me every time, kept changing VA’s on me which I couldn’t understand. So I was never able to get to know my VA.

    I’ve been with Virtuworx 2 months and to date everything has gone really smooth. Jeff, my project manager has been really great and John made me feel comfortable and helped me figure out what to delegate. I have them doing various things like scheduling appointments, taking PDF’s and turning them into word documents, creating spreadsheets from PDF’s etc.

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