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Consider It Done is a US-based premium personal concierge company. They provide a range of high-end concierge services to VIP clients across the US.

The company has been operating since 1997. Their headquarters and team members are located in New York, NY.

About Consider It Done

Consider It Done ReviewThe company is headed up by founder and CEO, Julie Subotky.

Consider It Done is a high-end lifestyle, management, and personal concierge business. Their business model is to take just about any task off your hands, so you can free up more of your time to do other things.

Describing their service themselves, they say, “Our team of diversely trained individuals have crafted their skills to master time efficiencies so you can live for what really matters.”

If you’re a busy professional, socialite, or someone who is ready to start handing over tasks to a personal concierge to free up more of your time, Consider It Done wants to hear from you.

How Consider It Done Works

Consider It Done offers a bespoke service. If you’re interested in working with them you need to get in touch and provide some details about the kinds of tasks you want help with.

A member of their team will get back to you detailing how they can help and the expected cost.


Consider It Done says they can help you get anything done.

From “Re-organizing your closets… to managing your next renovation, or scheduling the best events,” it sounds like there’s no task they will not take on.

So, whatever it is you feel like you need help with, it’s worth reaching out to them to see what they can offer.

What that said, to give you a better idea of the areas they specialize in, they group their services into these 5 categories;

  • Personal Services – Booking, planning, scheduling, or any other personal lifestyle tasks.
  • Moving Services – Their sister company, Consider It Moved specializes in helping plan and execute a move.
  • Concierge Services – They can arrange a white-glove experience for you and your clients.
  • Gifting Services – You provide a list of the people and events you want to provide gifts for. They’ll put together a gift-giving calendar and ensure your gifting thoughtfully curated gifts.
  • Coaching Services – They have another sister company called Consider It Coached offering personal and professional coaching services.

Plans and Pricing

Consider It Done do not have any set plans or packages. With the range of services they offer being so board, they put together custom quotes for each client based on their individual requirements.

Consider It Done Alternatives

If you like the concierge model, One Concierge offers a similar suite of services and business model. They are more transparent with their pricing as they operate on a monthly membership model, so I recommend taking a look.

Alternatively, I recommend checking out to virtual assistant companies such as Time ETC and BELAY. You can hire personal US-based assistants capable of carrying out the same tasks and pay a flat hourly rate.

Boldly Time Etc Prialto Wishup
Customer Rating
Established 2009 2007 2009 2017
Hourly Rate $51 $24-27 ~$24 $9.99 - 35
Minimum Package $1530 for 30 hours $270 for 10 hours $1200 for 55 hours $999/month for a package of 4 hours (4 hours a day, 5 days a week)
Dedicated Assistant
Minimum VA Experience 7 years 5 years Extensive in-house training 2 years
Team Access
Rollover Hours
Free Trial 7 days
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*Specialist services are available for an additional charge.

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