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PeoplePerHour.com is a website that helps connect individuals who need work done with those willing to do it. There are quite a range of jobs available, from accounting support to legal services to web design to copywriting to data entry (basically anything that can be done remotely).

If you need something done well and in the least amount of time, you can get it done through PeoplePerHour.

About PeoplePerHour

people per hour reviewThe London-based company was founded in 2007, and has attracted more than 300,000 users. PeoplePerHour employs a Fiverr-like set-up in that freelancers post their gigs in an “I can do ____ in __ hours for $__” format. The difference of course is that the price isn’t automatically set at $5.

In fact, you’ll find much more skilled workers and higher hourly rates.


In one example I checked out, someone was offering legal contract research at a rate or $100 an hour. Most of the virtual assistant listings I found were between $10 and $20 an hour.

And if none of the posted gigs fit the bill, you also have the freedom to post exactly the type of work you need completed. Freelancers, called “Hourlies” on PeoplePerHour, can then send custom bids based on your requirements. The workers are all around the globe, and the company can even try and match you with someone locally if your task necessitates a physical presence.

The company includes a ratings platform so you can see past feedback for each freelancer and make the best choice.

As an added bonus, there’s a professional, binding proposal to insure that all parties are protected and for quality assurance. PeoplePerHour utilizes a proprietary communication system called WorkStream to help users manage their projects. As far as I can tell, it’s like a centralized email notification system for all things PPH-related.

How PeoplePerHour Works

Plans and Pricing

There are no registration fees for either freelancers or employers, and posting a job is free as well. Like most other freelance sites, the company makes money by taking a percentage of every sale.

One thing I thought was weird is how they have comments enabled on some of their FAQ pages, and many freelancers came on to complain about the revenue sharing percentages. I’m all about the transparency but certain things don’t need to be open to public debate for prospective clients to see.

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    They Deactivated My Account too, i sent them My Original NIC ( National Identity Card) And Passport with Utility Bill But They Said PPH either says that the user has violated terms and conditions but refuses to explain which terms and conditions exactly have been violated, or they say that the user has failed security checks

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    the following excerpt sums up my experience on PPH:

    The issue that jumps out at me is that this poor guy’s account was deactivated with money inside that he had earned, and PPH are not going to give him his money. It never happened to me but there are so many reports of accounts of long time users being suddenly deactivated and funnily enough usually when a big job has just been completed and there is a lot of money there. PPH either says that the user has violated terms and conditions but refuses to explain which terms and conditions exactly have been violated, or they say that the user has failed security checks – this is ridiculous because security checks should be completed before the account is approved if PPH is that concerned about it, by the time the user has been working and earning money it is too late to do security checks and say oh actually no you can’t work on here – he already has. OK deactivate the account if there is a valid reason, but, give the guy his money, anything else is blatant thuggery.

    keep off PPH people.BE WARNED!

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