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UPDATE: It appears Virtual Clouding is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives.

Virtual Clouding is virtual assistant outsourcing company in India. The business was founded in 2009 as a labor force “cloud” service to go alongside the rise of the hosting and data storage cloud.

Virtual Clouding offers a variety of virtual services, including administrative support, research tasks, customer service, web development, and more. You get a dedicated virtual assistant, but they may subcontract out your tasks to someone else better qualified to complete the job.

virtual clouding reviewThey claim to have a staff of 100 people working around the clock to meet the needs of clients in different time zones.

The rates for Virtual Clouding vary on how many hours you’d like to use their service each month. The entry-level plan is just $15 a month and includes one hour of outsourced tasks, with additional time available at $15 an hour.

For $120 a month, you can get 10 hours of time, and for $360 you can get 40. Obviously the dollars per hour cost goes down with the more time you buy.

My favorite has to be the massive “Unlimited” plan, which grants you 720 hours for $3600 a month. That’s the equivalent of 4 and a half full-time employees!

No word on how Virtual Clouding is tracking the hours spent, or whether higher-skilled tasks like programming burn hours at a faster rate. From what I can tell, the time is use-it-or-lose it; unused hours won’t roll over to the next month.

They’ll also quote project-based work if you don’t want to sign on for a recurring billing, although there are no long-term commitments.

Now, Virtual Clouding and I got off on the wrong foot. They decided to post a spammy comment on this site a couple years ago, and when I played dumb and asked for more details, they never replied.

A year after that, I contacted them through their website, but again, never got a response. Indeed, their site and social media accounts have not been updated since late 2011. So they might no longer be open for business.

For a more responsive alternative virtual assistant company, check out My Tasker or 24/7 Virtual Assistant. The rates are similar and they have generated positive feedback here on VAA.

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