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The Virtual Assistant Finder is a free service by Gina Horkey of HorkeyHandBook.com to help entrepreneurs and small business owners get in touch with qualified VA help – folks that she has trained personally through her online education system. A former VA and freelance writer herself, Gina began training others to become virtual assistants in 2014. Most recently, she has partnered with an accredited university to bring her training to students in the traditional online college experience as well!

The complimentary VA Finder service came about as a way for her to connect her “graduates” with clients in need of their services. Nothing fills Gina’s “bucket” more than helping both sides win in business by finding and supporting each other!

About Virtual Assistant Finder

Gina launched the Virtual Assistant Finder in late 2016 and has already helped place hundreds of qualified VAs with clients around the world (though predominantly in North America).


How it Works

All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire asking you to describe your business and the role you envision for your assistant. When I tested the service for a recent hire, it asked if I’d ever worked with a VA before, how many hours a week I projected this role to be, my expected budget, and the skills and qualities I was looking for in an ideal candidate.

Once you submit your information, Gina shares the opportunity with her network of vetted VAs and they’ll pitch you directly.

I ended up getting 4 or 5 responses, interviewed 2 candidates, and hired one. From what I could tell, the candidates included mostly work from home moms.


Gina’s VA grads are primarily based in the US and Canada and are trained in social media, administrative tasks, and generally what it’s like to work with clients remotely. She has dedicated classes on becoming a freelance writer, email management, project management, social media management, and even co-created a program, niching down to helping clients with their Pinterest marketing needs, which is actually the role I was hiring for.

One advantage that I see is that each person in Gina’s talent pool has made a proactive investment in their business – both in time and resources to get started, grow, and scale over time.

If you’re looking for someone with that kind of specialist training, I think it’s a pretty compelling value proposition, especially at the current price point – FREE!.

Plans and Pricing

The recruiting service is complimentary, as her primary profit sector is through her #FullyBookedVA system.

After you make your hiring decision, you’ll pay your VA directly. (Mine invoiced me through PayPal.)

The interesting thing — and I liked this — was neither candidate I interviewed quoted me in terms of an hourly rate. Instead, they offered package pricing based on what I was looking for.

That made it an easier decision because in this case, I was trying to buy a result, not someone’s time. I don’t care how long it takes for them to get it done!

Horkey HandBook Virtual Assistant Finder Alternatives

At the end of the day, you’re still getting a freelancer, and you’ll certainly be able to cast a wider net on a global platform like Fiverr.

What I think sets VA Finder apart is it’s just a more selective candidate pool to draw from. You know each person who sees your job posting has gone through specific training and made an investment in their education.

Aside from the recruiting services mentioned above, your other options are to try a specialist writing service like Copywriter Today or to go with one of the larger VA companies like MyTasker or Time Etc.

Your Turn

Have you worked with Horkey Handbook? If so, please share your experience below and help others with their decision.

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    This service makes so much sense. If you need a VA, you probably don’t have time to go out & find one. Gina’s Virtual Assistant Finder service is perfect – just fill in a form with what you need & Gina sends qualified applicants your way. Many of them provided videos, so I could watch on my own time & quickly narrow down for interviews. Gina made it easy to find a VA & I will definitely use her service again.

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    I needed a VA to help with a product launch. I only had 2 weeks until launch and was looking for immediate help. Horkey Handbook came through and saved the day! I received multiple high quality applications – and hired someone within a few days. The VA I worked with was amazing… she kept me sane during my launch, completed all tasks AHEAD of time, and went above and beyond in numerous ways (including making insightful suggestions for my next launch). I can’t recommend Gina’s Virtual Assistant Finder enough!

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