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Talent Gurus is an outsourcing company in Hyderabad, India.  The firm is a subsidiary of Sai People Solutions, Inc., a business with more than 20 years of experience in offshore staffing. Where Sai was focused on Fortune 500 companies and other large clients, Talent Gurus launched in 2005 to address the emerging demand for personal and small business outsourcing.

talent gurus reviewAside from virtual assistant and administrative work, Talent Gurus specializes in customer service, search engine optimization, accounting, web design and development, and even telemarketing.

Their professional VAs are well-trained and work from the company’s modern and managed facility in India. By running multiple shifts, Talent Gurus can offer 24-hour a day support for your business.

Many customers use Talent Gurus as an extension of their marketing department. You virtual assistant can help set up and manage social media accounts, do keyword research and pay-per-click marketing, and create unique content for users and search engines to pick up.

You’ll have to contact Talent Gurus for a personalized quote as specific prices aren’t given. For virtual assistants, the company says rates range from $4-10/hour, but vary depending on your requirements.

The company is not forthcoming with the different hourly plans available, if any, but they do mention you will be assigned a dedicated virtual assistant. Their homepage offers a 2-day free trial so you can test out their services risk-free.

If you’re considering a virtual assistant in India, you might also consider 24/7 Virtual Assistant or My Tasker, both of which have collected strong reviews from customers.

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    In short, I am impressed.

    Talent Gurus is the fourth VA company I have used and the only one I am sticking with. They deliver quality results in a timely manner and are professional, communicate well, *consistent*, and use good judgment. There is a learning curve in how to write up tasks, but these guys are more intuitive and better trained than other places. The difference is that Talent Gurus gives you what you really want, while some others just meet your (minimum) requirements.

    There are other good VAs out there, but Talent Gurus delivers consistent quality on deadlines with flexible pricing and no 30-minute time limit on tasks. (This time limit was a huge problem for me with other companies.) The affordability is great, too. Most of their customers are small / startup businesses (like me), and their flexibility really caters to us.

    If you have a small business and are shopping around for a VA, save yourself the time. Talent Gurus is who you want. Since I signed up for a business VA with them, I have signed up for a personal one, too, and recommended them to friends, family, and business associates. In less than two weeks with my business VA, my business productive shot up, my stress level dropped, I got my time back, and I was actually happy to be in business again.

    Liam Hickey
    Willpower Careers

    Reminder: You do need to learn how to write tasks with any VA to save time on the back-and-forth and get the results you want. I made a task template with headers of Task, Audience, Purpose, Target Date, Specifics, etc.

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