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UPDATE: As of 2020, it appears Virtual Helper 24/7 is offline. Please see below for alternatives.

Virtual Helper 24/7 is a professional virtual assistant company headquartered in Australia with virtual offices in Hong Kong and Taguig City in the Philippines. The company was founded in 2012 and has since grown to employ hundreds of virtual assistants.

As you can tell from their slick conversion-optimized website, these guys are professional marketers at the very least.

About Virtual Helper 24/7

virtual helper 247 reviewVirtual Helper 247 is a rapidly growing business that focuses on offering virtual assistant services to small and medium businesses, including both online and “brick and mortar” operations. With clients drawn from across the globe, the company serves the needs of businesses in a variety of industries.

Some of the industries targeted by the company include ecommerce, real estate companies, medical practitioners, legal experts, fashion and design and education related institutions.

The Staff

The staff at Virtual Helper 24/7 is mainly comprised of professional college graduates drawn from different fields as well as a 3-tier management team that oversees the operations at the overseas offices to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Many employees have experience in virtual assistance and BPO work in the past and the CEO explained they have a rigorous recruitment process to bring on high caliber candidates.

Virtual Helper 24/7 Intro Video

Who do you think they’re targeting with this video?



Virtual Helper 24/7 offers a wide range of professional business services including:

  • Website design and development
  • Graphics design
  • Social marketing
  • Video creation
  • Social account creation
  • Content creation and article writing
  • Internet marketing
  • Data entry
  • Video creation and video marketing

These are a sampling of the services offered, but in general, anything that can be done remotely is on the table and they may be able to put together a custom service package to meet your specific needs.

The company always aims to match clients with a virtual assistant specialized and trained in the area you need the most support in.

Plans and Pricing

Virtual Helper 247 offers you three main pricing options. They are as follows-:

virtual helper 247 pricing

1VA + 1 Manager – in this option, you have access to one virtual assistant and one manager and 80 hours of work per month covering between one and two skill levels. This option is available for $397 per month.

2VA’s + 1 Manager – this is the second option which features 160 hours of work per month covering between 2 – 4 skill levels. With this plan, you will have access to two virtual assistants with one manager and it is available from $696 per month.

3VA’s + 2 Managers – with this option, you will have access to three virtual assistants and two managers. It’s worth 240 hours of work per month and you have access to all the skill set available in the company. The subscription for this particular package is $997 per month.

However, they seem to run special discount offers fairly frequently. At press time, I found this one offering 160 hours of support from 3 different VAs for only $297 per month.

virtual helper 247 special pricing

That amounts to just $1.85 per hour, which seems too good to be true, even in the Philippines. I mean, they’ve still got to pay for equipment, office space, and 3 tiers of management, right?

I’m not sure how they’re getting this done and still making money because the weird thing is the messaging says to “lock in” this rate today. (It would make much more sense as an introductory rate.)

I haven’t yet had a chance to test Virtual Helper 24/7 out myself … though at these prices I guess I’d be dumb not to! I’ll be sure to report back a full review when I do.

Virtual Helper 24/7 Alternatives

If you are searching for the services of a virtual assistant company and you are not comfortable dealing with Virtual Helper 247 for one reason or the other, you have a number of options in the Philippines to consider.

The top-rated options at the moment include the Virtual Staff Finder recruiting service, the OnlineJobs.ph jobs board, and more traditional set-ups like Task Bullet.

Have you had any experience with Virtual Helper 24/7? Kindly share a brief review of your experience to help other people make decision their decision.

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    Before you sign up with this company, ask first and foremost if they have staff with the skill sets to do your job. Ask for sample work etc. I was looking forward to a long working relationship but, it didn’t happen.

    I had to cancel my account. I didn’t get what I needed done. Communication was another big issue. Now, I’m still waiting for them to credit my account.

    1. Sal – thank you for trying VH247. We are sorry that you weren’t satisfied with the results. However, we would like to clarify that we communicated as best we could. There was a lag on one instance when you made a request. Re: communication, it would have been great if you could have provided us with a heads-up on the timing that you needed so we could have prioritized this over the weekend for you. We received a request from you on Friday, September 9th and by the time we followed up on September 11th, we were notified that you had already hired someone else. We apologize again that the experience was not ideal. Going forward, we’ll learn from this and ensure that we communicate clearly with our clients on the need for us to understand the level of timing urgency for all requests. Thank you and we wish you the very best on your site. If anyone would like to inquire about our services, please feel free to chat with us.

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    • 11111

    I’ve made a nightmare experience with virtualhelper247. This is in my opinion one of the worst virtual assistant companies ever! After I signed up with them.. I’ve noticed that only a small portion of the work is being done properly.. and eventhough I complained many times.. nothing changed.. so I cancelled my membership! But virtualhelper247 continued charging my credit card after I cancelled my membership. I sent them many emails asking them to stop charging my credit card and issue me a refund but never got an answer! So I had to call my credit card company to recharge the amount. But Virtualhelper247 tried to charge my credit card month after month, so eventually I had to cancel my credit card and replace it with a new one in order to stop them from charging me again. Insane.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    I am extremely pleased with the service I’ve received.

    Because of the excellent work Anna has been doing, I’ve dismissed a higher priced, US based VA.

    Krystal has been doing excellent social networking postings, so I don’t have to worry or even think about it.

    Joseph has done the task I assigned him and took the initiative to go way beyond and do even more.

    All of my projects have been done well. I really appreciate the assistance.

    • 44444
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    • 55555

    Vincent Cabilin did great animation for me. He was willing to be flexible and adaptable and bring lots of pieces together to make my concept work. Thanks Vincent for all your hard work.

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    • 22222
    • 11111

    I recently signed up with them worst mistake ever.
    1. They are very slow – I feel this is deliberate.
    2. We are still building a one page sales page for 4 weeks. I have cancelled and they were trying to get me back. Not interested it is a waste of good time.

    Do yourself a favor RUN RUN away from this service its a joke.

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