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Virtual Emily is a US-based virtual assistant company that has been in business for 10 years.

Their head office is based in Miami, Florida, and their assistants work remotely all over the world.

About Virtual Emily

Virtual Emily ReviewThe company is owned by Vantech Group, a consulting and outsourcing company specializing in providing sales and outsourcing operations for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and executives.

CEO and founder Jose Da Silva has more than 10 years’ experience in the financial sector and started. He said he created Virtual Emily to provide a “Virtual CEO experience” to entrepreneurs and business owners, regardless of where they are located.

Their target customers are entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to outsource some of their workloads at a lower cost than employing someone in-house.

How Virtual Emily Works

Virtual Emily supply either part-time or full-time assistants, which they refer to as “Emily’s”.

Virtual Emily recommends getting started by taking a 4-hour free trial and say it will, “change the way you look at outsourcing forever.”

Assuming you’re happy with their service, you can discuss your requirements in more detail. Then, a member of their team will pick the best-suited Emily to work with you.

Once you’ve been introduced to your Emily you can then start working with them and communicating directly with them from there.


Virtual Emily’s assistants are ready and willing to take any tasks off your hands that can be completed remotely.

To give you a better idea of the areas they specialize in, they group their Emily’s into the following categories of skill sets:

  • Admin Emily – Invoicing, documents, admin work, calendar management, and more.
  • Marketing Emily – Social media management, webmaster tasks, marketing campaigns, and more.
  • Data Emily – Research, data entry, lead generation, and more.
  • Sales Emily – Business development, following up leads, sales calls, and more.

Plans and Pricing

Virtual Emily’s pricing is very straightforward.

You can either hire a part-time or a full-time assistant, and the same flat hourly rate of around $9.40 applies.

The two monthly plans are as follows:

  • Part-Time Assistant – $750 per month for 4 hours a day.
  • Full-Time Assistant – $1,500 per month for 8 hours a day.

Virtual Emily Pricing

If you sign up for a part-time assistant you will be assigned several Emily’s. This allows them to offer a wider set of skills, and they share your workload working up to 4 hours per day.

Their full-time plan gives you access to a dedicated assistant if you so wish. This is the plan for those who want to develop a working relationship with the same assistant and really integrate them as part of their team and business.

They offer a 4-hour free trial and recommend taking this as an introduction to their service.

Virtual Emily Alternatives

Virtual Emily is not completely transparent in regard to where their assistants are based, just stating that they are able to “live anywhere and get hired.” (Though the rates do give you a hint that they’ll be located in lower cost-of-living countries.)

If those rates are within your budget, Uassist.ME (El Salvador) and My Tasker (India) might be worth a look.

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    Absolutely terrible. The CEO often fails to pay his workers’ health insurance and salaries. This causes the Emily’s to stay home or not work the following days. The moral is extremely low because the CEO and one other employee are abusive to some of the Emily’s. We have lost amazing assistants because of this, they make it hell to work there and it is all ego-driven.

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