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2020 UPDATE: It appears LifeBushido is offline / out of business. Please see below for alternatives.

LifeBushido is a virtual assistant company that provides part-time virtual assistants for clients all over the world.

There are actually three different businesses under the LifeBushido brand:

  1. Best Agent Business – a real estate support business
  2. Orange Passion – a consulting firm
  3. Business Services – a virtual assistant company

The company has been in operation since 2006… and at press time it looks like they haven’t updated their website since then.

Their headquarters are based in Bethesda, MD, and all of their virtual assistants work remotely around the world.

About LifeBushido

Lifebushido ReviewThe company is headed up founder and President, Steve Kantor. Steve started LifeBushido in 2006 after selling a software company and taking a year’s sabbatical to brainstorm new business ideas.

He came up with the concept of LifeBushido because he wanted to build a global network of people working part-time from home. He then developed three core businesses centers around providing virtual assistants from the network he has built up.

Fun fact: Bushido is “the way of the warrior” — the code of the Samurai in Japan.

How LifeBushido Works

If you’re interested in any of the services offered by LifeBushido you can schedule a call with Steve to discuss how they can best help you.

They don’t provide much direction outside of that; client introductions seem to flow through Steve first.


LifeBushido is basically an umbrella company for three different businesses that Steve Kantor is heading up.

These are explained in more detail as follows:

  • Best Agent Business – This is a service aimed at providing remote assistance to realtors. Their VAs will take all the day-to-day real estate tasks off your hands, so you can focus on more important areas of your business. Their ideal customers are real estate agents doing over $200,000 GCI per year.
  • Orange Passion – This is a consulting service aimed at small businesses generating revenue between $100,000 – $10,000,000. They find passionate customers for your business, get ideas from them on how you can improve your products and services, then help you launch your product or service.
  • Business Services – This is a virtual assistance service. They provide virtual assistants to help small businesses by taking any day-to-day tasks off their hands. Their target customers are businesses generating between $100,000 – $1,000,000 in revenue.

Plans and Pricing

The pricing for LifeBushido’s services is broken down across their three main companies as follows:

Best Agent Business

There are no set pricing plans for their real estate virtual assistant services. If you want to work with Best Agent Business you can schedule a call with Steve Kantor and he will work out a custom quote based on your requirements.

LifeBushido Best Agent Business

Orange Passion

If you want to work with Orange Passion consulting firm there are two pricing plans;

  • $995 per project for small businesses
  • $9,995 per project for large corporations

LifeBushido Orange Passion Pricing

LifeBushido Business Services

Their virtual assistants cost $25 per hour. You can pay for either 40 or 80 hours upfront per month. This costs $995 and $1,995 respectively.

Lifebushido Business Services Pricing

LifeBushido Alternatives

There is no shortage of virtual assistant providers in the US that offer a similar range of services and pricing as LifeBushido.

Time ETC and BELAY are two highly-rated companies that will be able to provide assistants with comparable skill sets. They’re more transparent upfront about their services and processes as well, for what it’s worth.

Boldly Time Etc Prialto Wishup
Customer Rating
Established 2009 2007 2009 2017
Hourly Rate $51 $24-27 ~$24 $9.99 - 35
Minimum Package $1530 for 30 hours $270 for 10 hours $1200 for 55 hours $999/month for a package of 4 hours (4 hours a day, 5 days a week)
Dedicated Assistant
Minimum VA Experience 7 years 5 years Extensive in-house training 2 years
Team Access
Rollover Hours
Free Trial 7 days
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

*Specialist services are available for an additional charge.

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