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Task Network is a Canadian based virtual assistant company with their head office in Toronto, Canada, and their fulfillment office in Metro Manila, Philippines. The company was founded in 2014 by founder and president Eric Opinion.

About Task Network

task network reviewThe company’s head office is in Toronto, Canada. The company’s directive is to provide businesses with highly-skilled, cost-effective, offshore assistants to apply their expertise to administrative support, customer support, technical support, and more.

They employ their virtual assistants in the Philippines, allowing them to offer competitive rates. This allows business owners to focus on other areas of their business while handing over tasks to skilled assistants at TaskNetwork.ca to carry out.

When you sign up with Task Network you will receive a consultation to best understand your requirements. You will then be assigned a virtual assistant with the necessary skills to carry out the work. The company puts their candidates through a screening and interview process to ensure their skills match up with your requirements, and you have a point of contact within their management team should you have any problems.

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Task Network’s virtual assistants can handle a wide variety of tasks. In summary this includes:

  • administrative work
  • technical support
  • IT support
  • customer service
  • ordering support
  • data entry
  • general ad-hoc tasks

You’re best off contacting them and giving as much detail as possible about what tasks you want to hand over and how long you expect the tasks to take. This will give you a good idea about how well equipped they are to handle your tasks, and how quickly they can turn the work around.

Plans and Pricing

The company currently has one package. This is for a full-time virtual assistant working 8 hours a day, 176 hours a month. For a quotation on price you need to contact Task Network directly as prices vary depending on the required skillset of the assistant.

Task Networks Alternatives

While there are no shortage of virtual assistant companies in the Philippines, there aren’t a lot of well-known virtual assistant companies based in Canada. If you prefer to work with local companies and you’re in Canada then check out Task Network.

If you’re comfortable doing a little more of the legwork in hiring, you might consider OnlineJobs.ph, the largest virtual job board in the country, and if you don’t quite have enough work to keep a full-time VA busy, take a look at TaskBullet, which offers smaller buckets of hours that can be used over a 3 month period.

Your Turn

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    Employees can barely speak English and I have personally lost clients due to this. I have data to back this up.

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    Task Network
    Toronto Eaton Centre
    250 Yonge Street, Suite 2201
    Toronto, Ontario M5B 2L7

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    This document serves as a 30-day evaluation of Margo F. Margo has been working for our company – on my team – for the past 30 days as a Marketing Administrative Associate, Margo has been focused 100% on HubSpot tasks.

    Margo has a positive attitude, she’s polite, and is always respectful. Margo is very responsive in email, Chat, and through Hubspot. I have found Margo to have a good attention to detail. All of these traits have allowed Margo to fit in nicely with our company’s fast-paced culture.

    In HubSpot, Margo is demonstrating that she is retaining the tasks she is being trained on. We are purposefully having Margo master a task in HubSpot before retaining her on additional tasks. After one (1) month, I am satisfied that she is progressing on learning the assigned HubSpot tasks as expected. We are using real data (real contacts and real companies) to train Margo on tasks in HubSpot because we trust her.

    Margo attends a daily 15- minute meeting with Katelyn – Company’s HubSpot expert. Margo and Katelyn use this time for training, answering questions, and discussing upcoming tasks for the day. Margo and Katelyn also talk throughout the day as needed in HubSpot. I check-in with Margo daily via chat and have a standing Friday afternoon meeting to learn how her week went (e.g., What did you learn, what were the challenges, what is coming up next week).

    I have zero concerns about Margo after 30-days. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her as she continues to master HubSpot. Her role is critical because she ensures our contact database is clean and up-to-date.

    Thank you.
    Jason D.
    Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

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    Scam company…employees don’t live up to their word and virtual assistants are never on track. Time zone difference has really affected my business since they are in the Philippines. Take my advice and don’t outsource your business, at least not with Task Network.

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    this company is a scam.. my friends and i sent our resume a very long time ago and received an email that the video resume that they asked from us was accepted and we’re scheduled for an interview.. but no one get back to us.. we sent emails and follow ups regarding the interview but we received no reply.. I heard from a forum that this company just collect resumes and sell it..

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