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Vidchops is a US-based company specializing in video editing. They operate on a subscription-based model, offering video editing tasks for a flat monthly fee.

The company was founded in 2016 and their headquarters is based in Atascadero, California. Their team of video editors are based in the US, India, and the Philippines.

About Vidchops

The company was founded by current CEO Augie Johnson. Augie started Vidchops to help video content creators spend more time on recording and releasing videos and less time editing.

Most of their clients are YouTubers and vloggers. But whatever your business is, if you have video you need editing, they’re happy to do this for you. They have a bank of royalty-free stock audio and video to help enhance your videos too.

How Vidchops Works

Vidchops have a streamlined 3-step process that takes you from your raw video file to a finished product.

  1. Register for an account and sign up with the pricing plan that best fits your needs. (Get $200 off your first month through our referral link!)
  2. Vidchops uses Dropbox to send and receive files. Set up an account if you don’t have one, and then you’re set to start uploading your raw video files.
  3. Access your dashboard and fill out all the necessary information about what you want done to your videos. You can track the progress of the editing and will be notified when your videos are finished and ready to be picked up from Dropbox.


Vidchops specialize in video editing. This means they can edit just about any type of video for whatever reason you want. They can cut bits out, add snippets, add stock video and audio, and work with you to create the video you want.

To give you an idea of the most commonly requested video types/formats, they group their services into the following categories:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Instagram Videos
  • Beauty Videos
  • Online Courses

Plans and Pricing

Vidchops currently have three different pricing plans. They offer two monthly flat-rate plans if you have ongoing video editing tasks you need to be completed or a one-off fee for a single edit.

A complete list of their plans at the time of publishing is:

  1. Single Chops – $119 one-off fee for 1 edit.
  2. Weekly Chops – $295 per month for 4 edits.
  3. Unlimited Chops – $595 per month for unlimited edits.

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Both of their monthly plans give you access to a dedicated account manager and guaranteed 48-hour turnaround time.

This means if you opt for their Unlimited Chops plan, you’re able to receive around 15 videos a month at worst. That works out at about $40 per video edited, which is a competitive rate.

Vidchops Alternatives

An alternative service worth considering is Video Husky, which offers a similar monthly video editing service. If you don’t have an ongoing need for video editing, you can often find affordable help on Fiverr.

It may also worth checking out any of the highly-rated virtual assistant companies. With a pool of virtual assistants, many have video editors available on staff.

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  1. Actually they bill their unlimited plan as “unlimited” but on their very own website they hide away in FAQs that it is at most 8-12 videos per month and a 48 hour turnaround time per video. Only working on 1 video at a time.

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    We really like Vidchops. Unlike most video editors I’ve hired in the past these guys are really talented. I can tell they really train up their editors. They are prompt to get back to me and have helped me grow my business.

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