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Codeable (codeable.io) is the only WordPress exclusive freelancer marketplace. The Denmark-based company was founded in 2013 and employs more than 530 WordPress experts from around the world to solve WordPress problems for customers.

VAA Tested_smallerTheir community only deals with WordPress-related projects — they’re not going to be running your social media campaigns or making dinner reservations for you.

Their community of highly vetted developers completes over 2,000+ projects each month, with nearly 99% rated 5 stars out of 5. They have a laser-sharp focus on quality and have the reputation to prove it. They are partnered with hundreds of leading WordPress companies (hosts, themes, plugins, agencies, etc.) who utilize the talent at Codeable to help their own customers.

Codeable Services

So what can Codeable’s virtual army of WordPress experts get done for you?

Pretty much anything related to your WordPress site; full site builds, fixing bugs, making design customizations, developing a custom plugin, modifying your theme, migrating your site to a new host, speed optimization, security cleanup tasks, or even providing one-on-one training.

Each of the developers they let onto their platform goes through a thorough screening process including an interview and review of their portfolio and work history.

You can post your project for a free estimate with no obligation to hire. The Codeable platform operates 24/7 and several users report getting initial estimates back within minutes of posting their jobs.

Codeable Review

How Codeable Works

With Codeable, you create your own task brief — the more detailed and well-thought-out the better. The more specific you can be in terms of what you want to be done, the better results you get, and the better understanding the coders will have of your project.

You’ll begin collecting estimates almost immediately, but the bids are averaged out — removing price from the equation. You can pick the developer you feel is the best fit based on their feedback, recent work history, or their areas of specialization.

In either case, Codeable explains you can pick confidently because they only allow top-notch technical talent to join their ranks.

Codeable Plans and Pricing

Codeable developer rates range from $70-120/hr, and estimates are based on the scope/complexity/urgency of the project. Consultations start at just $69 to speak with an expert about your project.

The way their pricing works is the different WordPress pros submit bids, but unlike Elance, Codeable takes the average of those bids to create your estimated price. (Codeable adds a fixed service fee of 17.5% on top of that price. You can learn more on their pricing page here.)

The theory is this prevents their marketplace from turning into a “race to the bottom” on price, but still allows you access to top WordPress talent at reasonable rates. It also saves you the trouble of sorting through a dozen different quotes and trying to discern the difference!

You might end up paying more on a per-job basis because they focus on offering the highest quality development services (not the lowest bid). When you think about the extra hours and money that is often spent to fix a cheaper developer’s hack job, Codeable could end up being a money saver.

VAA Exclusive: Get $10 off your first project when you sign-up through this link.

Each job has a 28-day satisfaction guarantee.

I haven’t had a chance to test the service personally yet but will be sure to report back here and update this post once I do.

Codeable Alternatives

When I first saw Codeable, a couple of competitors came to mind. The first is Elto (formerly Tweaky), which offers website “tweaks” and other services starting from just $39. (Read about how I’ve been using Fiverr instead.)

The second service I thought of was WP Curve, which offers “unlimited” WordPress support for just $69 per month. They’ve seen some crazy growth over the past year and are doing very well.

Have you worked with Codeable? If so, please be sure to share a quick review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

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    Codeable has always offered the highest quality service and development. I have sub-contracted several time through them and have been more than satisfied with the result.

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    This guys are honest, they do their best to connect you with the expert that WILL solve your problem. As a client, I’ve never had a single bad experience with them. The 1 star reviews are probably from haters, Codeable value lies in the fact that they do not allow anyone in, they only allow WordPress exprerts, and you are only approached by people who know they can fix/do what you want fixed/done. This is far better than Upwork and similar where anyone can join at anytime.

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    Horrible developer – thought php was only code that used rest – even after presenting multiple alternatives
    the guy was rude and dismissive. Never got anything done – i would not recommend

    1. Larry has never actually funded a project with Codeable. His comment is a result of requesting help from our experts on one occasion before we had to deactivate his account.

