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MarketerHire is a US-based company specializing in connecting clients with marketers. Their headquarters is based in San Francisco, CA, and they work with marketers based remotely all over the world.

The company has been in business since October 2018. Since then, they’ve already helped hundreds of brands find the marketing talent they were looking for.

About MarketerHire

MarketersHire ReviewThe company was co-founded by Chris Toy and Raaja Nemani. Raaja told me both he and Chris are marketers and have worked for global brands, venture-backed startups, and ad agencies.

They know first-hand how hard it can be for both companies and marketers to find each other. They started MarketerHire to address this problem.

They take recruitment and placing the right marketer with a client very seriously. “We only recruit marketers who show us they have clear and definable expertise,” Chris said. From hundreds of monthly applicants, fewer than 5% make it through.

To date, they’ve worked mostly with direct-to-consumer e-commerce companies. MarketerHire has connected some large, well-known brands with marketers. From filling temporary positions to staffing entire marketing teams, they work with flexible freelancers.

How MarketerHire Works

MarketerHire has a 3-step process from making initial contact with a client to finding them their “perfect marketer”:

  1. Fill out a short questionnaire providing some details about your business and what you’re looking for from a marketer. A member of their team will contact you to discuss the best candidates they have available and how to move forward.
  2. If you give them the go-ahead, MarketerHire can introduce you to your marketer within 48 hours. You can then communicate directly with your marketer and start working through your tasks.
  3. A member of the MarketerHire team will check in with you and your marketer regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly as planned.


MarketerHire’s business model is supplying marketers to businesses looking to fill marketing roles. They can find and connect you with any number of marketers across a wide range of skillsets.

To give you an idea of the kinds of marketers they commonly place, when filling out their introduction questionnaire I had to pick from the following categories:

  • Amazon marketer
  • Brand marketer
  • CMO
  • Content marketer
  • Email marketer
  • Growth marketer
  • Paid search marketer
  • Paid social media marketer
  • SEO marketer
  • Social media manager
  • Other

One-off projects, part-time, full-time, whatever your requirements are, MarketerHire has a pool of flexible marketers based all over the world to connect you with.

The average time it takes to complete the hiring process is 60 minutes, and the average time it takes to find clients a marketer is 48 hours.

Plans and Pricing

MarketerHire is not able to provide any set plans or pricing as they have freelancers based all over the world with varying experience and skills.

They did tell me that most of their marketers are in the $75-$125 an hour range. They also have a project minimum of $1,000 per month.

That’ll give you a starting point if you have a budget in mind. On the lower end of the scale, you’ll need to commit to around 14 hours of work per month to meet their minimum requirements.

MarketerHire Alternatives

There are few companies that specialize in one role as MarketerHire do with marketers. Toptal comes to mind as having a very similar business model, but they specialize in connecting companies with software engineers.

For SEO specifically, you might look at a platform like Credo. For a broader range of skills with similar freelancer vetting, check out FreeeUp.

If you want to contact other US-based companies that can supply marketers, I suggest contacting Time Etc and Virtual Assist USA. Both are virtual assistant companies that will likely have assistants with marketing experience available.

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    Great company. A bit costly compared to alternatives.

    Other interesting companies to check that operate in the same domain, and are hard-focused on freelance marketers, are Traktion.ai, Mayple.com and GrowthCollective.com.

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