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ADAZA is a marketplace that helps connect independent sales professionals with new companies looking to utilize freelance sales reps to accelerate their growth and reach new markets.

The company was formed by four software veterans in 2015 and is backed by the SAP, one of the world’s leading technology companies. Their head office is in Palo Alto, CA.


There are four co-founders behind ADAZA; CEO David Brockington, Head of Sales, Scott MacKenzie, CTO, Vivek Ranjan, and Engineering Manager, Damien Murphy.

Their target customers are companies or enterprise startups looking for salespeople to help accelerate their growth.


ADAZA provides the platform for companies and sales reps to work together. To protect the integrity of their platform and their sales reps’ time, they carefully vet each startup or company that comes in requesting sales support.

How Adaza Works


Think of ADAZA as sales-as-a-service: “Augment your sales team with a network of veteran freelance sales pros.”

If you’ve been focusing on product development, it might not make sense to bring on a full-time sales staff yet, and that’s where Adaza comes in. Their reps work on a performance basis to generate leads and customers for growing businesses.

They aim to match experienced freelance sales reps with products and companies that fit their areas of expertise and network, making it faster and easier than ever to scale up your proactive sales efforts.

Plans and Pricing

The cool thing about ADAZA is that as a vendor or employer, you only pay for successful sales or referrals. It’s all on a performance basis.

(The company presumably takes a cut of each sale too to pay the bills.)

ADAZA Alternatives

Adaza is the first company of this kind of I’ve come across. This type of skilled on-demand workforce has been attempted in other verticals like web development, graphic design, and copywriting, but not necessarily in sales yet — at least as far as I’ve seen.

If you’re not quite at the enterprise sales level yet, you might consider a company like Prialto to support your existing sales team, a service like Outbounders to do cold calling for you, or a platform like Upwork to find a freelance sales pro to help you land more customers.

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