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SEOLIX is a digital marketing company offering a wide range of virtual assistant services. Although they supply part and full-time virtual assistants to help with day-to-day business tasks, as their name suggests, they specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The company has been in business since 2009. They are a global company, all of their staff work remotely from locations including the US, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, and Luxembourg.


SeoLix ReviewThe company was founded by current CEO and Chief Consultant Dean Mayor. They have the headline, “World’s best digital marketing company 3 years in a row,” on their homepage, so it’s fair to have high expectations.

When asked what services they provide, Dean told me, “We provide end-to-end digital marketing solutions; some of them are web designing, SEO, backlink creation, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, and providing services of virtual assistants.”

Browsing their site, the core of their services are SEO packages — building links and social signals to give your site a boost in the search engine results.

They list their competitive advantage as the cost-effectiveness of their services. And based on their SEO packages, it does look like you’re getting a lot for your money. This is due to them using overseas staff in the Philippines and India.


You can hire a part-time or full-time virtual assistant and work with them directly handing over just about any business task that can be completed remotely.

If you have a Shopify store, they have assistants specializing in the Shopify software so you can hand over the day-to-day maintenance of your store and focus on growing your business.

The core of SEOLix’s business, however, is their set price SEO packages, and there are literally dozens of different packages to choose from.

Most are related to generating backlinks, which are an important ranking factor to improve your organic reach in Google.

Their two “flagship products” are:

  1. Google Frontier 2.0
  2. Internet Marketing Legion

Both of these are SEO packages that include various backlinks from web properties, social signals, content creation, and all the other elements that go into improving the authority of a website or the individual ranks for specific keywords.

Looking through some of the other services they have various “bundles” including a number of web 2.0 links, directory submissions, social bookmarking, and so on.

It’s worth keeping in mind that there are no guarantees when buying SEO services.

A combination of great content, links, and proper on and off-page SEO techniques is the recipe for improved keyword rankings, but a company cannot, and should never try to guarantee you’ll rank at the top for your chosen keywords.

Plans and Pricing

You can hire a part-time virtual assistant for $295 per month and a full-time assistant for $495 per month. Yes, that’s incredibly inexpensive, and probably the lowest price I’ve seen for a full-time VA.

SeoLix Pricing

Most of their SEO packages are in the $100-$300 per month range. As I mentioned above, there are a lot of different packages to choose from and they scale up the number of links as the price increases.

SEOLix Alternatives

Due to the importance of SEO to web-based businesses, most virtual assistant companies offer SEO support or packages. Wervas is another firm that specializes in SEO.

If you’re looking to outsource overseas there are a number of highly rated companies in the Philippines worth checking out.

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    You don’t get VAs as good as these guys who genuinely care about your business. I am super impressed.

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    Guys at SEOLIX are the best VAs I’ve come across. I currently have 2 VAs – 1 writer and 1 linkbuilder. They send me reports everyday – not a single day is being missed. If the usual VA can’t make it for some reason they immediately reassign a new guy so that I don’t miss out anything – everything happens like clockwork. Not to mention their team is extremely friendly. I’d thrown some complex out of scope tasks which they accepted with a real positive attitude. Best bang for bucks for my business overall. Highly recommended 10/10

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