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Brandmark is a logo design company that uses AI technology to generate logos based on some color and design specifications from you.

They are one of the newer AI-powered logo design companies in the space starting operations in August, 2017, and are based in Vancouver, Canada.

About Brandmark

The company was founded by Jack Qiao, an electrical systems engineer turned web developer. Jack has developed a suite of AI-powered design tools, with the Brandmark logo maker being one of his tools.

Brandmark said their target customers are small business owners looking to re-brand, new online businesses, and bloggers with a need for affordable logo designs.

The advantages of using an AI-powered logo design service is the speed in which you can produce logos (literally within 1-2 minutes), and the lower price point due to no human manpower being involved.

Brandmark do have some in-house logo designers on hand to help if you purchase their Enterprise package however, and a customer service team ready to handle any questions.


There are just a few quick and easy steps to follow and you will be flicking through finished designs in a matter of minutes.

  • Step 1 – Type in your business name and tagline (optional).
  • Step 2 – Type in some brand keywords (this helps the AI select some relevant images and fonts).
  • Step 3 – Choose a color style from the 4 options provided.

That’s all there is to it.

You will then be shown a number of different logos. You’ll see there are various fonts and colors used, some will have small images, and there will be dozens of combinations and crossovers.

You can click on any of the designs and change either the font or the colors before deciding too, so you have a lot of control over the finished logo.

Plans and Pricing

You can practice generating logos as much as you like for free. So, you can design, tweak your color choices and layout, and change the images etc without having to commit to paying, or even signing up for an account.

You only pay for your logos when you’re 100% happy with the design. Then there are three different pricing options to choose from:

  • Basic – $25, you can download a PNG file of your logo.
  • Designer – $65, you can download a PNG file, print-quality vector, business card designs, letterhead designs, Facebook cover designs, social media icons and app icons, and make additional changes at any time.
  • Enterprise – $175, you can download a PNG file, print-quality vector, business card designs, letterhead designs, Facebook cover designs, social media icons and app icons, make additional changes at any time, and you have access to 10 design concepts from Brandmark’s in-house logo design team.

After making a purchase you then have access to their online brand asset studio where you can continue to customize your designs for other uses such as social media platforms.

Brandmark Alternatives

Another company operating on a very similar business model and pricing structure worth checking out is Looka. Seeing as both Looka and Brandmark let you design your logos for free before choosing it makes sense to try both platforms.

Brandmark say they have the edge over their competitors by providing better, and more unique logo designs. As well as priding themselves on having excellent customer service.

If you can’t find a logo you’re happy with from AI-powered design platforms like these I recommend trying Fiverr for an inexpensive option and access to hundreds of logo design gigs, or 99designs where you will receive designs from several different designers to choose from.

Your Turn

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    I purchased the Brandmark Designer package and have been unable to access the items that were created. I requested help via their support email but have not received a response. I’ve requested a refund from Brandmark.

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