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LexReception is a virtual receptionist service provider based in Portland, OR. They provide a range of virtual call answering services to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

The company was founded in 2011. All of their virtual receptionists work out of the company’s call center in Portland, and they provide 24/7 phone coverage, 365 days a year.

About LexReception

lexreception reviewThe company’s day-to-day operations and managed by Brand Leader, Bre Forsythe.

LexReception describes themselves as a “people-centric business designed to dovetail seamlessly with yours.”

They have a relatively small team compared to some of the call centers that offer similar services, but they cite their “close-knit team” as a benefit to forming stronger client relationships.

As a business owner, it’s time-consuming and distracting to take all your own business calls. And it’s super expensive to hire an in-house receptionist, who’ll only be available during business hours.

Using the services of a virtual receptionist provider like LexReception means you can have a receptionist available 24/7 and only pay for the minutes they’re on the phone. If you see the need for a receptionist or extra phone cover in your business, LexReception are waiting for your call.

How LexReception Works

If you’re on the fence about how it’s going to work or have any questions about their service. They’re happy to give you a demonstration and talk through your options.

After you sign up for one of their plans, you can start forwarding your calls to their agents. You can either choose times you don’t have phone coverage, or hand over complete responsibility to LexReception’s agents.

They’ll answer your calls with a custom greeting and use scripts you provide, take messages, book appointments, and so on. The person on the other end will have no idea they’re talking with an outsourced receptionist.

You can track how many minutes you have left, your messages, call logs, and all the other relevant information via their online portal.


LexReception’s services cover all communications between you and your customers via phone or web chat. They specialize in law firms and legal offices, but support other industries as well.

You can use their receptionists to screen calls and pass on important ones, act as customer support, follow up on leads, and so on.

Basically, they can handle any tasks you would expect a physical receptionist in your business to handle. In fact, they may even argue that they can handle more than a typical receptionist.

To give you an idea, here are some of the common responsibility’s virtual receptionists handle:

  • 24/7 call answering
  • Live call transfers
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer call-backs
  • Web chat management

Plans and Pricing

LexReception currently have 3 pricing plans based on the number of minutes you anticipate needing per month. Their rate per minute ranges from $1 to $1.32 depending on the plan you opt for.

A complete list of their pricing plans at the time or publishing is as follows:

  • Small – $99 per month for 75 minutes ($1.32 per minute, with additional minutes costing $1.47)
  • Medium – $199 per month for 175 minutes ($1.13 per minute, with additional minutes costing $1.29)
  • Large – $349 per month for 350 minutes ($1 per minute, with additional minutes costing $1.15)

(If you anticipate needing more minutes, just ask about custom plans.)

LexReception Pricing

There is no setup fee for any of their plans. You get a free voicemail box (2 with their Large plan), and access to your messages online.

The first 30 calls under 30 seconds are free too.

If you’re interested to hear how their receptionists sound, you can fill out your details on their site you get a demo account number. When you call that number, a receptionist will answer as if doing so on behalf of your business. I thought that was pretty cool!

LexReception Alternatives

Ruby Receptionists and Gabbyville are two highly-rated alternative virtual receptionist companies based in the US to consider, but neither have the depth of experience or specialization with law practices and legal clients.

And they both start at higher price points for larger plans. If you’re a small business or entrepreneur that doesn’t anticipate going over 75 minutes a month, you’ll get the most value from LexReception.

Ruby Receptionists Gabbyville DaVinci 1-888-GoAnswer
Customer Rating not rated not rated
Established 2003 2013 2006 2003
Minimum Monthly Cost $299 for 100 minutes $229 for 150 minutes $99 for 50 minutes $110 for 100 minutes
Price per Minute $2.99 $1.53 $2.00 $1.10
Set-Up Fee $99 $95 $75
Trial 14-Day Free Trial 14-Day Free Trial 30-Day Risk-Free
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