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UPDATE: Pinoy for Hire may no longer be in operation. Please see below for alternatives.

Pinoy for Hire is a Filipino virtual assistant company. Their head offices are located in Novi, Michigan, with their virtual assistants based in their offices in Bicol, Philippines. (Pinoy means someone of Filipino origin or descent.)

The company was founded in June, 2016, and is a subsidiary of Panda CashBack LLC. They also operate under the name of Top SEO Virtual Assistants across their social media platforms.

About Pinoy for Hire

Mohammed Khonizi is the founder of Pinoy for Hire and started the company in June, 2016.

When you sign up with Pinoy for Hire a member of their Human Resources team will discuss your requirements and then find the most suitable assistant to work with you.

You’re given the option to interview the assistant yourself. This is always an important step when selecting a VA to work with as you can personally check they have experience with the tools and type of work you will be sending them.

The assistant then works out of their offices in the Philippines. You also keep in touch with the team member who had the initial meeting with you to help resolve any issues that may arise.


Pinoy for Hire’s virtual assistants are ready to handle a wide range of tasks, they group some of their general services as the following:

  • Lead generation
  • Data entry and research
  • CRM management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social media management
  • Administrative support

They are brief in the areas they list as within their skillset. As with most virtual assistant companies they are ready and willing to take on just about any online work.

The list their area of specialization as search engine optimization. If SEO is your main focus then I suggest talking through your SEO goals with a member of their team to see what they can offer you.

Plans and Pricing

Pinoy for Hire has three different pricing plans as follows:

  1. Test It – $49 ($6.10 / hour) – A one-time 8-hour bundle.
  2. Part-Time – $369 ($4.60 / hour) – Half-time 80 hours per month.
  3. Full-Time – $599 ($3.70 / hour) – Full-time 160 hours per month.

Full-time support for $600 a month for an office-based assistant is crazy cheap, even for the Philippines.

All their plans include a college educated, fluent English speaking virtual assistant. They provide continued on-site training, and there is additional support staff as a point of contact.

Your assistant works within business hours in the Philippines time zone with the Test It and Part-Time plans, or within your own time zone if needed when you sign up for a Full-Time plan.

They are also willing to discuss custom plans if none of the above meets your requirements. Just contact them to see what you can work out.

Pinoy for Hire Alternatives

There is an abundance of virtual assistant companies in the Philippines. The price is usually the attraction when outsourcing to the Philippines, and Pinoy for Hire definitely has some very competitive hourly rates.

TaskBullet operates on a similar business model but lets you buy “buckets” of hours without any expectation or requirement of automatic monthly renewals. Or if you want to cast a wider net with your assistant search, check out OnlineJobs.ph to access the country’s largest virtual job board specializing in finding full-time VAs.

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    Tried to contact, multiple pages on website don’t work and phone number went straight to voicemail. Also, prices are very different on their website compared to this screenshot

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    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    Very satisfied with my Pinoy For Hire virtual assistant, smart in picking up new terms up, I own a software company, and my work is a little technical for general VAs, she was able to pick up pretty fast. Even her backup person has been doing a good job when she is out.

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