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UPDATE: Tweaky changed to Elto.com, which appears to either be shut down at the moment or in super-secret startup stealth-mode.

Tweaky is a marketplace for quick website customization projects. These small “tweaks” start at just $39 and are accomplished by a talented cloud-based team of developers.

VAA Tested_smallerTweaky was founded in 2012 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

This is not a virtual assistant service, but it is an interesting outsourcing concept that falls between Fiverr and the big freelance marketplaces. If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’re banging your head against the wall trying to make some small fix on your website or figure out how to do one seemingly simple thing in the code, Tweaky is for you.

tweaky reviewThese small fixes and customizations can be frustrating thorns in your side, and Tweaky takes that pain away. I first learned about the company at a marketing conference in Las Vegas, and was anxious to try them out the next time I had a need.

Today, the nearest alternative is WP Curve, which offers unlimited small WordPress fixes for $79/month.

The advantage over Elance or oDesk is just in the amount of time it takes from initiation to project completion. You’ll still need to create a pretty detailed scope of work for what you want done, but you don’t have to spend any time going through the applications and picking a winner. Tweaky quotes the project a low fixed rate and assigns a competent developer to the job.

I tested it out myself on a fix I’d been procrastinating on for the mobile version of this very website. Even though the theme is responsive,  certain pages looked pretty messed up when viewed on the mobile browser. Here’s an example of what I submitted to Tweaky and asked them to fix:

vaa mobile ugly

They came back with a quote of $39 and I reasoned it would be a worthwhile investment since 20% of the site’s traffic is from mobile users, and that number isn’t getting any smaller.

So I accepted the job and within a couple hours, the mobile site looked a million times better:

vaa mobile nice

Well worth it! Super fast and quality work.

A couple other important things to note. The first was in sharing the WordPress access details. They have a secure system to input your login and password information and I didn’t have to create a separate developer account. I would have probably preferred to use LastPass, but I felt OK with the security level at Tweaky.

Tweaky supports a huge variety of web software, including WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, BigCommerce, MailChimp, AWeber, and much more. Pretty much anything you can think of related to your website, they can handle for you without the potential headache of going through a freelance site.

One thing that might be interesting, that I didn’t bother with, would be to post the same project on Tweaky and on oDesk and see if the rates end up being much different. My hunch is that Tweaky is pretty competitive on price because they’re built specifically for these one-off micro-jobs — jobs the freelancers on oDesk might not be as attracted to or suited to.

Tweaky has a 100% money back guarantee so there’s no risk to try them out. I would just take a backup of your site before handing over the access, just on the off-chance something really blows up beyond repair.

If you want to try Tweaky yourself, use this link to get $10 off your first project. [Tweaky coupon code]

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  1. Just found out that Elto was acquired by GoDaddy who is offering the service as Pro Marketplace. Submit a request and get quotes from three WordPress developers. If this service is anything like their shared hosting, I’d be concerned about the quality.

  2. Elto named themselfs now from Tweaky, just because of a lot of negative reviews on Internet .

    Hands away. very badd ..they destroy my website and cancel project without to make it right….. just cancel and delete all .

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    Tweaky’s Project Managers are BIG IDIOTS! They don’t know what they are doing. Stay away from this company. The people I dealt with was very condescending. The developer I work with was good but the Project Managers needs to be eliminated, they are idiots and useless.

    They changed their name to ELTO.COM because of the negative comments over the internet.

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    I have to agree with all of the above negative remarks. I contacted Tweaky just before X-Mas, and finally decided to pull the trigger just before year’s end. They were very quick to provide me with a quote and take my money, all-in-all very professional, courteous and above board, but after that it was all downhill. The project entailed one tweak, a customized header for text and graphics, probably 1/2 day’s work, and one month into the project the work is still not done.

    Time and again I had to repeat the requirements, often multiple times to the same developer. The developer turnover was astounding. No fewer than 4 different developers were assigned to my case, each bailing for one reason or another, often before work started. The developer that actually started the work, completely misunderstood the requirements and later damaged my site, then tried to blame it on me.

