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EcomBalance is an online bookkeeping service aimed at helping eCommerce and digital businesses better manage their finances.

The company is headquartered in Denver, CO, and utilizes both U.S.-based and overseas staff.

About EcomBalance

The company started operations in 2021 and is headed up by Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan.

While EcomBalance is a new company, both Nathan and Connor are experienced entrepreneurs who have started several successful businesses in the virtual assistant space.

They started out selling on Amazon, and as they became more successful Nathan and Connor started hiring VAs to help scale their businesses.

This led to them co-founding FreeUp, a freelance virtual assistant marketplace. After selling FreeUp, the duo co-founded Outsource School.

Outsource School is an online platform that provides all the resources businesses owners need to scale up their own businesses in the same way as Nathan and Connor have.

So, EcomBalance is almost like a natural progression off the back of those other businesses. Through EcomBalance, Nathan and Connor provide all the bookkeeping services online business owners need to operate.

They specialize in businesses with a turnover in the range of $250,000 to $50 million. Primarily selling on the major platforms, like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and so on.

How EcomBalance Works

The good news is that EcomBalance offers a free month to get started. All they need from you is access to your electronic transactions and any other business-related financials, and they can get started.

During your first month, their bookkeepers will complete your previous month of business. This month also gives you the leeway to iron out any potential problems accessing all of your information.

EcomBalance has bookkeepers in the US and Philippines. Every client has a Head Bookkeeper from the US that they work directly with and that Head US Bookkeeper has a support team of Filipino bookkeepers to help with the account as well. This gives you the best of both worlds. By combining high level talent from both countries, they’re able to offer competitive rates for you.

It’s worth taking their free month trial if you’re interested. EcomBalance are so confident you’ll be impressed with their service, they are sure you’ll continue to work with them.

EcomBalance Services

EcomBalance handles all of the financial and bookkeeping requirements of digital businesses.

This means everything from recording all of your business’ income and expenses, making sure your finances are in order, and producing monthly reports so you can keep tabs on the financial health of your business.

They also offer a wide range of custom reports, and can use both cash or accrual accounting methods.

Importantly, if you feel like there is something you would want EcomBalance to do but can’t see it mentioned in their services, they’re open to discussing it with you.

EcomBalance Plans and Pricing

EcomBalance currently has 3 paid plans to choose from. Their Startup plan starts at $150/mo, and their highest plan costs $2,000+/mo.

Their complete list of plans at the time of publishing are as follows:

  1. Startup – $150-$400 per month – This plan is ideal for small businesses and startups. You get access to a dedicated bookkeeping team, and will receive financial reports within 14 days of month-end.
  2. Essential – $350-$800 per month – This plan is aimed at growing businesses. It includes everything in the Startup plan along with a faster month-end turnaround and some other features.
  3. Growth – $750-$2000+ per month – This plan is reserved for large businesses. It includes everything in the Essential plan along with a faster month-end turnaround and some other custom features.

If none of the above plans fit with what you’re looking for, EcomBalance says they are willing to work out a personalized plan.

All you have to do is set up a call with a member of their team, and they’ll work something out. They also offer a number of specialized services and add-ons for fixed monthly fees.

EcomBalance Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternative bookkeeping solutions to EcomBalance, I recommend checking out Bench or RemSource.

Bench and RemSource are two of the most well-known U.S.-based online bookkeeping services and has a good deal of positive feedback.

Your Turn

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One Review

  1. Working with them is great! They value their people and welcome feedback and ideas. There is always room for growth and they care a lot about work-life balance. They also make sure that you love what you do.

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