      I was the support rep who helped Larry when he did not get the response he expected from one of our experts on Codeable after he posted his requirements.

      The developer he is referring too is one of Codeable’s very best and has an excellent reputation here at Codeable. We’ve also confirmed with other experts what he was trying to help explain before being hired (but again was never funded), was accurate, but there was still some sort of miscommunication that resulted in Larry becoming offended/upset.

      Codeable works really hard to provide a healthy work environment for clients and experts. As such, we don’t allow for unprofessional behavior from either party. Due to the language used toward our experts and staff, we decided that we prefer not to do business with him.

      All the best,
      Raleigh Leslie

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    Thanks for your review even if i already used codeable and it was a great experience ,I would dare to say from start to finish .

    There was a small hiccup , rather me freaking out since i didnt realized that codeable expert Orionk was in a different timezone and i was in my usual 9-5 schedule thinking he would be awake.

    Later he explained that and i had to say sorry to him.

    What matters , aside my panicking for nothing at all was the great job and the great explanation he did for me.

    In your own words
    Would i use codeable again ? Sure sure sure 🙂


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    They are a total SCAM tried to work with them got a website that didn’t work and unusable, they said they would give a 40% refund because they claim 60% of work was done. 60% percent of what??? Not even close to what we extensively talked about. Customer service where total A@@holes and basically told me I lost my money. I pulled 2 other projects from them.
    Do a search of them and see all the people saying basically the same thing

    1. Merle’s review is completely false and he is not and has never been a Codeable client. He has mis-represented the details surrounding a project that his business partner was involved in.

      We offered the client a choice of a refund, a replacement expert to take over the project, or if they wanted to keep the work that was done at the point a refund was requested, they could keep the work and choose a partial refund. Since 60% was completed of the project scope, we offered a 40% refund.

      The client initially requested a new expert to take over their project, but after learning about this review and us reaching out to the actual client, the client requested the full refund and not keep any work that was done. We provided a refund as requested.

      Please be careful when reading stuff online, as you know everything on the internet is true, right?

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        David Papandreas is lying again just like he lied to me and my credit card company. They are indeed a scam and ripped me off for over $10k. They misrepresent the capabilities of the developers, they make them charge at least $60/hr which is very high for WP devs and they do not honor their money back guarantee even if they run a project into the ground like mine. I’ve never been this angry at a company in my entire life and intend to do as much legal harm to them in the form of getting my 100% truthful and horrific experience out there for others to see and hopefully avoid these shysters. Hopefully I can cost them much more then they have cost me. My project was promised to be completed in 8-10 week and over 8mo later I had to walk away because I was bounced from dev to dev and the site was not even close to being completed. Then they had the nerve to refuse a refund and blame it on me even though they wasted 8mo of my life, missed any and all deadlines and never got even close to finishing the project. Treat a customer right and they might tell someone, treat them wrong and they will tell EVERYONE. That is my intent. Stay away from Codeable. Thanks to them lying and cheatign me out of over $10k, I will be posting my story everywhere I can and will make every effort possible to put a serious dent in both their reputation and revenues.

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    Hey Nick,

    I have been using codeable for aprox 5 months and I didn’t really know what to expect. Its with great pleasure to report I have only had expert service from my preferred expert! I just went through a successful site upgrade and redesign. My expert didn’t leave the project until it was completely perfect. No grumbling No “I need to take a break”, I had complete confidence from beginning to end. I trust my expert with my life – I mean my site! Kudos to NateEllo!

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    Codeable is a massive scam. Developers are subpar and quality of their work is one of the worst we have experienced. Tried them for 2 projects. We learned our lesson and moved on. Never again.

    Codeable customer service is another story all together. Extremely rude about how projects are handled. Do not have any way to contact them easily except for a stupid chat form.

