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Outsourcing Things Done is a virtual assistant company in the Philippines. Founded in 2009, the company has positioned themselves as a premium entry in the market.

Outsourcing Things Done VAs are available in a few different areas of expertise including general administrative skills, customer service, and real estate. In fact, the parent company of Outsourcing Things Done specializes in creating websites for real estate agents so it makes sense they would have virtual assistants familiar with business.

outsourcing things done reviewAnother company that focuses on real estate virtual assistants is My OutDesk.

One thing that sets OTD apart from the competition is that their VAs work from a professional office environment rather than from their homes. The downside, as you might expect, is this increases the cost substantially. (But it looks like a very nice office based on the video below!)


Outsourcing Things Done offers three levels of VA service, imaginatively called Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. There’s not much information I could find on what exactly these three levels mean, but they get more expensive the higher you go so I’ll assume it pertains to the VA’s experience and expertise.

Outsourcing Things Done Intro Video

Plans and Pricing

The rates start at $1200 a month and go up from there, which is definitely on the high side for virtual assistant companies in the Philippines. Every plan is a for a full-time virtual employee; there doesn’t appear to be any on-demand or part-time options available.

This is also known as a “staff leasing” business model. Based on your job description, the company will actively recruit a team member that fits your needs. They rely heavily on videos, both from you and the candidates, to ensure a good professional fit.

Beyond the monthly fee, OTD charges a $995 set up fee. There are a few companies charging these kinds of fees but not many.

If your VA requires special software — even Microsoft Office — there’s an additional charge for that. Do you need them to print and scan documents? There’s an extra charge for that. Do you need them to work during US business hours? There’s an extra charge for that.

I understand every business has certain costs and needs to make a profit but reading through their pricing menu just seems like a nickle-and-dime upcharge frenzy.

To help you monitor productivity, Outsourcing Things Done has installed special seat and screen cams. This will help you verify your virtual assistant is present and working when they say they are.

Outsourcing Things Done Alternatives

Take a look at VA Staffer or Prialto as potential considerations in addition to OTD.

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