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Logojoy is an AI-powered online logo design tool. Instead of having a designer make a logo to your specifications, Logojoy uses artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to generate several logo designs based on your specifications.

The company’s website went live in November, 2016, and Their team are located in Toronto, ON, Canada.

About Logojoy

logojoy-reviewThe company was founded and is headed up by Dawson Whitfield. With experience in graphic design and freelance work, Dawson realized that most entrepreneurs just wanted simple, high-quality logos, at the lowest possible price.

This gave Dawson the idea to replace himself with artificial intelligence capable of designing high-quality logos. Dawson spent several months on the algorithm behind the logo generating software and starting the company.

The site launched in November, 2016, on Product Hunt. Although they have only been in business for less than a month at the time of writing this Dawson says the response from customers, “has been overwhelmingly positive and we hope to establish ourselves as the go-to online application for logo design.”

Using AI instead of graphic designers allows Logojoy to offer much lower price points and generate several logos in minutes. The company’s target customers are entrepreneurs, small business owners, and early-stage startups. Basically, anyone who doesn’t have the budget to work one-on-one with a graphic designer to design their logos and branding material.


Logojoy has a well-designed interface to take you through a few quick steps from start to finish. These are:

Step 1: Choose Inspiration – You choose a few general logo types you like the look and style of. These form the base of the logos the AI will generate.

Step 2: Choose Color Scheme – Next you choose a block of colors to be used in your logo design.

Step 3: Company Name and Slogan – Add your company name and a slogan if you have one. This will be used as text on your design.

Step 4: Pick up to 3 Symbols – Based on keywords of your choice you can choose up to 3 different icons to be used on your logo from a library of over 500,000 unique designs.

Based on your choices in the 4 steps above you will be presented with a few logos. By selecting which logos you like the algorithm will continue to return more logos that meet your specifications until your focus down on the one logo you like best.

There are no graphic designers or assistants to talk to while going through the process. There is however customer support that will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions.

I went through the process myself to test it out, and after a little difficulty in creating my account (“Your name is too long or too short”; “Your password is too long or too short” — not helpful!), the app generated a few different options for me:


And a few more:


I think the ones with the headset and the pen (graphics I chose in the process) actually look pretty good. Some of the others don’t make much sense at all.

Plans and Pricing

It’s free to build unlimited logos, which is great because it means you can practice and browse plenty of logo ideas without committing. You only pay when you want to download the logo you have chosen, there are three different pricing plans.


Basic – $20, you can download a low-resolution logo on a white background.

Premium – $65, you can download a high-resolution logo, ready for use in print, on a transparent background, and with black and white versions.

Enterprise – $165, you get all the same features as the Premium package and a one hour design session with one of their designers.

Logojoy Alternatives

When it comes to graphic design for your business, you’ve got lots of options. Logo Garden operates under a similar model where you kind of do a do-it-yourself design and pay just to download the high resolution files.

You might try playing with the Word Swag app. I found it pretty helpful to generate different font and presentation ideas, though not really great if you want to add graphics like my headset above.

Alternatively you have services like Fiverr, where there are hundreds of logo designers promising logos starting at just $5, Deluxe, where you’ll pay a little more to work with a dedicated designer and usually get several concepts, and 99designs, where you can “crowdsource” your logo design to several different designers and pick your favorite.

Your Turn

Have you created and downloaded any logos from Logojoy? If so, please take a moment to leave a quick review to help others with their decision.

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    I would NOT recommend using this company AT ALL. Emails, chats and phone calls go unanswered. Once I did finally hear back, I was told that once I purchased my logo, one of the designers would make the edits I requested. So I purchased and then didn’t hear back. I had to call and email multiple times and then I got pushback on the designer moving one word to another line without having to ‘pay more.’ Do NOT use this company-total rip off! I am trying to get my money back as well.

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    Sadly, I too have had the same experience. A simple response via email would have suffice. You ask for payment upfront and once payment is received, its been radio silence since then. None of my calls or emails were returned.

  1. Kai, I’m sorry about your experience. We were bogged down with the holiday rush and were struggling to keep up with demand, as a brand new company, we get overwhelmed sometimes, but had every intention to send your logo (and for anyone else reading this, we both refunded Kai and delivered her logo)

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    I can absolutely not recommend this company. I ordered and paid via credit card for a logo. They say that they will deliver the logo via e-Mail within a few hours. The logo was never delivered. E-Mails to Dawson were not answered. Finally, a few days later, Dawson answered and said he will send the logo in the afternoon. He never did. I finally had to contact my credit card company to get my money back

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