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Remote Team Solutions is a virtual assistant company based in La Laguna, Mexico. They specialize in providing full-time virtual assistants to businesses of all sizes.

The company has been in operation since 2014, and all of their assistants work out of their La Laguna offices.


About Remote Team Solutions

Remote Team Solutions ReviewRemote Team Solutions says their focus is “building great teams for great companies”.

They offer a complete staffing solution, from screening candidates to training them and handling all the employee-related costs. All you do is choose the candidates you want to work with and then work directly with them to get your tasks completed.

They don’t operate on hourly plans like a lot of other VA companies. Instead, Remote Team Solutions provides full-time staff working 45-hours a week.

Therefore, they are more suited to individuals and businesses looking to grow their teams with full-time team members rather than handling ad-hoc tasks.

They say they chose to locate their staff in La Laguna because it’s “one of the most conducive places to have a remote team.” Being just outside the US border, they are able to work to your business hours if you’re in the US.

They also add that their staff are fluent in English and familiar with the culture in the US. Theoretically that should make it a more seamless process introducing staff to your business.

How Remote Team Solutions Works

Here’s the 3-step client onboarding process for Remote Team Solutions:

  1. Discuss your requirements in a consultation call with a member of Remote Team Solutions’ team.
  2. They will get back to you with a number of suitable candidates for you to approve. You’ll have the chance to video interview the candidates in person, or you can just trust their judgment.
  3. Once you’ve settled on the team members you want to work with, Remote Team Solutions will handle everything else. They set the employees up in their offices, and manage and train them on an ongoing basis. You can start communicating with them directly as soon as they’re ready.

Per my contact, Pedro, “Something we focus on a lot is employee turnover rate as we know how much it costs our clients to train a new hire. We don’t want our clients to have to be changing of staff, so we pay our staff above average.”

Remote Team Solutions Services

Remote Team Solutions offers:

  • administrative support staff / secretaries
  • project management
  • product managers
  • engineering
  • finance
  • accounting
  • IT
  • digital marketing
  • analysts
  • and more

They operate by discussing what your needs and requirements are, then finding the staff members to fill those roles.

Let them know the role(s) you have in mind and they’ll go out and find the best-fit candidates for it.

Remote Team Solutions Plans and Pricing

Remote Team Solutions do not provide any fixed pricing plans at this time, since the rates will vary based on the role you’re hiring for. Just like anywhere else, engineers tend to earn more than secretaries.

When I asked them to give me an idea of how much I’d expect to pay, they said “between $1,350 to $2,200 per month.” This is for a full-time assistant working 45 hours per week, which works out to an equivalent rate of $9-13 an hour.

The company explains that clients typically notice a 60% cost savings vs. hiring in-house.


Remote Team Solutions Alternatives

If you like the idea of near-sourcing to Latin America, there are a couple options to consider. The first is Uassist.ME out of El Salvador. They have a few different monthly packages to choose from, which could be beneficial if you don’t quite have the need for full-time support yet.

Another interesting option is iWorker, which offers a similar recruiting service and remote workers in Venezuela and throughout South America. Under their model, you only pay for the hours your assistant works.

However, Remote Team Solutions seems to target a higher-end client and focus on higher-skilled hires. It’s similar to outsourcing companies like Virtual Employee in India, but much closer to home geographically and culturally.

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