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Retail-Outsource is a virtual assistant company specializing in providing quality customer service assistance and back-end admin support to e-commerce businesses.

They are a relatively new company, starting operations in October 2018, although their management team have a number of years’ experience in online business.

About Retail-Outsource

Retail-Outsource ReviewThe company is headed up by Company Director, Joseph Sebastian, and Head of Operations, Aaron Baker.

Their head offices are based in London, and all of their virtual assistants are located in contact centers in India.

Retail-Outsource specializes in providing customer support to e-commerce businesses. Primarily eBay sellers, Amazon sellers, and e-commerce sites fulfilling their own products.

Their agents are available 24-7 to handle incoming questions and queries, either by phone or web chat, and they can handle a wide range of other customer support services that can be handled remotely.

Retail-Outsource say all of their agents are experienced in handling multiple chats at a time, skilled with a number of software applications and computer languages and have at least 2 years’ experience in their roles.

How Retail-Outsource Works

When you sign up with Retail-Outsource a member of their team will give you instructions on how to set up and use the software and systems they use.

Retail-Outsource uses Urban Seller to integrate their client’s online selling channels with theirs, Outsource Live Chat to manage web chats, and Posting Schedule to integrate social media channels.

From there you hand over all of your customer services needs to their team in India as per your instructions. They work 24/7 Monday to Sunday, so you have covered around the clock.


Retail-Outsource provides a wide range of services to help manage the customer services behind e-commerce businesses.

They can take live web chat, emails, and messages off your hands, as well as handling your social media accounts.

You’ll receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports detailing all the calls and messages that have been taken, as well as transcripts and performance indicators.

Plans and Pricing

Retail-Outsource have three different pricing plans for each of their core services; answering messages and providing a live chat service.

Their message packages are priced per the number of messages their agent’s answer in the month, and are as follows:

  • Bronze M Package – £150 ($190) per month for 500 messages answered.
  • Silver M Package – £250 ($322) per month for 1,500 messages answered.
  • Gold M Package – £450 ($580) per month for 3,000 messages answered.

Retail-Outsource Pricing

This works out at $0.38 per message for their Bronze Package, and halves to $0.19 for their Gold Package.

Their chat packages are priced per the number of unique chat interactions they handle on behalf of you and your business, these are priced as follows:

Chat Packages

  • Bronze C Package – £50 ($65) per month for 50 unique chat interactions.
  • Silver C Package – £140 ($180) per month for 150 unique chat interactions.
  • Gold C Package – £250 ($322) per month for 300 unique chat interactions.

This works out at $1.30 per chat interaction if you sign up for their Bronze Package and reduces to $1.07 per chat interaction with their Gold Package.

Retail-Outsource is also willing to create custom packages based on your individual needs. There is a form on their site where you can leave some details about your business and the type of support you’re looking for and a member of their team will contact you.

They also offer a 14-day trial with no commitment, so it’s worth taking a closer look and taking a trial if you’re interested in their services but not sure if it’s the right fit for your business.

Retail-Outsource Alternatives

For e-commerce support, FreeeUp is a leading provider of freelance virtual assistants. Ur Tasker can help manage your Amazon, ebay, or Shopify stores, but they don’t specialize in customer support for e-commerce businesses.

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    I am a small company and I work from home. This company caters for everyone. It really does not matter if you are a high flying big company or someone as small as me. They are there for everyone. Seven days a week !!! I have found them to be professional for all kinds of complicated tasks. Nothing you require will phase them. I have found them to be very fficient caring and reliable .A very rare trait these days. So far they have revived my sellers business Amazon account, which was very complicated as most tasks have to be done remotely with robots as human assistance is not available to solve these issues. Plus listed my product remotely in all kinds of places for me. The future is robots not humans so if you need a boffin, hire these guys for all your computer issues. They are amazing. Also they would work out a lot cheaper to hire than regular staff if you just need them part time.

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