    1. Natasha, thanks for your comment, but Codeable is not a scam. Quite the opposite, it was founded because there’s so little regulation in the online outsourcing industry (in general) and we wanted to make a difference.

      We do that by significantly improving on the thing you seem to be criticizing the most: our customer service. I’m sorry to hear that your experience (or expectations) weren’t up to par, but our response rate is 6 minutes on average (by a team of 5 in-house support staff) and they are anything but rude. Maybe sometimes direct for some demanding clients, but never rude. And the “stupid” chat form, as you refer to it, is our customer service software (called Intercom), that connects us with sometimes as much as 100 (prospective or existing) clients daily.

      The truth is, that in a service like ours, three parties need to be aligned: the customer, the expert, and us, the service. While this may sometime be impossible (for various reasons, almost never technical but cultural differences and misaligned expectations), we’re succeeding with 98.5% of projects/experience rated with 5/5 stars based on more than 1000 projects completed on a monthly basis and an internal team of 12 people working hard to make sure our vision comes true.

      PS: I’m the founder.

  1. Nick, I’m a developer on codeable and enjoyed your review of the platform. It’s obvious to me that you are a great client on how you presented codeable after some struggles along the way. It’s so nice for us developers when the client understands even when everything doesn’t always go as planned, which does happen but is rare on codeable for the client to be anything other than completely satisfied. All the developers are hand-selected, time-tested and monitored to ensure quality above all else.

    It’s not fair for me to review the service as I work for them but wanted to add some value here to your review.

    I think one last thing for me to mention is how happy the developers who get to work for codeable truly are. As a freelance developer there is no place better than codeable because of how easy they make it for us to do a great job for the clients through the way the platform is designed. You hit the nail on the head, it’s not a race to the bottom with the fair estimates, but instead about delivering the highest quality work for the client throughout the entire process.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions for me or about how codeable works. Thanks – Raleigh

  2. What brought me to Codeable was my frustration with Elance. I’d posted a job there — actually for the redesign of the VirtualAssistantAssistant.com website — transition the site to a new theme, make the necessary customizations, and migrate the data.

    The problem was, out of 45+ applicants on Elance, not ONE really stood out above the crowd and impressed me. After I explained the situation in an email, a friend recommended I check out Codeable.io.

    Perfect, a network of WordPress experts, that’s exactly what I need!

    I posted my project to Codeable but was surprised to only get 1 “bid.” The price was definitely higher than the average Elance bid, but not like crazily outrageously higher — and it was a US-based developer.

    I actually reached out their live chat support to see if only getting 1 bid was typical, and they said they’d reach out a few more developers to take a look at my project. Apparently no one else was too excited about it because no one else bid on it — or they said it looks like this guy’s got it under control and my price would be higher. The way codeable works on pricing is they take the average of all the bids you get so collecting more bids could actually end up costing you more.

    So I awarded the project and we got started. Things were going well. Within a couple days I got an optimistic message about having a test version of the site ready for me to check out by the weekend. And that’s when things started to go off the rails.

    We had a weird data loss issue that set us back a couple weeks. The developer swears he didn’t break it — and I want to believe him — but at the same time it’s a super weird coincidence to have the site break just a couple days after giving him access and never having had an issue in the 4 years prior.

    So we spent some time battling that and recovering the database, before we could move on. Then the guy was out of town, and then sick, and all in all the project took several weeks longer than originally anticipated.

    But I’m happy with the finished product and thankfully wasn’t on any serious time crunch either.

    So that’s my take on Codeable. Would I use them again? Maybe… probably.

    1. Nick,

      Your review was super helpful. I’ve been contemplating hiring through Codeable and your comment just sealed the deal. It seems like you had a positive outcome (with some bs along the way).

      I can tolerate that.

      BTW. Your podcast are awesome. You’re definitely in my weekly rotation. The recent Q & A and the one with the dude who does SEO for Amazon were terrific. Keep up the great work.

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