    I have gotten all kinds of explanations and assurances that the work would be done and in a timely way, but very little follow-through, and zero execution. Days will pass in between emails (the only way to speak to their reps), and I am often am not sure who I am talking to as new faces will frequently appear, often without explanation. When issues need to be escalated, there is neither a single point of contact, nor a single accountable person that owns my account. This is the most convoluted, upside down process I have ever witnessed – it is truly broken and not sustainable. I will be asking for a refund soon, and I expect they will give me grief, even though nothing has really been accomplished.

    Frankly, I don’t understand how the reviewer in this article had such a flawless experience when mine was so utterly flawed, from the get go. I am at my wits end, not sure what to do next.


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    Stay away from this company. Without a doubt, Tweaky is the worst website development company I have ever worked with in 10 years of building websites. I thought I’d try them for one project just to see how good they are. It turned out to be a headache inducing waste of time and money.

    1. Poor Communication
    You might think that a project management company specializing in website design would have a great website themselves. The exact opposite is true. Their own website and communication platform is one of the worst I’ve seen. Conversing between client and project manager (PM) is confusing at best. Sharing information is confusing and will cause project delays. Also, the project manager doesn’t bother to read what you typed, causing more delays. My project was delayed for 3 days because the PM said I still had not provided login details for my website. Yet, I had stated this information clearly in my comments on one of my first posts. I should have seen this sign of bad things to come.

    2. Shady Developers
    They found a developer, quoted me a price and we started the project. Four days of not hearing from the developer and finally the PM notifies me that they had to fire the developer due to violation of their terms or policy and they would have to find a new one. It took Tweaky nearly three weeks to find another developer. I should have seen this as a sign of bad things to come.

    3. Incomplete Project & Tweaky Wants More Money
    I gave Tweaky ALL of the information for my project up front, before they quoted me a price. I was very specific about what I wanted to accomplish on this project and stated things very clearly. I also provided detailed JPGs that I put together in photoshop with detailed notes about EXACTLY what I was looking for. Tweaky provided me a quote based off my notes and we started the project. After changing developers, Tweaky found a new developer and the project finally started. This was not a particularly complicated project. I simply wanted some customizations to a WP theme.

    About 50% of the way through the project, the developer stated that all changes were complete and the PM asked me to review the changes. How could this be? There was an entire section of my project deliverables that were not completed. It turns out the developer completed all the to-do items that Tweaky had provided them. I inquired and the PM said there would be an additional cost to complete the other half of my project requests. I was dumbfounded and argued that I had provided ALL of my notes at the beginning of this project, but to no avail. They wanted me more money. This is very shady business practice, but I needed this project completed and agreed with the additional costs.

    4. No Refund!
    About 70% of project complete, Tweaky asked for more money again to complete the project. The PM stated that the developer didn’t realize some additional changes that would be required in order to complete the deliverables. This time they wanted a significant increase in cost from the initial quote. Keep in mind this is the second increase in cost from the initial quote I had agreed to (Initial quote + increase + increase!). This second increase was about 35% more than the initial quote; quite significant.

    At this point I became fed up with Tweaky and demanded a full refund. I did not ask for deliverables; I simply wanted my money returned and to be done with this massive headache. Their response was confusion and they offered a 15% discount on the total project cost. As of now, I am still trying to get my money back from this shady company and the project is still not completed after nearly 3 weeks of delays. They say that they have a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the work but clearly this is not the case.

    Do not use Tweaky. They hare a shady company to say the least. This is my first and last project with them.

    spent a small fortune with them on website edits, and was promised timely delivery of my work.

    First, the work was not done to the required specifications, and our website was left in poor condition.

    This has been going on about 2 weeks, and it is virtually impossible to get hold of anyone at all at Tweaky. To make matters worse, the “developers” give lame excuses
    like saying I “violated [their] terms of use as you have edited the website
    yourself, and hence not eligible for a refund.” At the time I was
    travelling and didn’t even have the login information on me!

    As a startup, I can’t emphasize enough to anyone looking for website edits in an efficient and orderly fashion to STAY AWAY from Tweaky. Their work is SLOPPY AT BEST!
    There are plenty of other developers out there charging far less and working to a more professional standard.


  4. Cheap and super fast. Tweaky looks to be the first place to go to get solutions for those small fixes and customizations that can be very frustrating at times. Also, since Tweaky is not a security risk, I think it’s a great place to get those small glitches repaired.

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