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Wing Assistant is a virtual assistant company specializing in connecting businesses, startups, and execs with experienced, dedicated virtual assistants.

The company is headquartered in Berkeley, CA. Their virtual assistants are distributed across the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, and North America.

About Wing Assistant

The company started operations in 2018 and is headed up by a business management team consisting of Karan Kanwar (CEO), Roland Polzin (CMO), Saideep Gupta (CTO), and Martin Gomez (COO).

The interesting thing about Wing Assistant – and something that separates them from other VA companies – is the broad scope of their services.

You can request everything from complex business tasks, such as online research or bookkeeping, to simple PA tasks like setting reminders or ordering stuff online for you.

Wing Assistant also uses a combination of human virtual assistants and “cutting-edge artificial intelligence” to fulfill requests.

This helps them respond to requests faster and is also what helps them deal with such a broad scope of tasks.

Wing Assistant markets their services to everyone from busy individuals, to teams in need of general assistance, to execs looking for an additional team member to fill a role.

Once you’ve signed up for a plan, you can literally send a voice note to your assistant via an app. You can make it more of a concierge or personal assistant service than a business relationship if that’s what you’re looking for.

How Wing Assistant Works

Once you’ve signed up with Wing, there is a team of assistants on-hand waiting to help with whatever your requests are.

There is a simple streamlined process in place as follows:

  • Ask for help – You can text, call, or contact Wing via various apps like Slack and Whatsapp with the task you need help with.
  • They get to work – Once the request is received, your assistant will get to work on it. They’ll keep you updated on their progress and you can contact them with additional information at any time.
  • Check the results – All that’s left to do is check your assistant has completed the task to your satisfaction!

Wing Assistant Services

There aren’t many tasks Wing Assistant will not take off your hands. In fact, they say “As long as it’s legal and possible, we can do it.”

To give you a better idea of the most popular tasks Wing Assistant handles, they group their services into the following categories:

  • Amazon Assistant
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Real Estate Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Sales Caller
  • General Assistant

But as they said, there are no limits (within reason) to what their assistants can do for you. Whatever your tasks are, it’s worth reaching out and speaking with a member of their team to see if they can help.

On their site, Wing Assistant lists some interesting tasks they’re happy to take on, such as collecting rent from tenants and delivering a 6-pack of beer in a hurry!

Wing Assistant Plans and Pricing

Wing Assistant has 3 “unlimited” pricing plans. All of their plans have a fixed monthly fee, and for that fee, you get a set number of users and hours of access to your assistant.

Here is a complete list of their pricing plans at the time of publishing:

  1. Part-Time – $599 per month for 4 hours/day access to assistants Mon-Fri.
  2. Full-Time – $999 per month for all-day access to assistants Mon-Fri.
  3. Full-Time 2X – $1,899 per month for all-day access to two assistants Mon-Fri.

If you don’t see a plan that meets your requirements, Wing Assistant’s sales staff are happy to discuss creating a custom plan.

Wing Assistant Alternatives

Wing Assistant is a kind of cross between services like Magic and overseas virtual assistant providers.

Magic is an on-demand AI-powered concierge agent that can help perform basic tasks via text message. So, there is some overlap with the services Wing Assistant offers.

If you want to work with a dedicated assistant at a comparable hourly rate to what Wing Assistant is offering, I recommend checking out any of the top-rated Philippines-based VA companies.

BELAY and ClearDesk would be great alternatives.

Your Turn

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2 Reviews

  1. One of the worst companies I’ve ever done business with.

    Our new start-up paid Wing a “deposit” after being promised a Social Media Assistant within 2-4 weeks of onboarding call. Our entire start-up production schedule was setup based on the 2-4 week Wing promise.

    Wing stood us up TWICE on our initial onboarding call, with an automated “email apology” within minutes after the calls were scheduled. The email apologies were obviously automated since we also received the EXACT SAME APOLOGY MESSAGE minutes later, addressed to someone else, in our email address “by mistake”.

    TEN WEEKS AFTER eventual onboarding call, we emailed Wing for status with no response from Wing. After being ignored, emailed Wing a week later to cancel as our production schedule was now way behind, and also requested refund of our “deposit”.

    Wing rep responded and offered to “expedite” our assistant, (expediate? after waiting TEN weeks? really?). Wing rep also stated there are no refunds but “he would see what he could do about our refund”. (eyeroll).

    We never received a refund on our deposit, nor a Wing Assistant, wasting our time and money. Furthermore, we lost several weeks of production blindly waiting on Wing.

    The arrogance of Wing to take money and not provide any services makes me happy that I didn’t go any further with them.

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    • 22222

    I’ve used wing for a month. While I did not achieve the sales results I was hoping call, overall their service is acceptable. My target audience was not receptive of cold calling as we planned and hence I am not renewing.

    Their talent is good, I was given a choice of who to hire based on a recorded introduction. The caller was communicative over a whatsapp group we created. There were some hiccups where thr caller started later than the time agreed, and a time where we had to put a pause for 2 days to rethink the calling strategy and enhance it for better results. Towards the end of contract the caller disappeared but I was refunded.

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