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XPlace is a large freelance marketplace. The company is based in Los Angeles, US, and they have development offices in the Ukraine and Israel. Their freelancers are based all over the world.

Their focus is to provide a marketplace for freelancers to connect with businesses, making it easy for business owners to find freelancers with the exact skillset they need, for a cost-effective price.

About XPlace

xplace-reviewThe company is headed up by co-founder Allon Mason and they have been in business since 2004. This makes them one of the longest running freelance marketplaces, with 12 years experience. 

XPlace has a huge database of freelancers and literally hundreds of categories for you to choose from, enabling you to niche down to a specific skill to help you with your business. Their platform is very easy to use, their categories are grouped clearly, and it doesn’t take long select the skills you want and see the profiles of the freelancers meeting your requirements.

For example, when I searched “WordPress”, I found around 2700 available freelancers. I found around 1100 entries for “Administrative Assistant”, though very few of those appear to have made any sales on the platform.


XPlace has a long list of skills their database of freelancers cover, over 500 in fact! Far too many to list here, it’s safe to assume that you’re going to find a freelancer with the skillset you need to help you with the tasks are you looking to outsource.

It’s important to remember that XPlace offers a platform for freelancers and business owners to connect. You’re not hiring a dedicated virtual assistant they have vetted and trained. To find the best freelancer always read their profiles thoroughly, look at the feedback and ratings left by previous clients they have worked with, and compare against some other freelancers before making a decision.

Plans and Pricing

They operate on a “SAAS model,” or recurring monthly membership fee, rather than taking a cut of each project. Since they’re charging the freelancers and not taking project fees, the overall prices should theoretically be lower than other marketplaces and weed out some of the less serious job candidates. (After all, they had to pay to play.)

XPlace has 3 pricing plans for freelancers:

  • 1 Month Subscription – $26
  • 3 Month Subscription – $70
  • 12 Month Subscription – $217

For employers, it’s free to post jobs.

Xplace Alternatives

Alternatives to XPlace are other large platforms like Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, and Freelancer.com, all of which allow you to connect with thousands of freelancers from all over the world.

When asked what sets them apart from their competitors, XPlace said, “What sets XPlace apart is no commissions on projects. If a freelancer is awarded a $10k project, he gets the full $10k (vs. up to 20% on Upwork or Fiverr). Also, XPlace’s model is SAAS-based and therefore doesn’t charge commission to its users. Other differentiators include the project management and deal flow tools that XPlace makes available to its freelancers and buyers of freelance services.”

Your Turn

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  1. Hi there,
    Am a freelance designer/music producer willing to try out xplace (the one month subscription as a trial),but haven’t quite decided.Was hoping to get more satisfactory insight to help me decide on whether it’s worth trying, considering there are other similar free sites.Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect (especially in terms of number of clients and payments)as a rookie freelancer(design/music services) on xplace.Any reviews or testimonials from current or former xplace freelancers would be helpful.

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    75 euros for 3 months subscription for designers.
    RIP Designers. Not good for logo designs or stuff.

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    • Not Rated

    May 2017: XPlace looks good unless you are in the US and need a VA in your time zone. I signed up, then found there is no geographic-area search/filtering capability (confirmed via XPlace tech support). All talent resources were based in Israel (8 hours difference), which is fine except my company needed a VA whose hours of operation are closer to our time zone (US/Eastern).

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